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The Most Beautiful Hot Spring San Er Hotel

Top 5 Most Beautiful Hot Springs in Taiwan | Offers | Lazy Bag | 2022 Recommended

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Last update date: 2022-09-24

This time, Aa is here to help you recommend TOP5 of the most beautiful hot springs. Taiwan, which was once known as the "island of hot springs", has hot spring clubs in almost every county and city on the island, so it is deeply loved by professional hot springs, families and couples at home and abroad. I like it. The hot springs introduced this time are all where you can see the scenery during the day. If you take a bath at night, you can also enjoy the moon and stars while soaking in the hot spring. Today, Aa introduces the TOP5 most beautiful hot springs in Taiwan and recommends it to you.

▌ Frequent Q&A about hot spring bathing

– What are the qualities of the hot springs? –

Hot springs are divided into sodium bicarbonate hot springs, sulfur hot springs (divided into white sulphur, green sulphur, iron sulphur), salt mud hot springs, and carbonated springs (the most common type).

– What are the benefits of soaking in soup? –

Bathing in soup can promote body circulation, increase metabolism, relieve fatigue and pain, relieve emotions and stress, beautify the skin and make the skin smooth and supple.

30% off all Taiwanese soups

▌ The most beautiful hot spring, Beitou San Er Hotel|White Sulphur Hot Spring|Japanese style|VIP reservation system

Located in Beitou with abundant hot springs and geothermal heat, San Er Hotel does not consider itself a hotel, but operates as a "private guest house". Whether it is hardware or software, it is based on the tenet of "only the best, not the second best", and hopes to provide customers with "higher and more honorable" enjoyment. San'er Hot Spring Resort, which only accepts guests over 16 years old, takes the top-notch route from decoration design, meals to service, and is hidden in the greenery of the mountains. The natural landscape of the second space, coupled with the thermal valley on the back, is a natural beauty. Do you want to experience the life of a lady? It's right to come to San Er Xingguan.

– Beitou San Er Hotel|White Sulphur Hot Spring|Japanese Style|VIP Reservation Features–

  • A RELAIS & CHATEAUX member of the Relais & Châteaux boutique hotel group, offering you a unique experience in a unique location
  • With the tenet of "only the best, no second best", we hope to provide customers with more top-level and more honorable enjoyment
  • Sitting on the springs and waterfalls and birds singing, hiding in the greenery of the mountains;
  • Beitou Hot Spring, famous for its "white sulphur" and "green sulphur", makes every inch of your skin and mind feel as relaxed as walking on the clouds
  • European-style aromatherapy or Oriental meridian massage

▌ Beitou No. 32 Hotel|White Sulphur Hot Springs|Japanese Style|VIP Reservations for Soup House Information

  • Address: No. 32, Zhongshan Road, Beitou District, Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 6611 8888
  • Price: 1880 for soup, 3500 for European aroma massage, 1848 for continental restaurant
Beitou San Er Hotel|White Sulphur Hot Spring|Japanese Style|VIP Reservation Required-Discount

▌ New Taipei Flanders Resort|Bali Style|Independent Soup House|Promotions

The Flanders Wulai Resort Hotel was awarded the RELAIS & CHAT EAUX evaluation in 2013 and became a member of the boutique hotel in Taiwan (there are only two in Taiwan, and the other is San Er Hotel). Fu Lan Duo Wu Lai Resort Hotel is also the location where Japanese star Kimura Takuya filmed the Taiwan promotional film Time For Taiwan.

– New Taipei Fullland Resort|Bali Style|Independent Soup House|Promotional Features–

  • Up to 30% off for two-person landscape hot spring bathing in top resort hotels in Wulai area, experience high-end hot springs at great value
  • Provide shuttle service and valet parking service to MRT Xindian Station to meet the needs of different passengers
  • The indoor pool of the large public bath has a massage spa, steam room and oven, and the fragrance of cypress is relaxing
  • The guest room bathing experience extends the space and magnifies the enjoyment, and enjoys the beauty of the hot spring rich in sodium bicarbonate and the beautiful scenery of the green mountains and forests outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Google evaluation 4.3, selected as a boutique hotel by Michelin Relais & Châteaux in the hotel industry, and enjoy honorable service courtesy
  • Please be sure to advanceonline reservation, and the appointment date and time can be provided on the official website of Flanders

▌ New Taipei Fu Lan Duo Wulai Resort|Bali style|Independent soup house|Promotional soup house information

  • Address: No. 176, Section 5, Xinwu Road, Wulai District, New Taipei City
  • Tel: 02 2577 1589
  • Price: from 650
Flanders Resort New Taipei|Bali Style|Independent Soup House|Offers-Discount

▌ Master Jiaoxi Hotel|Unlimited Four Themes|Infinity Pool|Hot Spring Fish|Offers

Located in the Wufengqi Scenic Spot, the Jiaoxi Hotel has hired Ito designers to create five themed landscape gardens, namely "green water", "moon shadow", "stone grass", "green wind" and "scenery", to interpret the seasons. With a sense of rhythm, Jiaoxi Hotel has a wild sky bath and a cave bath.The spring quality is fine, colorless and odorless sodium bicarbonate spring,Toolsoften skin keratinThe effect is commonly known as "beauty soup". The vast "Noten Furo" includes herbal hot springs, children's water pools, hot spring fish foot baths, and more

– Master Jiaoxi Hotel|Unlimited Four Themes|Infinity Pool|Hot Spring Fish|Special Offers–

  • Unlimited use of the four themed baths for children's hydrophilic water, herbal hot springs, energy spa, hot spring fish foot bath and the infinity viewing pool
  • The sodium bicarbonate spring collected from the ground is fine, colorless and odorless
  • Google rated 4.6, millions of netizens voted "Travelers' Choice" to enjoy the luxury vacation experience recommended by global travelers
  • Furu has a variety of hot spring pools, herbs, herbs, hot spring fish foot bath SPA

▌ Jiaoxi Hotel|Four themes for unlimited time|Infinity pool|Hot spring fish|Promotional soup house information

  • Address: No. 69, Wufeng Road, Jiaoxi Township, Yilan County
  • Tel: (03)988-6288
  • Price: Soup 1400
Hotel Jiaoxi | Unlimited Four Themes | Infinity Pool | Hot Spring Fish | Offer-Discount

Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Tainan Guanzailing Mud Hot Spring|Children's Play Area|Offers

Guanzailing Hot Spring has enjoyed a great reputation since the Japanese occupation period. It ranks among the four famous hot springs in Taiwan with Yangmingshan, Beitou and Sichongxi. It is a weakly alkaline carbonated spring with a temperature of about 75 degrees Celsius. It is gray-black, and the skin is smooth and smooth after soaking. It also has another name of "mud hot spring". This hot spring is extremely rare in the world. At present, only Sicily in Italy, Kagoshima in Japan and Guanziling in Taiwan have such mud hot springs in the world. . Guanzailing Hot Spring is located in the east of Baihe District, 270 meters above sea level. 

– Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Tainan Guanzailing Mud Hot Spring|Children’s Play Area|Special Offers–

  • Guanziling Hot Spring, one of Taiwan's four major hot springs and the first mud hot spring in Taiwan, has a value-added experience price from TWD 250
  • Guanziling Hot Spring is rich in mud and minerals in underground rock formations, which can be used for beauty and fitness.
  • Public Pool Mud Soup Spring, Da Frozen Mountain Cold Spring Water Cheap Bath, Multiple Spa Functions SPA, Essential Oil Pool, etc. Unlimited use, no price increase on holidays
  • Minimalist and elegant Japanese-style Zen-style private soup house, exclusive mud soup hot spring pool, cold spring pool and private bathroom

▌ Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Tainan Guanzailing Mud Hot Spring|Children’s Play Area|Discount Hot Spring Information

  • Address: No. 61-5, Guanziling, Baihe District, Tainan City
  • Tel: 06 682 2588
  • Price: from 250 in soup
Lijing Hot Spring Resort|Guanzailing Mud Hot Spring|Children's Play Area|Offers-Discount

▌ Sun Moon Lake Fuli Hot Spring Hotel|Nantou Sun Moon Lake Beauty Soup|Offer

Sun Moon Lake Fuli Hot Spring HotelThe hot spring temperature is about 42 degrees, the temperature is moderate, the independent and hidden soup house, the space design of the semi-open-air landscape soup house, the hot spring can be soaked in the room, the large children's play room can let children play for a day, and also provide PS4, parent-child DIY, outdoor swimming pool to play Water area, etc., you can also ride the hotel electric bicycle to the Xiangshan Observation Deck to see the most beautiful lake view

– Sun Moon Lake Fuli Hot Spring Hotel|Nantou Sun Moon Lake Beauty Soup|Promotional Features–

  • 120-minute soup house for two people from TWD 1,000, with English afternoon tea from TWD 1,470, rich and delicious with high CP value
  • The Shuishe Visitor Center is only a 5-minute walk away, and the surrounding attractions are diverse, suitable for outing tours.
  • An independent and hidden semi-open-air soup house, with a spacious bathing space and a wide view of the scenery.
  • The 42-degree beauty soup bicarbonate spring with moderate heat and cold is full of rich minerals to help moisturise the skin

▌ Sun Moon Lake Fuli Hot Spring Hotel|Nantou Sun Moon Lake Beauty Soup|Promotional Soup House Information

  • Address: No. 250-2, Zhongshan Road, Shuishe Village, Yuchi Township, Nantou County
  • Tel: 049 285 6698
  • Price: from 999
Sun Moon Lake Fuli Hot Spring Hotel|Nantou Sun Moon Lake Beauty Soup|Offer-Discount

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