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Yilan Glamping TOP5 Recommendations|High CP Value|Lazy Camping|Recommended in 2022

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Last update date: 2022-09-24

Want to try the ultra-popular, gear-free glamping glamping at home and abroad? The following is a list of the camping sites in Yilan that are super suitable for lazy people. You can go with a simple bag and enjoy the super Chill camping together!! In addition to enjoying the fun of camping, you can also watch the stars at night and be woken up by a natural alarm clock the next morning. and enjoy a hearty breakfast

Different from traditional camping, it originated from Australia and Africa and is composed of two words, Glamorous (gorgeous, luxurious) and Camping (camping). With the tent room type, you can easily camp with your personal luggage, and it has become the first choice for outdoor travel during the epidemic.

▌ Yilan|Longjing Dongyue|Glamping

The "Lujing Dongyue" in the Dongyue tribe has wild streams and cold springs, as well as exploration activities. There is even a hot kitchen on site. There are not only large turf to play in, but also many game facilities. You can experience ATVs, canoes, massages, and football lessons. , as well as exciting and fun high-altitude ziplines, as well as luxury meals, Okinawa beer can be purchased

– Yilan|Dongyue Outdoor Resort|Luxury Camping|Features–

  • It is located in the Dongyue tribe of Dongao Bay, the first stop of Suhuagai, Yilan County.
  • Dongao Secret Land Prairie Campground
  • One tent to enjoy camping as a group
  • Easy one-night stay with no bills
  • Get back to nature, enjoy an unforgettable camping experience, and spend a wonderful holiday in the camp
  • Enjoy dedicated service, provide camping dining tables and chairs, sleeping pads, light strips, cassette gas stoves and other camping equipment
Dongyue Glamping Camp in Yilan - Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Yilan|Hope Hill Leisure Farm|Luxury Camper

Hope Hill Leisure Farm is located at an altitude of 70 meters.Yilan Dongshan Township, less than 5 minutes by carPlum Lake;Luodong Night MarketIt only takes 15 minutes to drive. It has a British-style camper. It is a brand-new camper camp in Dongshan Township. It is not only comfortable and pleasant, but also has a large grassy area, including cute guinea pigs and ducks. There is a lamb to play with the children. At night, you can watch the stars and enjoy the local food feast in Yilan (Japanese barbecue)

Yilan|Hope Hill Leisure Farm|Luxury Camperfeature-

  • Six themed camper vans "Tropical Rainforest, British Lover, Black Humor, White Love, Finding Nemo, Bohemian Rhapsody", experience super Chill light camping!
  • The car is fully equipped, you only need to prepare light luggage to check in and enjoy
  • The "Hope Canteen" in the camp provides delicious dishes cooked to order, including rice, noodles, fried food, skewers and drinks
  • There are oversized turf in the camp area, which is very suitable for children to run, fly kites, play football, play Frisbee, and there are climbing facilities to play
Yilan|Hope Hill Leisure Farm|Luxury Camper - Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Yilan|Nashan Nagu|Luxury Camper|Tayal Totem tent camping with bare hands|Wild rafting experience

Nashan Nagu Leisure Farm is located in Nan'ao, Yilan. Nashan Nagu is the homonym of "My Home" in Atayal. It is located in Jinyang Village, the deepest mountain village in Nan'ao Township, Yilan County. Not only is the camp area surrounded by mountains and streams, but also delicious meal services are provided. The most special thing is that you can visit Nanxi Nanxi within a 3-minute walk.

– Yilan|Nashan Nagu|Luxury Camper|Tayal Totem tent camping with bare hands|Features of wild rafting river experience–

  • A special person will pick up all the equipment, and you can set off with simple luggage
  • Get close to nature, look up at the stars and mountains, and experience the infinite moving of the original beauty
  • Explore the most popular Nashan Nagu rafting river recently, and experience cool stream rafting in the magnificent natural mountains and forests
  • Drive an all-terrain vehicle in the mountains, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the slow time of living in nature!
Yilan|Nashan Nagu|Luxury Camping Vehicles|Tayal Totem Camping with Empty Hands|Wild Safari Rafting Experience - Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Yilan|Smile Bay Leisure Farm|Free tent camping|Invincible night view

Smile Bay FarmIt is adjacent to Toucheng Brown Coffee Castle and Waiao Service Area. In the evening, there is an invincible night view overlooking the entire Lanyang Plain and an infinity swimming pool! There are also many kinds of free tents: cabins, container houses, honeycomb houses, etc. In terms of bathrooms, the whole house is super clean, and there is a faint wood fragrance inside, whether it is tent camping, tentless camping, small parties, large A multi-functional camp that can be arranged for all parties

– Yilan|Smile Bay Leisure Farm|Free tent camping|Invincible night view features–

  • The government has registered a legal leisure farm, providing a safe and comfortable camping environment
  • From the farm, you can see the entire Lanyang Plain and the smiling coastline
  • Whether it is day or night, sunrise, sunset and night scenes will make you relax and stay in a daze all day
Yilan|Smile Bay Leisure Farm|Free tent camping|Invincible Night View-Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Yilan|Tianye Sen Farm|One Park, Two Foods Glamping Experience|Independent Package Area

Tianye Sen Farm is located in Dongshan Township.2021The new campsite opened in the summer of 2019. Unlike other camping areas, it can be easily booked without 20-30 people. It has an independent activity space, exclusive refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom, and the public space is quite comfortable. Some of the tables and chairs are higher, which is suitable for long-term sitting, drinking and chatting. The farm will also hold seasonal fruit picking activities, such as guava and grapefruit. It is close to Meihua Lake, and you can arrange a tour of the surrounding attractions.

– Yilan|Tianye Sen Farm|One Park and Two Foods Luxury Camping Experience|Independent Package Area Features–

  • Free of charge! Fully equipped, no need to worry about equipment, experience luxury camping easily, and travel anytime!
  • Super sumptuous and luxurious barbecue dinner, Pengpai's sea and land ingredients, sweet and salty are all satisfied!
  • Textured private bathroom, camping can also have a vacation-like experience
  • Peaceful mountain scenery, beautiful environment, enjoy a good time in nature with friends
Yilan|Tianye Sen Farm|One Park, Two Foods Glamping Experience|Independent Private Area-Klook Exclusive Offer

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