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The most beautiful TOP3 of Wulai Hot Spring|Preferential lazy bag and special features

Date of last update: 2023-03-20

This time, Aa is here to help you recommend the most beautiful TOP3 of Wulai Hot Springs. Taiwan, which was once known as the "Island of Hot Springs", is not like Wulai Hot Springs.Beitou Hot SpringThe transportation is as convenient as the MRT station. In addition to soaking in hot springs, you can also take a walk, see waterfalls, and stroll around the old streets to eat delicious food. Therefore, it is deeply loved by professional soup customers, families, and couples at home and abroad. The hot springs introduced this time are all You can watch the scenery during the day, and if you take a bath at night, you can also watch the moon and stars while taking a bath.

▌ Beitou hot spring soup house recommended common Q&A

– What are the qualities of the hot springs? –

Hot springs are divided into sodium bicarbonate hot springs, sulfur hot springs (divided into white sulphur, green sulphur, iron sulphur), salt mud hot springs, and carbonated springs (the most common type).

– What are the benefits of soaking in soup? –

Bathing in soup can promote body circulation, increase metabolism, relieve fatigue and pain, relieve emotions and stress, beautify the skin and make the skin smooth and supple.

30% off all Taiwanese soups

▌ Wulai Fumori Hanji, New Taipei|Japanese Zen styleSoup House Experience Coupon|A variety of price options

Fu Mori Hanji TrioStarted operation at the end of August this year, yesWulai Furanduo ResortIt takes about 20 minutes to walk from Wulai Old Street. The interior and exterior are designed with the characteristics of the Atayal tribe. The five kinds of soup houses are beautiful and distinctive, perfectly integrated with nature. There are hot springs and beautiful windows. Accompanied by the mountain view, enjoying afternoon tea along the way is a new choice for bathing in Wulai Hot Springs. Fu Mori Hanji currently does not provide accommodation, please remember to make an appointment before your trip

Yuan Mu: 4.5 pings, street view pool, shared toilet, one room for 2 people

Senmu: 6 pings, mountain view pool, shared toilet, one room for 2 people

Evening bath: 8 pings, indoor pool without view, independent bathroom, one room for 2 people (larger pings)

Phase bath: 7 pings, mountain view pool, independent bathroom, one room for 2 people (larger pings)

Chatting bath: 12 pings, outdoor pool without view, independent bathroom, one room for 2 people (larger pings)

- feature-

  • Wulai Fu Moribanji has a limited time discount of 13% off, and a discount of TWD 350 on weekdays, super cost-effective!
  • Chargeable shuttle service is provided to Xindian MRT Station, please make an appointment in advance
  • INNORI restaurant set menu adopts TRIO's dining features, serving healthy vegetable dishes with indigenous flavor combined with local ingredients
  • Atayal traditional style building, original bath / forest bath / phase bath / puppet bath / chat bath 5 specifications, a total of 16 independent personal spaces and spacious soup houses
  • Paying attention to environmental protection and health, the most natural and additive-free brands are selected for soup house accessories, bath products, and health drinks.

– Soup house information –

- Discounted prices-

▌ Volando Resort Wulai, New Taipei|Balinese-style independent soup house discount

The Flanders Wulai Resort Hotel was awarded the RELAIS & CHAT EAUX evaluation in 2013 and became a member of the boutique hotel in Taiwan (there are only two in Taiwan, and the other is San Er Hotel). Fu Lan Duo Wu Lai Resort Hotel is also the location where Japanese star Kimura Takuya filmed the Taiwan promotional film Time For Taiwan.

- feature-

  • Up to 30% off for two-person landscape hot spring bathing in top resort hotels in Wulai area, experience high-end hot springs at great value
  • Provide shuttle service and valet parking service to MRT Xindian Station to meet the needs of different passengers
  • The indoor pool of the large public bath has a massage spa, steam room and oven, and the fragrance of cypress is relaxing
  • The guest room bathing experience extends the space and magnifies the enjoyment, and enjoys the beauty of the hot spring rich in sodium bicarbonate and the beautiful scenery of the green mountains and forests outside the floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Google evaluation 4.3, selected as a boutique hotel by Michelin Relais & Châteaux in the hotel industry, and enjoy honorable service courtesy
  • Please be sure to advanceonline reservation, and the appointment date and time can be provided on the official website of Flanders

– Soup house information –

- Discounted prices-

▌ Wulai Hot Spring|Pushi Lizhi Hot Spring Resort|Super large space independent soup house

A specific room type has an independent hot spring pool in the room. The Pu Shi Lizhi Hot Spring Resort also has a public pool and a personal hot spring bath house. There are five types of rooms in the Wulai Pu Shi Lizhi Hot Spring Resort, namely Yuejing, Appreciating the Stream, Watching the Clouds, and Listening to the Spring. , Pushi and other guest rooms, each room has a hot spring to soak in. The Pushi Lizhi Hot Spring Club has a super beautiful appearance, a house with a sloping roof and a pool that reflects the surrounding green plants and mountains.

- feature-

  • The pristine and elegant environment, the wind and rain, the atmosphere, the heartfelt amazing
  • The scenery of the pristine stone makes it truly integrated into the love of the unity of nature and man, and let all the entanglements be removed smoothly
  • Viewing the River Room facing the Nanshi River, you can enjoy the beauty soup and look at the blue sky in your eyes.

– Soup house information –

- Discounted prices-

▌ See booking information directly

areanamePreferential order method
WulaiFumori SakajiKlook $ 1650
WulaiVolando ResortKlook $ from 695
Booking $ 18711
Agoda $ 14400
Price comparison network
WulaiPushi LizhiKlook $ from 1700
Booking $ 4713
Price comparison network

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