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Banmu Tian Champion Beef Noodles|Chiayi Cuisine|The Chef's Popular Beef Noodles

Last update date: 2022-06-20

Banmu Tian is a delicacy that many people in Chiayi know. This time Aa came to Chiayi, and didn’t want to eat chicken rice every time. After a friend’s recommendation, I found out that there is a champion beef noodle here. Now, I wonder if this friend's recommendation will add another one to my pocket list when I come to Chiayi in the future.

Banmu Tian store information

Half Mu field 01 Results
The sign at the door is quite conspicuous
Half Mu field 02 Results
I saw the banner of the champion at the door, so I was looking forward to the next meal

 ↑Store appearance↑

Store address: No. 89, Minguo Road, East District, Chiayi City
Store phone: 05-277-4998
Business hours: [Mon~Sun] [11:00~14:00/17:00~20:30] Closed on Tuesdays in even weeks
Meal conditions: ✔ Internal use ✔ Takeout
Delivery service:Ubereat Foodpanda
Is there a parking lot: ✖
Are toilets provided:

Parking lot around Banmu Tian

There is a parking lot opposite, the car is 20 yuan per 4 hours on holidays, 10 yuan per half hour on weekdays, and the upper limit of 80 yuan per day. Locomotives are free.

Banmu Tian dining environment

Half-mu field-22_results
As soon as I entered the door, I was attracted to the "God of Cooking"
Half-acre field 04 Results 2
Then I saw the big trophy placed next to the counter, it must be very powerful~~

This must be mentioned in particular, because people like Aa are accustomed to using multiple payment methods, and usually don’t like to take cash to go out. I didn’t expect to use so many payment methods to pay here.

Half Mu Field 05 Results
There are multiple payments
Half Mu field 07 Results
The sauce area next to it has almost taken care of everyone's taste

Half mu field menu

Half-acre field 14 Results
Half-acre's menu

Contents of half-mu field meal order

Half-acre field 22 Results
Today we have a lot of people, so there is a full table of food :D
Half-acre field 20 Results
Sliced Champion Beef Noodles

Meal Name: Knife Cut Champion Beef Noodles
Price: 180
Experience: Beef uses beef tendon heart, tripe, beef tendon, and beef slices. It is highly recommended that each taste is different. Beef tendon heart is very Q, beef tripe is very tender, and beef tendon is not soft but not hard. The beef slices are made of beef streaky, which is highly recommended?

Half-acre field 10 Results
Samsung Scallion Pancakes

Meal name: Samsung Scallion Pancakes
Price: 40
Experience: The fragrance of green onion is sufficient, and there is a lot of juice in the filling. It is recommended that there is no oily feeling, it is very refreshing, and the crispy crust has a very layered taste.
Recommended index: ★★☆

Half-acre field 12 Results
Crispy Grab Cake

Name of the meal: Crispy Pancakes
Price: 45
Experience: It was already cold when I ate the cake, but it is highly recommended that it has no oily taste, and it is still very crispy. After biting it for a while, there will be a faint fragrance of flour and cream. Aa likes it very much.

Half-acre field 17 Results
Dried noodles with fermented sauce

Meal name: Dried noodles with fermented sauce
Price: 60
Experience: The taste is sweet. What's more special is that instead of using dried tofu, traditional tofu is used. The fermented vegetables are also sweet. It is highly recommended for those who like southern flavors to try it.

Half-acre field 21 Results
Tomato Beef Ramen

Meal Name: Tomato Beef Ramen
Price: 170
Experience: The tomato here will not taste sour like some restaurants, but has a little sweetness. The beef part uses beef ribs, which has a more elastic taste. It is recommended for those who like a little salty and sweet to try.

Half-acre field 13 Results
Red Bean Pancakes

Name of the meal: Red bean pancakes
Price: 40
Experience: The sweetness of the red bean filling is very moderate, and it will be a heavy burden if you don’t eat too much. The crust of the cake is hard and will not become soft after being placed for a long time. It is also recommended to take out in addition to internal use.

Half-acre field 16 Results
beef patty

Meal Name: Beef Pie
Price: 35
Experience: The boss insists that each one is 12% off. The gravy is very enough. Be careful to burn your mouth when you eat it. The most recommended thing is that the meat inside is very thin, and the taste is very consistent and easy to eat.

Half Mu Field 19 Results
Mushu Fried Noodles

Meal name: Knife-cut Mushu Fried Noodles
Price: 90
Experience: The taste is sweet and sour. In summer, it tastes refreshing and greasy. The shredded pork is very tender. All the ingredients have the same taste. It is highly recommended for people who like refreshing.

Delivery speed:

— This time it cost 660 oceans —

Half-mu field general evaluation and recommendation index


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Guiding unit: Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communications
Organizer: Alishan National Scenic Area Management Office, Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Communications
Executing unit: Chiayi City Business District Cultural Promotion Association
Joint implementation: Chiayi Zhuluo District Science and Technology Development Association
Co-organizers: Jiayi Innovation and Education Center, Believe in Yourself Cultural and Creative Studio

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