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Close-up of Three Knots in Taoyuan, Jiufen Teahouse

Jiufen Teahouse|Ruifang, New Taipei|Tanning|Sunset|Cat|The first century-old teahouse in Jiufen

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Last update date: 2022-09-24

The places where people often go to drink tea in Taipei are Maokong, Sanxia and Jiufen. Following the previous introductionAmei Tea HouseAfter that, a reader recommended what we want to share todayJiufen Tea House, this place was originally the former residence of "Mr. Aung Sanying", a famous person in JiufenHong ZhishengWhen Mr. Jiufen came to the photo, he was deeply attracted by the pleasant scenery of Jiufen. In 1991, the old building that witnessed the rise and fall of Jiufen for many years was renovated into an art space and a tea house full of humanistic atmosphere. This old building was officially registered as the sixth historical building in New Taipei City, and it is also the first Yiwen Teahouse in Jiufen. This is located at the intersection of Jishan Street and Shuqi Road.Akan Aunt Taro Balls”, and down is “Amei Tea House”, which was chosen by director Hou Hsiao-hsien as the filming scene of the movie "Dream of Life". No matter which angle the Jiufen Teahouse is shot from, it is as beautiful as a painting.

In addition to the air-conditioning and fans, it is very suitable to sit and sit when it is hot and tired.
The meal time is 3 hours
Artwork can be visited without ordering

Next, follow Aa's footsteps to visit this quaint place.

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▌ Jiufen Tea House related information

Address and Map

No. 142, Jishan Street, Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Taiwan

business hours

(Sun) to (Fri) 12:00 – 19:00 
(Sat) 12:00 – 20:00

▌ The entrance of Jiufen Teahouse

As soon as you arrive at the entrance of Jiufen Tea House, you can see a whole row of signs. These are all opened by the boss. There are Jiufen Tea House, Jiufen Art Museum, Pottery Workshop, Shuiyuexin Tea House, etc. You can visit all of them. In addition to drinking tea, you can also come here for a walk. There are also some short poems written on the glass. If you are interested, you can take a look.

▌ Reception area

As soon as you enter the door, you can see the four characters of Jiufen Tea House behind the counter on the right side. There are also three puppet show dolls on the table. After asking, I know that it is Liu Guanzhang and the three of Taoyuan Sanjieyi. It is cute and special, and now the dolls in the palm are rare. The last picture is a photo of the exhibition area. There are all kinds of teapots and tea leaves for reference.
In fact, the entrance gate is the second floor of Weng Sanying's former residence. The place where there are many exhibits in the pool area is the first floor of the building itself!

▌ Indoor area

- dining environment-

Taking pictures in this kind of place is like traveling back to that era. It is very special. The second bed is an ancient bed. This time, there are guests who can't sit. If you want to sit in this area, you have to take off your shoes. Zhang is a painting that can be seen everywhere here, they are all bossesHong ZhishengThe works in the collection are currently exhibited by Mr. Chen Bowen's paintings. If you have time, you may wish to enjoy them.

These are the feeling of the door that only existed in ancient times, as well as the small fan window, the blessing on the door, the chairs that can be seen everywhere, etc., you can feel the story of this house

– other photos –

You can see this kind of ancient things everywhere in Jiufen Teahouse. They are all left from the past. For example, the first one is a washbasin used in ancient times. It is very special.

▌ Today's meal

– Kung Fu Tea –

After sitting down, the clerk will bring the tea and tea sets ordered today. After introducing the use of each tea set, they will teach you how to make tea, and then make the first tea for everyone to enjoy. A very considerate service, that is, someone will come to replenish water at any time, often there is still half a pot of Aa water, and the clerk will fill it up, and we never have to wait for us to speak.

This teapot is designed by the boss. There is a very careful design. There is no rope on the teapot, but the design of the handle is used to prevent the lid from falling off when pouring tea.

- be careful-

Today we ordered 2 small teas, tea plums and a dried mango. The first one is like a red turtle cake. Its outer skin is a bit like a biscuit, but the filling is tea-flavored. Like Aa, it is Tieguanyin. There will be a strong tea fragrance, and it will not be as sweet as the desserts outside, which is very good

The dried fruit is made of solid ingredients, and there is not much flavor of additives. The tea plums are neither too sour nor too sweet. Even Avy has been eating too many tea plums, and then there are the final cakes. , is made of tea powder and old dried radish. The salty, sweet, salty and sweet taste is unforgettable. The old dried radish itself is also a good ingredient, which is good for the body.

If you have unfinished tea, don’t worry, Jiufen Tea House is very considerate and will use sealed packaging to bring back the unfinished tea leaves, which has a retro design.

▌ Special photo

Jiufen Teahouse also has a very special stove for boiling water. It uses alcohol lamps in summer and charcoal in winter. The design of the kettle is good, but it is a little heavy when it is filled with water. The clerk helps us When I lit the fire, I used this kind of matchbox that was only available in the orange shop when I was a child. When I saw it, I was surprised that I was old>////<

Jiufen Teahouse is really attentive. The stories here, the stories of Jiufen and even the guide map are all prepared for everyone to refer to. Now if you come here to check in, you can also get the handkerchief in the picture. ~The material is very smooth, very good

▌ Outdoor area

There is also a very special tea room in the outdoor area. This side is mainly open, and there will be an electric fan inside. You can see the mountain city of Jiufen and some sea views from here, but unfortunately Aa did not stay until the night this time. Otherwise it should be beautiful

▌ Jiufen Tea House 360 Virtual Tour

▌ Art Workshop

Under the stairs to the art workshop, Aa found two kittens looking up, so he took this photo. If you come, you can look for them and see where they are? It's very interesting

The place here is mainly made by pottery workshops, as well as the works of studios all over Taiwan. If you look closely, you can find that the design of each teapot here is different, and there are also various colors and shapes.

In front of the Jiufen Art Museum, there is such a pottery work. Aa thought it was very interesting and took a photo. What do you think it means?

▌ Jiufen Art Museum

The exhibits in the Jiufen Art Museum change gears from time to time. There are many pottery cats at present, because the current exhibition is "everyone who loves cats is lying down." Oil paintings or some handicrafts, if you have time, you can come and have a look, each one has different expressions and characteristics.


The following Aa will help you to list the questions you want to know about the attractions.

– How long can it be used –

The usage time per table is 3 hours


A century-old old house, a special person teaches tea, and there are many works of art to appreciate

▌ Overall review


Jiufen Tea House is very suitable for sitting in the old street when you are tired. In addition to making tea, you can also browse the artworks here. There are also well-known stores such as Nursing Chang Luwei nearby. The workshop is arranged in the itinerary

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