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2022 Art Center|Online Beauty Check-In|Discount Tickets|Transportation|Location|Food

Last update date: 2022-06-19

The main tasks of Yilan Arts Center are to coordinate, plan and promoteTaiwan traditional artThe research, preservation, study and promotion of the Art Center is currently divided into three parks: the Headquarters Yilan Art Center, and the Taipei Performance Venue.Taiwan Opera Center, and in Zuoying District, KaohsiungKaohsiung Art Park
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There are a lot of hand-made DIYs in the Art Center that can be experienced (paid) and there are many antique buildings and streets that can be photographed. It doesn't matter if you don't have clothes or props. There is a photo studio in the Art Center that can be rented. It's a good choice to bring your children or your girlfriend and wife. If you can't help the other half to take pictures, there are also professional photographers who can assist you.

Information on the location of the Art Center

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When you see the sign, turn in and enter the parking lot. It costs 1 hour and 30, and the upper limit is 60 a day.

After buying the ticket, there is the entrance on the right side. There will be today's activities and games. In addition to the ticket, each ticket will also have a discount coupon of 50 yuan (note that the discount coupon can only be discounted 50 yuan if it is 300 yuan). Oh)

Store address: No. 201, Section 2, Wubin Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County, 268
Store phone number:039508859
Business Hours: Daily 09:00-18:00
Is there a parking lot: ⭕
Whether to provide toilet: ⭕

Internal introduction

As soon as you enter the door, you can see the relevant location of each place on a large map. Generally, the Art Center is divided into several blocks: Luban Street, Wenchang Street, Linshui Street, and the dining area. The main thing is that it can be divided into three main roads, which are made by handicrafts. Luban Street, which is mainly based on street houses, Wenchang Street, which is mainly based on photography, and Linshui Street, which is mainly based on Yuehe Old Street, depends entirely on how you want to plan the route. Let’s take a look at them one by one.

There are a lot of landscaping art outdoors, you can take a good look at some small places, you will find unexpected discoveries, there is also a map where you enter the door, you can first plan how to go today's route

Art Center Map
Art Center Map

There are some ingenuity and designs everywhere in the Art Center. You can also take a look at the scenery next to you when you are walking on the road. Maybe you will find different things.

The stone beside Wenchang Temple in Chuanyi Center
The stone beside Wenchang Temple in Chuanyi Center

Art Center Luban Street

Luban Street is known by its name as our master craftsman. I often hear people say that Banmen is making axe, and it is said that Luban's craftsmanship is very powerful. As a result, there are people who love to show it in front of the door, so there is this idiom. We can find that the building on the right is five. The building, which symbolizes the hand of craftsmanship, also represents the five elements mentioned by Chinese talents. They are the golden, wood, water and fire warriors. There is also a landscape art here, "The Top of Time", which is also a must-see when you come here. Too much so Aa didn't get a good photo

You can see many traditional hand-made cultural and creative products on Luban Street of the Art Center. Among them, we have selected two stores, one is specialized in making tea sets, and there are many special teapots, teacups and exchanges and inheritance of tea ceremony.

The second special shop is about the promotion of Moyu. It is a kind of Taiwanese jade, and the magnetic one belongs to a kind of serpentine. You can see many Taiwanese teachers' works and various accessories here. DIY can experience

Next to it, you can see the diy part of Moyu

Wenchang Temple and its surroundings

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Next to Luban Street is Wenchang Temple and Wenchang Street. Wenchang Temple was the first one built by the government in Taiwan after World War II. I heard that if you want to take an exam or take a certificate, you will be able to pass the exam easily if you walk here. There is also a rest area and a place to eat. If you like Jiaozhi pottery and swallowtail ridge, you can also come here to take pictures. It is very beautiful and will be maintained and maintained regularly, so it is relatively better in terms of color and integrity.

Dining area

There are quite a lot of stores in the Chuanyi Center, but this time Aa is in a hurry, so I didn't take pictures of all the stores. I will help you make up for it next time. We chose garlic meat soup this time, and ordered side dishes, garlic The taste of meat soup and scallion noodles, but the taste of Aa is not very strong, it still feels almost tasteless, those who want to eat need to pay attention
There is a pond and toilet next to Lairford, and there is also a corridor that is very good for taking pictures. This photo Aa with no one has been waiting for a long time. During the process, people will continue to take pictures in this corridor, but if you want to take pictures , I suggest that you can wait until you go to Wenchang Street to rent clothes before shooting, and you can take pictures of the antique atmosphere.

Wenchang Street

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After eating, we came to Wenchang Street. This is also the place where many netizens came to the Art Center to take pictures. It is also the rental place for the main clothes and decorations. Don’t think that everyone brings a lot of clothes. More than 90% are here. I rented it directly, but the time was only 2 hours. You must rent it early during the holidays, otherwise many props will be borrowed.

Featured photos

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These are some places that Aa thinks are better to shoot. If you come, you can look for them. They are mainly concentrated on Wenchang Street. If there are many people when you come, it is recommended to go to the next door first. Linshui Street is also very beautiful to take pictures there. The feeling of Linshui Street will be more inclined to the ancient river, there is a small bridge, but unfortunately Aa discovered it later this time, so no photos were taken, and in Wenchang Street, it is more like ancient times. Early streets, buildings, etc., completely different feeling
In many aisles or next to small shops, you can also go for a walk. There are often different surprises, such as the cat that Aa saw on the aisle walking to Linshui Street.

small garden

When Aa came to Wenchang Street, he was immediately attracted by the store, Xiaohuayuan, with the antique decoration at the entrance, and saw a lot of cheongsam and a lot of ancient costumes inside, and was immediately sucked in. In the end, he lost a pair of shoes, but he bought it. Knowing that it can be customized, it will be more suitable for the foot shape, as long as 300 oceans are added, it is recommended to consider if necessary

Art Center Stone Music Store

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This is a shop specializing in selling stones. There are houses, mountains, and boats made of stones. You can make your own piece of world here. Aa also bought a set to take home.
There are also many animal decorations such as cows, pigs, crabs, etc. made of stones. There are also hand-made DIYs here. You can make some unique stone paintings.
There is a Guanyin statue at the back door, which is also very suitable for viewing.

Art Center Youth Photo Studio

Then we will see a cute mailbox, which is an important landmark of many online Meilai Art Center: Youth Photo Studio, where you can rent ancient costumes, cheongsams, and various small props (umbrellas, fans, leather There are many, many things in the box waiting for you to discover), here it is 2 hours and 350 to shoot everywhere with you, as well as the part with hairstyle

Performance Center and the second half of Wenchang Street

The overall evaluation and recommendation index of the Art Center


Whether it’s parents and children coming to play or couples, the beauty and the netizens are coming to take pictures, it’s a pretty good place. If it’s hot in summer, you can go to the exhibition center to blow air-conditioning, the tickets are not expensive, and you can play all day. Like Aa, I took pictures all day, and there are still many places that I haven’t taken >” <For example, I didn’t go to Linshui Street cruise, etc., I will come again next time

Special Notes for the Arts Centre

Because there are not many parking spaces, it is difficult to find one during the holidays. If you can come as early as possible, you should come as early as possible. In addition, if you want to watch the performance, you must confirm the performance and the content of the performance in advance.

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