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Jiangniao Coffee|Yunlin Douliu|High CP Coffee| Features|Transportation

Last update date: 2022-06-19

When you think of drinking coffee, you may first think of convenience stores or chain coffee shops like Starbucks, but you may not know Jiangniao Coffee, which is limited to high CP coffee in Yunlin Douliu. You can choose different types of coffee, and you can choose coffee that allows us to make public welfare while drinking coffee. In the original concept of the boss, there are also farmers who insist on growing coffee.fair Trade, with the producer'sBenefitFor the first, not the profit of middlemen, while allowing everyone to enjoy high CP coffee, it also indirectly helps these farmers obtain better living conditions

Where is Jiangniao Coffee?

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Address: No. 82, Zhonghua Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County, 640
Business Hours: Daily 09:30–18:30
Is there a parking lot: ❌
Whether to provide toilets: ❌
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Fresh and sophisticated signs and stores

The first time I saw the logo of Jiangniao Coffee, I felt a very free and unrestrained feeling, and the combination of blue and white, I felt that I could see the good weather with blue sky and white clouds every day.
Jiangniao Coffee is mainly for take-out coffee and tea, so the menu is relatively simple, only coffee and related extended products and relatively pure tea. What is special is that there is a row of social feedback coffee on the far right of the menu. The coffee item here is that as long as you buy the coffee in this category, Jiangniao Coffee will donate part of the revenue to public welfare after the purchase, and drinking coffee can also be used for public welfare.
And this time is just close to Christmas, so there is a special area at the door for exchanging gifts for Christmas. Some prices are more suitable for exchanging gifts.

Bar counter and barista full of coffee flavor

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Jiangniao Coffee has a small bar in the store, which is mainly for some customers who come to buy coffee beans to taste coffee, but due to the epidemic, it is less open at present, and the cup part also provides disposable paper cups Mainly, at the back of the bar, we can see the glass bottles at Pai Pai Station. The coffee beans inside are all the coffee beans we use when ordering coffee at the front desk, and they are usually very well preserved in it.
As for the two service staff in the store, don’t think they are just ordinary working students. In order to give every customer the best coffee experience, Jiangniao Coffee invites all the service staff in the store to be certified baristas. If you don’t usually drink coffee, and you are not so familiar with the choice of coffee, you can also ask the barista to introduce you to Jiangniao Coffee, so that you don’t have to worry about seeing a lot of origins and names every time you go to drink coffee. Know how to choose coffee
Aa was also fortunate enough to taste the hand-brewed coffee that day. After seeing the marbled bar, he couldn’t help but borrow a few coffee beans to take a photo. The penultimate mug, Aa, thought it was super cute. If you haven't picked out a Christmas gift yet, you can also consider buying one for your friends.
In the last photo, have you noticed that there are two biscuits that look like two hills? This is the oatmeal that Jiangniao Coffee also sells. In the past, Aa felt that the oatmeal was tasteless or sweet enough, but Jiangniao Coffee The oatmeal in the coffee is relatively lightly seasoned, and it does not feel burdensome to eat, and there is a taste that is actually the salty and sweet taste of the pasta. If you have it, it is recommended to buy some to eat at home. There is a sealing strip, so if you only eat a little and keep it, you don't have to worry too much about the preservation.

variety of coffee

On the other side of the bar is the exhibition and sales area, which can be roughly divided into three areas, namely the coffee bean area, the coffee-related peripheral products and the oatmeal area. The first is the coffee bean area, which is the outer packaging part. Aa likes the design of Jiangniao Coffee very much. From the very beginning, the logo, signboard and all the packaging will use blue and white color matching, otherwise you can often see the bird's logo on it, and the logo of each coffee bean. There is a small glass cup in the front, which is the bag of coffee beans behind him. You can first confirm that you like the coffee beans and then decide whether to buy them. Unlike many places that sell coffee beans, you can only write the origin or It's the taste, etc. Just buy a pack and take it home. After opening it, I find that I don't like the coffee beans of this flavor, but I can't return them. There will be recommended coffee beans every month, and there will be a certain discount.
After buying coffee beans and going home, we often encounter a problem that we don’t know how to store them, and sometimes we don’t have any equipment to store them, because they all need cost and a place to store them. Jiangniao provides a bean delivery service. The first one is to solve the part of storing coffee beans that we just mentioned, and the other part is that we don’t need to buy a lot of coffee beans at one time. We may want to drink a certain flavor of coffee this month. After a while, we may want to change the flavor. In the past, we could only buy another flavor, but through the bean delivery program, we can drink other coffee beans.
If you like ear-mounted coffee, you can try Jiangniao’s public welfare coffee. The characteristic is that the taste will not be particularly strong for a certain taste. Whether it is a person who usually drinks coffee or who rarely drinks coffee The taste is easy to accept, as we said at the beginning, as long as it is the public welfare coffee of Jiangniao Coffee, a certain percentage will be donated to the public welfare~~

Coffee peripherals and oatmeal

Next to the coffee bean area are some coffee tools and oats, ranging from coffee brewing to thermos cups, etc., and I heard that when there is no epidemic, Jiangniao Coffee will have coffee teaching courses. Come to class but don't know how to use these tools, you can also ask the barista in the store when you buy it
There's always something to pair with coffee, usually we eat cakes or some desserts or something, but sometimes it's really guilt XD The oatmeal on the side will be a good choice, whether it is naked oatmeal or slender oatmeal, the sweet taste will not be too sweet and burdensome, and even the taste of pasta, it tastes salty and sweet. Salty and sweet, like Ace, I don’t like sweets very much, this is very suitable for making salty desserts

Jiangniao Coffee Overall Evaluation and Recommendation Index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤

If you don’t drink coffee often or want to find suitable coffee beans, the baristas of Jiangniao Coffee can provide a good assistance, and if you are a frequent coffee drinker, you can do charity by buying coffee in another place, and the price is also good. It's not particularly expensive, so why should you consider taking a look? There is also Taiping Old Street next to it. Sometimes buying a cup of coffee and strolling around the old street is also a way to enjoy life.

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