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The low tide of Sanjoron Beach

Sanjoron Beach|Attractions in Yunlin|Lighthouse, Sunset, Water Play|Driftwood Swing

Sanjoron BeachIt is a popular IG check-in spot recently. Sanjolun Beach has been renovated recently. There are more net beauty swings and parent-child facilities (playing sand pool, slide and play equipment group), as well as a complete shower room, barbecue table and sea wall. Next to it is a vast oyster field. When the sea ebbs, the oyster frame is fully exposed. Visitors can wading in the water to see the growth of oysters, or enjoy the appearance of oysters picking oysters.

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▌ Sanjoron Beach Related Information

Address and Map

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business hours

open 24 hours

▌ Sanjolun Beach Water Park 360

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

comeSanjoron BeachIt was already late, so I didn't have much time to visit, everyone came to see it more oftenSantiaolun Fishing PortThe net red swing has not been photographed, but there are some good scenery that you can also refer to

▌ Yunxi Ocean Music Festival

The Yunlin County Government will hold the "2022 Yunxi Ocean Music Festival" at the Sanjolun Beach on July 23, 24, 30 and 31. In addition to the summer market, beach volleyball, and children's bubble water park In addition to gorgeous content such as beach cleaning, water activities, etc., there are also many groups of popular and well-known bands and artists to participate in the grand event.

This event is planned for two venues. The main stage will be located in the parking lot of Haiqing Palace. There will be a "Sound Wave Attack" ocean music festival that gathers strong players of the Golden Melody. , Shortlisted for the Golden Melody Award for Best Singing Group Award "Atomic Bonnie", Wu Jianqing Group's "Huang Weijin", shortlisted for the Golden Melody Best New Artist Award and Best MV Award "Li Youting", Taiwanese Hip Hop Music Group "Caotun Nuozai" , Shortlisted for the Golden Melody Award for Album of the Year "Rural Armed Youth" and a high-quality performing group

▌ Forest Trail (Wangyou Forest)

The water area and the land area of the beach are eight hectares each. The windbreak forest in the land area is beautiful and rich in ecology. After the renovation, the beautiful trails around the forest and the scenery between the forests will present a unique ""Forgotten Forest".

▌ Shower facilities

After the new refurbishment, many of these places for foot washing or showering are very convenient to use as a whole.

▌ Kitesurf Pavilion and Seawall

Sanjoron BeachThere is also Yunlin International Kite School next to it. There are toilets and a foot-washing area. The overall planning is quite complete. There is also a slide next to the children's favorite parent-child facility.

▌ Overall review


Sanjoron BeachThe overall plan is quite complete. There are many toilets, feet washing, and showering places. Those who want to play in the water can go to the beach to play in the water. If it is relatively hot, you can also walk in theForgotten ForestInside, there are many nearbyYunlinAttractions can refer to more

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