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Grandma's barricades in Tingwu Community

Tingwu Community|Yunlinkou Lake|Iron Window|Little Swift's Home

In 2020, a local livelihood project in Wubei Village, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, became popular due to the renovation of the exterior of the Wushui Tower "Little Swift's Home" and the installation of thirteen "Iron Flower Windows", which also gave rise to a "herald of democracy". "Li Wanju's name returned to people's memory. In addition, you can also travel with the little swift. There are 10 cute little swifts with mosaic tiles hidden in the community, which makes the original more boring.

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▌ Relevant information of 椬wu community

Address and Map

653 No. 175, Fuxing Road, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County

business hours

open 24 hours

▌ The first iron window and orange shop

After parking the car, the first iron window is in front of you, and next to it is the map of the distribution of the entire iron window. The orange shop was founded in 1956. At present, the proprietress in her 90s is still quite strong, and she follows with bare feet enthusiastically. We say hello is the characteristic of grandma; the iron flower window on the wall of the orange shop tells the story of the proprietress. Back then, her husband opened a betel nut shop in order to let her have a job, but the people who ate betel nut later Less, the store has gradually transformed into a tangerine shop that sells daily groceries and drinks. The iron flower window outlines the outline of betel nuts, which tells this story.

▌ Li Wanju Gong Lunbao

The words "Taiwan Democracy No. 1 Township Gong Lun Pao" on the wall highlight the ultra-partisan folk stance that the Gong Lun Pao adhered to in those days, as well as the history of struggle for Taiwan's press freedom. To commemorate Mr. Li Wanju, the enlightener of democracy and human rights, the community has subsidized the construction of "Li WanjuThe Spiritual Enlightenment Hall of the Former Residence", with thematic explanations in the hall

▌ Ancient Well at the mouth of the drugstore

This ancient well is said to have a history of more than 300 years. It existed in the Ming and Zheng Dynasties. It was excavated by the Dutch. The water quality of the well is sweet! At present, there is still water in the well. It is said that when the weather changes, the water quality of this well will become turbid, so it is called "pharmacy mouth". The most special thing is that the well water here is not pumped by a pump, but a automatic switch

▌ Old Bird Banyan with Human Face

The towering sparrow banyan tree with a tree age of more than 300 years is an old tree under the protection of the Yunlin County Government. There is a shape that looks like an old man's smiling face at the waist of the tree. Aa came here and made a joke, because the introduction here reads: People Mian Lao Niao Rong is a dragon and a divine Rong. The meaning of the sentence is completely different when you read it differently. At first, you read the human-faced Lao Niao, Ronglongcai, and Shen Rong, but only later did you know that it was the human-faced Lao Niao Rong, everyone. Laughing till my stomach hurts

▌ Various iron window grilles

– 兄妹情誼 –

Water painter Li Baoyuan returns home to take care of his sister

– 勞作的農婦 –

The iron craftsman Zeng Wenchang used rice, peanuts, sugar cane, and peasant women holding their hands bent over to work as the pattern. On the iron window, full rice ears, straight and sturdy sugar cane, and huge peanuts symbolize the joy of a bumper harvest. , also tells the hard work of grandma's life. The hands on the iron windows hold not only the hard work of the grandmother's life, but also the diligence of traditional rural women.

– 辛勤之手 –

The hard-working hands of fishermen who net shrimp, touch clams and oysters

– 千歲醒獅團 –

In the early days, the Wubei Lion Dance Troupe "Zhenxing Club", which was often invited to perform in various temple celebrations, was also called the "Wubei Chitose Lion Dance Troupe" due to the aging of the members, and the combined age of the members exceeded one thousand years old.

– 素人畫家 –

▌ Travel with Little Swift

There are 10 cute little swifts with mosaic collages hidden in the community. They have various movements, some are raising their feet, some are listening to music, and some are eating watermelon, just waiting for everyone to discover~

I won't post each one here, otherwise everyone will be lazy and not look for it XD

▌ Park

There is a hidden version of a small park located behind the Tiantian Temple, with a children's play area, a pavilion rest area, and a travel sign with the surname of the little Swift. The scenery here is also very good.

▌ Overall review


It's also a good place to go after coming to the Wuwu community.Tingwu Flood Detention PondFor a walk, it is generally recommended to arrange this way. The place with water is still very suitable for taking pictures of the evening scenery, or you can also consider going there.Sanjoron Beachas well asJackie Chan Wetland

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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