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Date of last update: 2023-03-20

Alishan sunrise accommodation options are many, mainly divided into the forest recreation area and near the recreation area two types

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▌ What will everyone ask when watching the sunrise in Alishan?

– How much does it cost to stay in Alishan? –

Alishan accommodation is not bad for about 2000 if it is the off-season, but if it is the peak season, it will be between 1000 and 2000 more

– What are the attractions near Alishan? –

Guanyin Waterfall, Danai Valley, Sea of Clouds at the top of the gap & Eryanping Trail, Legend of the Deer Sika Deer Garden,Alishan National Forest Recreation Area (Sister Lake, Shuishan Giant Tree), Sleeping Moon Line, Shuiyang Forest, Dingshizhu Trail - Sakura Road, Taiping Sky Ladder, Taixing Rock Trail, Ruili Green Tunnel

▌ Accommodation in Alishan, Chiayi|Shifang Landscape|Sunrise Observation Deck and Million Clouds Waterfall

Shifang Shanshui is located on Fanlu, a 5-minute drive to Eryanping Mountain Trail and Xiading Alishan National Scenic Area. The location of this homestay is excellent, from here you can drive 33.6 kilometers (20.9 miles) to the Alishan National Forest Recreation Area, and drive 1.8 kilometers (1.1 miles) to the Shading Scenic Area.

The old tea factory has been transformed into a European-style octagonal homestay. The large floor-to-ceiling windows of "Shifang Shanshui" allow the sun to shine into the corner of the hall without any dead ends. When the lighting is good, you will feel super relaxed. There is also a sunrise viewing platform where you can quietly enjoy the magnificent mountains and cloud waterfalls. Some room types also have independent large balconies. Once you walk out of the room, you will be accompanied by mountain views, which is really pleasant.

Watching the Sunrise B&B in Alishan-Shifang Shanshui
Super beautiful ten directions landscape

- feature-

  • Adjacent to Gap 2 Yanping Trail
  • An old tea factory converted into a European-style B&B
  • Some room types have independent large balconies

– Contact and Price –

– Discounted accommodation –

▌ Chiayi Alishan Hotel|The highest resort hotel with one stay and two meals

The century-old Alishan Hotel is the only five-star hotel in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. After parking the car in the tourist center, there is a special car to connect to the hotel. The hotel is divided into two halls, the historical hall and the modern hall. The facilities in the modern hall are relatively new, because there is no special indication of the hall on the reservation website, so pay attention when booking (the room photos and prices are full of obvious differences). In addition, compared with the atrium view, some people will also specify the room type facing the forest, where you can see a large forest landscape.

Alishan Hotel claims to be the highest resort hotel in Taiwan, with an altitude of 2,200 meters. The hotel was first built in 1913. It was originally the Japanese guest house "Alishan Forest Club", which once received foreign heads of state. A very illustrious history.

In 1998, Alishan Hotel was handed over to a private enterprise for operation, and in 2012, new buildings were added. Therefore, the whole building is now divided into the main building of the historic building and the new building of the modern building. The retro feeling is very strong, suitable for guests who want to experience the old days of the hotel.

The Alishan Hotel's modern lobby now houses two restaurants, Lijingge on the first floor and a Chinese restaurant on the third floor, but the glass-roofed Lijingge is particularly spectacular, thanks to natural light for a bright dining environment. It's also delicious to sit down to and eat on a sunny day.

Sunrise at Alishan Hotel
Enjoy the most beautiful sunrise at Alishan Hotel

- feature-

  • There is a special car pick-up at the Alishan transfer station
  • Hosted many heads of state and dignitaries

– Contact and Price –

  • Address: No. 16, Alishan Township, Chiayi County
  • Tel: 05 267 9811

- Discounted prices-

▌ Alishan Qingshan Villa in Chiayi|Exclusive minibus with high CP value to watch the sunrise

Qingshan Hotel is located on the hotel street in Alishan, next to Gaoshan Qingda Hotel, and it takes 10 minutes to walk to Alishan Railway Station. There is a cherry blossom at the door, which is very beautiful during the cherry blossom season. If you don’t want to catch the small train to watch the sunrise the next morning, you can take the guided minibus provided by the hotel, and the return trip will be sent directly to the breakfast place, which is very convenient

The hot water in Qingshan Annex is very stable, electric blankets are also provided, toiletries and other accessories are also complete, so you don't have to worry about getting cold at night. Although the overall equipment is not the most novel, the bed is comfortable, the cleanliness is good, and the CP value is high

In front of Aoyama Annex
There is a beautiful cherry blossom tree in front of the Aoyama Annex

- feature-

  • The exterior wall is designed with red bricks, and it takes 7 minutes to walk to Alishan Railway Station
  • There is an exclusive minibus to enjoy the sunrise in Alishan
  • Japanese wind garden

– Contact and Price –

- Discounted prices-

▌ Chiayi Alishan Churi B&B|Chalet with stunning mountain view|Private guided sunrise tour

Alishan Churi B&B has many cats and cats, and the hostess also created a green succulent garden. There are two healing themes that everyone can't put it down! Passengers who come to stay at Churi are also recommended to make a reservation for the hand-made dinner with good reviews. Alishan Churi B&B also provides high mountain tea, which is a must drink in Alishan. You can drink it for free. It warms your heart and stomach~ The most considerate thing is, if If you are lazy in planning your itinerary, the homestay can also help you plan for free! The boss will introduce private attractions and help arrange transportation

Alishan Churi B&B
Churi B&B has a great location

- feature-

  • It takes about 5-6 minutes to walk to see the sunrise
  • Dozens of kittens to play with you
  • Hearty breakfast

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- Discounted prices-

▌ Chiayi Alishan Angelica B&B|Japanese style glass house oriental style to enjoy cherry blossoms and sea of clouds

Alishan Angelica B&B is made of glass houses. The bright morning sun, misty sunset, and night starry sky can easily slip into your sight, and the scenery you look out is as beautiful as a painting. The decoration of this Alishan homestay is also very distinctive. It can be said that it is an oriental style mixed with Japanese style + Chinese style + Balinese style. There are many retro tea sets in the hall for tourists to make tea. There are many books, and the whole homestay has a literary and artistic atmosphere with a sense of history and books

Alishan Angelica B&B also has a special elevator for luggage, so you don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage to the room. The homestay provides breakfast. You can choose from a variety of cereals and puff pastry. If you don’t know what to eat for dinner, you can pay extra. The homestay will prepare a small hot pot for you. The key point is to eat as much as you want

Angelica B&B stunning glass house
Angelica B&B's beautiful glass house is very beautiful at night

- feature-

  • Japanese style + Chinese style + Bali island style mixed together oriental style
  • Beautiful glass house
  • There is a special elevator for luggage
  • You can add an all-you-can-eat hot pot dinner

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- Discounted prices-

▌ Alishan, Chiayi looking for tea house|The whole house is full of cypress trees and spectacular tea garden terraces

Alishan Tea Man B&B is adjacent to Alishan Township Farmers Association. You don't have to drive very far to enjoy the beauty of Alishan, you can have your own magnificent tea plantation and watch the sunrise from the observation deck of the homestay. Located on the mountainside, the B&B "Looking for Tea People" not only has a vast view of the mountains, spectacular terraced fields of tea gardens, but also the strong aroma of cypress and human touch

Looking for a tea house to watch the sunrise
Looking for a tea house to watch the sunrise on the exclusive balcony

- feature-

  • Private balcony for watching the sunrise
  • All cypress room
  • Sunrise, mountain view, tea garden and terraced fields all at once

- contact method-

- Discounted prices-

▌ Alishan, Chiayi|Tea Fragrance Garden B&B|Secret Sea of Clouds Sunrise Country Style B&B

[Tea Fragrance Garden B&B] is located in Fanlu Township at the foot of Alishan, close to Alishan and Fenchi Lake. 2 minutes walk from the B&B, the ideal place to watch the best sunrise over the mountains, clouds and sea. No need to get up early and trek across mountains and rivers. You can easily see the sunrise!

When traveling to Alishan, rest and sleep are very important. The comfortable environment and pleasant scenery, the slow life that makes people want to leave, the warm and clean room, and the friendly service of the butler will make you feel at home. Recommended for those who want to spend a comfortable time. Travel to Alishan with children or couples.

Tea Fragrance Garden B&B Alishan Watching Sunrise B&B
Tea Fragrant Garden B&B can directly see the sunrise of Alishan

- feature-

  • You can see the sunrise and it is close to Fenchi Lake
  • Southern French style
  • You can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains and sea of clouds from the room

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- Discounted prices-

▌ Preferential integration

areanamePreferential order method
Chiayi Alishanten directions landscapeKlook $ from 3139
Booking $ from 3132
Agoda From $ 3013
Chiayi AlishanAlishan HotelKlook $ 8535
Kkday two-day tour $ 7500
Booking $ 9180
Agoda $ 13547
Price comparison network
Chiayi AlishanAoyama AnnexBooking $ 2349
Agoda $ 2037
Price comparison network
Chiayi AlishanChuri B&BKlook $ 1552
Booking $ 1771
Agoda $ 1836
Price comparison network
Chiayi AlishanAngelica B&BAgoda $ 2668
Price comparison network
Chiayi Alishanlooking for teaBooking $ 2600
Chiayi AlishanTea GardenBooking $ 3780
Agoda $ 2957
Price comparison network

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