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Tainan General Retting Waterfront B&B|Pure white appearance to go abroad in a second

Date of last update: 2022-12-24

Retting Water Bank is a homestay located in General Tainan. Every time I come to Tainan, I just want to enjoy a more relaxed and slower pace compared to the north. The pure white building is very distinctive, and I seldom experience the scenery on the general side, so this time Come to the Retting River to experience the cultural customs of the General District

According to legend, the name "General" is associated withShi Langrelated. In 1683, Shi Lang led Qing troops to captureTaiwan,Qing courtWith Shi Langjingtai's achievements, he used horse racing for three days as his business, starting from the westmashagou, east to Wushantou, but unexpectedly, the horses have broken their feet and hoofs in the area of Jiangjunzhuang. Therefore, the "General's Mansion" was built here for General Shi Lang and General Wu Ying to share (quoted fromwikipedia)

▌ Retting Riverside B&B Information

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As soon as you arrive at Retting, you can see the iconic pure white buildings. Even the logo signs and other signs use a pure white color scheme, which is very beautiful. There is a small pool next to the parking lot. If the weather is good, you can take pictures of the house in the water. Reflection, and provide chairs, so that everyone can sit at the door and chat at night

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Retting Waterfront B&B Address: No. 118, Xihua 6, Xijiali, Junjun District, Tainan City
Retting Water Bank Tel: 0908780588
Is there a parking lot: ⭕ (Parking is available at the entrance)
Check-in time: after 15:00, check-out time: before 11:00

▌ The public area of Wangwang Waterfront

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First, get the legal homestay certificate on the waterfront, so you can live with peace of mind.

Retting Riverside B&B Certificate
Retting Riverside B&B Certificate

After entering the water bank, you will first see a bird’s nest rocking chair. When Aa comes, you can’t help but sit on it. It’s really comfortable and easy to take pictures. It’s better to arrive early, and the guests who come from behind have to sit here one by one > "

The accommodation part of Retting Waterfront is in a corridor at the back, because the owner of Retting Waterfront is made of marble. You can find that the building materials of Retting Waterfront are all made of genuine marble, and there are different styles in the morning and evening.

▌ Room environment on the waterfront

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There will be a cute little sign at the entrance of each room on the banks of the Retting River with the room number written on it. There is not much room for activities inside the room, but most of the people who come out to play are to experience the life in this area. The rooms are neat, clean and sleepy. , Having a hot water bath is the key point. The Retting River Shore is very good at this point. The bed is moderately soft and hard, and it is very relaxing and comfortable to sleep in. There is also a sofa next to it. TV is a great enjoyment, TV has built-in youtube to watch, push it
Hot and cold drinking water is provided directly by ro water dispenser. There is no need to be afraid that the cold water is not enough to drink, and there is no need to worry that there are some places where the kettle does not know whether it has been cleaned. Beverages are oolong tea and Yorkshire milk tea

The bathroom and toilet part of the Retting Waterfront is very good, the space is very wide, and it adopts the design of separation of dry and wet. The towel and hair dryer are placed in the drawer, and the shower part depends on how you like it. Like Aa, I especially like this design, because in addition to the general shower head that can be used, there are also showers and spa water columns, three wishes are fulfilled at once XD
The bath products are made of olive essence for both washing and bathing. It also means that you can wash your hair and take a bath once, and it will not feel too dry after washing. It is considered to be of good quality among the two-in-one bath products.

▌ Meals on the Waterfront

The breakfast on the water bank is one for each person.Western style is also available
It is very suitable for people who like to eat rice or milkfish. Like Ace, I think that I have to eat milkfish when I come to Tainan, otherwise it will be in vain, so I ordered itbreakfast
And Avy has experienced Western-style hot-pressed toast. The toast here in Retting Wang is made of red bean paste, so it can be regarded as a watershed.
Aa likes the fruit provided after the meal very much, the guava is very sweet, probably because there is less rain this year, so it is very sweet

Other matters needing attention

At night, the boss will lock the front door, and the other side doors can be entered and exited. Everyone should be careful to bring the key when going out, otherwise the boss will come to help you open the door. XD
Open the window when taking a shower, otherwise there will be a lot of fog in the whole room

▌ Retting River Waterfront Special Event

Recently, Retting Wang Shui'an has also cooperated with nearby merchants, and launched a one-day experience activity to seek sea people. The price will be cheaper than going by yourself. If you haven't decided where to go to Tainan General, or you want to experience the characteristics of this place For the itinerary, you can consult with the boss of Retting Wang Shui'an.

One-day Sea People Experience Activity on the Retting River
One-day Sea People Experience Activity on the Retting River

▌ Retting Water Bank General Evaluation and Recommendation Index

The overall decoration, supplies and facilities are quite good, but unfortunately the sound insulation part is a bit lacking, but because there are not many rooms, it is recommended that you find three or five friends to share the building together
There are not many late-night snacks nearby. It is very suitable for the itinerary to arrange a trip to Chiayi or Tainan to the north. It is a good base.

AaforFUN travel map

brownCup = dessert, drink shop, snack

redknife and fork =,snack

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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