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2022 Le Amusement Dew | Luxury Camper to Wujie Dam, Siyuan Suspension Bridge, Momonaer Waterfall

最後更新日期: 2022-08-08

The Wujie tribe is a beautiful secret place in Nantou. It is located at the junction of Xinyi Township and Renai Township. It is the northernmost branch of the Bunun ethnic group in Taiwan. It is close to the Atayal ethnic group. Named after the demarcation line, it is located between Wujie Mountain and Ganzhuowan Mountain, and there are Zhuoshui River and Liqi River passing through, forming a canyon terrain with high mountains and deep valleys. The administrative division of Buqaiz of Wujie tribe is "law village"
Wujie is the old place name during the Japanese occupation. "Buqaiz" in Wujie means "crossing over" in the Bunun language. Because the Wujie tribe is surrounded by mountains, in the early years, it was necessary to climb mountains and ridges before going to the city. cargo transaction. Because the sea of clouds emerges in the early morning, it is called "the hometown of clouds". The local simple farming environment presents primitive natural features, just like a pure land on earth
This time we took the luxury camper of Leyoulelu. We used to have that kind of road trip in movies in Europe and America, or now it is very popular in mainland China to live in the car. Leyoulelu is such a model, I haven’t tried it yet. Come and experience it
If you like the attractions near Nantou, you can also consider discussing the attractions in the itinerary with the housekeeper, such asMingxin Academy,Jiji Station,Tea Two Fingers Story HouseThey are all good choices~

▌ Day 1: Depart from Wujie and stay in camping area

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

On the way to Wujie and food

On the first day, we boarded the car with the housekeeper at Zhongli at about 9:00. What we were most looking forward to this trip was that the housekeeper would drive the car during all the journeys. We only needed to enjoy the scenery and chat. Usually, Aa went out. Ace is usually driving at times, so many times when you see some beautiful scenery, you can't appreciate it, and long-distance driving is actually quite hard. This time, we have the service of Butler Lao XD, we can enjoy the scenery along the way.

The biggest advantage of taking a station wagon is that you want to stop and go to the toilet at any time, want to buy food, want to see the scenery and take a beautiful photo of the secret network. As long as you can do it, it can be satisfied. Like this, we think it is too much to take a car. After a long time, I wanted to take a break, so I stopped at the rest station to buy some food, and then we went to the first stop, Nantou Puli's food: Ju Rou Yuan, if you come to Nantou Puli, you can also consider participatingPuli Paragliding Experience, it won't take too long, it's worth a try, you can book a ticket first and ask the housekeeper to take it with you, but this time we just didn't open for business, so we had to give up

Treasure Lake Palace Tianditangdi Mother Temple

The Dimu Temple is also a famous internet celebrity check-in spot. There are many places waiting for you to explore. For example, the last two photos are the spots that everyone must take when they come. Please remind one is approaching the gate, and the other is close to the gate. Zhang is the highest staircase. If you come here, you can look for it again!! If you are coming to Puli, I highly recommend that you take a walk here

– Tea Garden and Wujie Genting Camping World –

The butler helped us order this timeWujie Genting Camping World, One of the main points of coming here is that the terrain is relatively high. This side is already above the tea garden, so when the weather is good, you can directly see the sunrise. If you like to take pictures of the sea of clouds or cloud waterfalls, you can also take pictures here. Come, welcome everyone to ourfan pageor it could beIGShare your photos and videos together
I don't know if you have noticed the last photo. There is a small mantis on it. If you only see a bunch of tea gardens, you can take a closer look at where it is.

– Party and venue preparation –

After arriving at the camp, the butler began to prepare the evening party venue and dinner. We also participated in the decoration and preparation of ingredients. Of course, we can also let the butler prepare all of them, but since we have all come to the camping experience, we must participate. In it, you can really feel the atmosphere of going out for camping. Aa thinks this is very good, because you can experience the feeling of going out for camping and picnic, but you don’t need to spend a lot of time preparing tables and chairs, campfires, wood, ingredients, kitchenware, etc. Waiting for a bunch of things, if you usually have camping, you will know that the preparations in advance are very complicated and you need to carry large bags and small bags. These housekeepers have prepared them for us.

As soon as I arrived, the housekeeper started to decorate the lights, so that the atmosphere can be beautiful and the lights are good at night, and the seats are very comfortable, unlike the usual light chairs we go out to play with only oxford cloth and brackets, it is like a small sofa to sit on. Let's take a group photo

car interior photos

There is still some time before dinner, Aa will show you the place to sleep at night!! We chose to sleep in the camper this time. The first picture is the part of the lower bunk. If it is wider, it will be more suitable to sleep 2 people. The upper bunk can also sleep 2 people. The difference is that the upper bunk has a starry sky window. Sometimes it is cold outside and you don’t want to go outside the car to watch the stars. Yes, I also prepared 4 blankets very thoughtfully. I usually turn on the heating when I sleep at night, so I don’t have to worry about getting cold. Ace still feels a little hot when I sleep~~ The only pity is that the car will shake when I sleep at night, but compared to When you go out to camp, you will need to sleep on a very hard floor. Aa still prefers sleeping in a camper. XD

– Preparation before dinner –

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

Before starting dinner, the butler put all the ingredients on the table. There is so much food for 5 people. Today, I mainly eat hot pot, but there are steaks and prawns. We can't help but look forward to the food tonight. Now, it feels really good for everyone to prepare dinner together. Some people wash and cut vegetables, and some people prepare pots and utensils to make a fire. The time together is the best. You can find that the housekeeper has prepared very well. In addition to the ingredients, there are also Great party items for beer, soda, sparkling water, and more
**Underage do not drink alcohol, excessive drinking, harmful to health**


Fried cabbage in luxury camper
Fried cabbage in luxury camper

The first appearance is the fried cabbage. In addition to the garlic, the butler also used dried shrimp and some unique seasonings to make this dish taste sweet and salty, not just salty, and the amount of dried shrimp and garlic A lot, so the aroma is enough when you eat it

Luxury Camper Garlic Steak
Luxury Camper Garlic Steak

I didn't expect to have a chance to eat steak when camping outside, and the steak used by the housekeeper was hand-selected, and the taste was very tender. With a lot of minced garlic, the oily taste of the steak was greatly reduced. feel completely different

Luxury camper, let's toast
Luxury camper, let's toast

It is really satisfying to be able to get together with good friends like this. The far left of the photo is our housekeeper winter. We felt that he was really working hard on the first day. We must have a good drink together. We are here. It was very cold that day, and I slowly warmed up after eating and drinking.
**Underage do not drink alcohol, excessive drinking, harmful to health**

Luxury Camper Roasted Marshmallows
Luxury Camper Roasted Marshmallows

In the end, let's finish the first day's itinerary with roasted cotton candy~~~ This is also prepared by the housekeeper. It is really caring. When you come out of the barbecue, you have to roast the cotton candy to eat XD

▌ Day 2: Wujie Line Sky, Fish Head Stone, Wujie Bridge

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

Breakfast and view of Wujie

2nd day view of luxury camper
2nd day view of luxury camper

When I woke up the next morning, the light was not bad, and because the humidity was sufficient the day before, there was a pretty good view, so I took these photos. The three parts of the tea garden below were all taken with an aerial camera, right? Have a different feeling :)

Everyone got up early in the morning and waited around the kitchen to eat. Watching the housekeeper cooking, they were very curious about what they would eat. This non-menu dish can satisfy the appetite on the one hand, but also satisfy the curiosity of the soul. ~~~In the morning, I will eat scrambled eggs, spaghetti bolognese and steak, yes!!! You heard that right, eating so luxurious in the morning is to eat steak, because today we are going to various attractions in Wujie, So we have to eat a little bit more, otherwise we can't walk anymore. Didn't think that the housekeeper of Leyoulelu would allow us to have a delicious breakfast in the wild?

Luxury Camper Steak
Luxury Camper Steak

Let me show you what it's like to eat steak for breakfast!!!

– The first line of the martial arts world and a bunch of private spots –

Wujie Bridge aerial shot
Wujie Bridge aerial shot

The first-line sky of the Wujie tribe is a special attraction only in the dry season. When we came to the first-line sky this time, the housekeeper arranged a four-wheel drive to take us to visit. Going forward, the Wuba Highway is not a road, but the riverbed from Zhuoshui River Wujie to Bakuras. It is an off-road road formed by the reduction of sand and gravel silting in the river. It is necessary to evaluate the performance of the car by self-driving. If it is walking, it is also recommended. Wear sandals or waterproof shoes, but you have to walk a long distance. It is recommended to come in by car.

As soon as you arrive at the Wujie tribe, you can see a guide map. Here you can see a few points you want to go to, such as the more famous Wujieba, Siyuan Suspension Bridge, etc. will be marked on it.
This time, the housekeeper arranged Ni An's shop. The proprietress is very polite and the service is very thoughtful. The tour guide Xiao Hua who leads us is also very interesting. On the way, he will continue to introduce historical stories and help us take photos.

fish head stone

After going through rough roads and wading, we came to the first scenic spot, Fish Head Rock. Because it is a weekday, there are not many tourists, so you can take pictures as much as you want. Aa thinks the first photo is more like a fish head, but the first one is like a fish head. From the perspective of the two pictures, Avy looks more like a frog with two more hands. Ace thinks it is a turtle. Everyone click on the picture to enlarge it, and leave a message below to say which one do you think it looks like? The last picture is The aerial shot, the angle will be slightly higher, does it look like another animal?

– Wujie Water Pipeline –

This water pipe is to connect the originalWujieba, the newly built Liqi Dam andsun moon lake, upstream of JiangwujiebaZhuoshui Streamand its tributariesLi QixiStream water is introduced into Sun Moon Lake by means of cross-regional diversion. The main function is to ensuresun moon lakeThe stable water source improves the utilization rate and operational reliability of Sun Moon Lake’s power generation system (the above information is taken from Wikipedia) This is also a new landmark in the martial arts world. The two were taken from the ground and the air. Which angle do you prefer? Leave a message below Oh

– Chief Rock and Orangutan Rock –

Going further down, there will be a small pool suitable for taking pictures, but the depth of the water will be around the calf. When you go to the scene, you may not be able to see these two places. Fortunately, the tour guide will teach you how to look. After the guide, you can easily see it. Does it look like an orangutan lying on the ground?

One line day

Luxury camper first-line Tianmenkou
Luxury camper first-line Tianmenkou

When we come to the gate of the first line of heaven, we can see three stones with the first line of sky written on the ground, which means that we have come to the place where we have to walk. Today, we are lucky to be staggered with other people to take such photos.

The "line" in the martial world is thicker. Aa has been to many first-line sky before, and it is relatively thin and even difficult for people to pass by, but the first-line sky in the martial arts world is quite wide (laughs), just left. You will see a very beautiful rock wall next to Yixiantian. Many people take pictures here, but this is not a scenic spot, so if you come here, you should pay special attention. If you follow a camper, you don't have to. Worry, the housekeeper will remind everyone to take pictures


Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

At the last point, we came to a Titanic. From some angles, it looked like the wreck of the Titanic. Everyone ran to the bow to take a picture of the feeling of being on it. You can also reproduce Jack and The picture of rose, but I want to remind everyone that because there are a lot of small sand and gravel on it, if the shoes are more slippery, then bare feet will be more suitable, like Aa this time wearing the river shoes will still slip, so I have to go up barefoot, the safety first one yo

luxury camper other people's stacked rocks
luxury camper other people's stacked rocks

When I went back, I happened to see other people's stacked stones. I was very impressed that they could be stacked like this, so I took pictures. If you come here, you will find a lot of such stacked stones.

Group photo

Today, I would like to thank Xiao Hua from the Ni An family for taking us to experience this wonderful itinerary. In the end, we took many group photos together in front of the car.

Wujie Bridge and Wujie Suspension Bridge

Next to the Wujie tribe is Wujie Bridge. Because the time is a little late, considering that I have to go back to eat good food later, and the schedule does not want to be so tight, so Wujieba and Siyuan Suspension Bridge plan to go again tomorrow, today Let’s take a look at Wujie Bridge and Wujie Suspension Bridge first. One can only be crossed by people, and one can cross by car.

This is a very special check-in point. It is the main road leading to the Wujie tribe. There will be a very cute bird next to the Wujie Bridge. If you look closely, you will find that this is the mascot of the tribe. The following is related. Introduce everyone can take a closer look


In the middle of the day, dinner is the most time for everyone to get together. It is really a great enjoyment in life to eat hot food and chat with each other. There are more things to eat at night, so let’s introduce them to you one by one.

Tonkotsu Ramen Dabu Soup

First of all, tonight's staple food, I call it Tonkotsu Ramen Dabu Soup, you can see that it is full of ingredients, and everyone's portion is quite large, and the soup part is also very good, very Japanese-style The feeling, especially the dried bamboo shoots, is like the taste you get in a Japanese ramen shop!!

Garlic is a squid, not a game

From the beginning of the second dish, I found a rule. Almost every meal will have seafood and steak. The most important thing about this dish is the cooking time and heat. If it is cooked too early, it will be raw, but if it is cooked If it is too long, it will become hard and hard in the mouth. The housekeeper is very good at this. It tastes very tender and mouth-watering. You will want to bite after bite.

Handsome butler cooking in luxury camper
Handsome butler cooking in luxury camper

Let's take a picture of the handsome butler cooking. These days, we rely on him to cook the food for everyone. The rest of us only help to clean the ingredients. It's really hard for him. We often see it before we get up. The butler is already cooking

Pan-fried Milkfish

Today's dinner was really rich. I didn't expect milkfish maw, which is indispensable in the party. The outside is fried and crispy, but the meat in the middle is so soft and tender. With rock salt, the freshness and sweetness of the fish is fully enhanced. come up

Chestnut Sweet Potatoes and Prawns

In order to let everyone enjoy the fun of barbecue, there are sweet potatoes and shrimps for us to bake by ourselves. This sweet potato was purchased temporarily in Wujie, thank the housekeeper for thinking about this

Fire Roast Beef Short Ribs and Iberico Pork

Today's finale is Iberian pig and beef short rib. This time, the Iberian pig is also marinated and made with garlic flavor, but the beef short rib is a relatively primitive method, only seasoning with salt, and then using fire The way of cooking, using whisky to enhance the aroma before starting the pot, and I really admire the housekeeper's use of wood to cook, but also can make 5 minutes of cooked steak, whether it is Iberian pig or beef short ribs are very delicious, on one end The table was emptied in minutes
**Underage do not drink alcohol, excessive drinking, harmful to health**

Group photo after dinner

Second day dinner in the luxury camper
Second day dinner in the luxury camper

Everyone was eating and drinking beside the fire, and thus ended the second day's trip

▌ Day 3: Siyuan Suspension Bridge, Wujie Dam, Momonaer Waterfall

The third day is the last day of our road camper trip, so in addition to having breakfast to deal with this morning, we also have to pack up our equipment and prepare to go home. Today's fog is relatively heavy and the temperature is relatively low. It's a shame, but I want to take advantage of this rare opportunity

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

The morning of the third day in the luxury camper
The morning of the third day in the luxury camper

Let's take a photo of the martial arts world first in the morning. You can find that the visibility today is relatively poor, but there is also a different mood.

delicious breakfast

Today's breakfast is just as rich. Today, there are super delicious popsicles and French toast, but I still prepared shrimp scrambled eggs and fried salmon. Every meal here is really like eating a dinner XD I didn't expect that the housekeeper could even fry French toast and meal bags to be crispy and crispy, which is a big plus.

Surprise at camp in the morning

I probably won't be here again for a short time after today, so Jian Dong took out the aerial camera in the morning and took out some pictures quickly. While cooking breakfast and taking pictures, we found that there are many wild cats around here. , It seems that I want to wait for something to eat. It looks very cute. There are a few who should have just been born for a long time. It is really hard to be in such a high place, but I am afraid that it will affect the camp owner all the time. It's a dilemma, if you have a chance, you can try to find them

Emperor Moth
Emperor Moth

When we were about to leave, we also saw this moth. Do any of the friends who are playing in Animal Crossing feel familiar? It is the emperor moth.

Nantou Visitor Center
Nantou Visitor Center (pseudo)

On the way to Wujieba, we also saw this homestay. Do you think it looks like the castle next to Nantou Visitor Center? If you come to Wujieba, remember to look for it

Siyuan Suspension Bridge

On the way to Siyuan Suspension Bridge, there are cherry blossoms everywhere. There will be a viewing platform next to Siyuan Suspension Bridge. There is a map of Wujie here. We also took a group photo in front of the suspension bridge. There is a counter on the suspension bridge. , Because there can't be too many people walking on it at the same time, otherwise it will be dangerous~~ This suspension bridge is very stable, if you are walking on the suspension bridge, you don't have to worry too much for those who are afraid of shaking.

Hero Poe

start walking
start walking

Behind the Siyuan Suspension Bridge is the famous Hero Slope. You can really reach Wujieba after walking through this bridge. Everyone should be careful when walking here, because it is about 50 degrees. If the road is slippery, be very careful.


Wujieba scenery
Wujieba scenery

The water in Wujieba is 80% all supplied to Sun Moon Lake. It just rained when we came. The water looks beautiful and its function is to intercept.Zhuoshui StreamMainstream and its tributariesWan DaxiThrough the diversion tunnel, the stream water is sent to the Sun Moon Lake for storage, regulation, and then into the power plant to generate electricity. Due to the large amount of sediment transported by the Zhuoshui River, the Wujie Dam blocks a lot of sand and stones in the upper reaches of the Zhuoshui River in the riverbed above the Wujie Dam, so the Wujie Dam is seriously silted (the above is taken from Wikipedia)

Go to Laramis Falls

old suspension bridge
old suspension bridge

On the way, you will pass this old suspension bridge first. It used to be a passage to Siyutai Mountain, but it is no longer passable.

laramis falls
laramis falls

After passing the mountain road and the creek on the road, we can see the beautiful Laramis Waterfall, but there is no way to go down to the waterfall to play in the water, but it is possible to take pictures, although Laramis The waterfall is not high, but the water flow is also very sufficient. There will be some slippery stones from here, and some places need to wade through the water. You must remember to wear waterproof shoes or slippers.

God's paddling pool Momonar Falls

After walking for more than an hour, we finally arrived at Momonaer Falls, because Aa was afraid that he would be wearing a jacket in the cold that day. When he came here, he was soaked in sweat, but it was all worth seeing. Zhang Shiping took an empty photo. Which angle do you prefer? It was winter, otherwise I really wanted to cool off under the waterfall, so I have to come again next time I have a chance.

Sun Moon Lake on the way home

After the end of Momonaer, we were ready to go back, but because there was still a little time, the butler also kindly asked if we wanted to find a few points on the way back, so we came to Sun Moon Lake.

There is a bird's nest installation art on the side of Ita Thao Pier. If you come, you must come and see it. Fortunately, the sky was relatively clear when we arrived, so we were able to take such beautiful photos.
Then we set off on our way home. For the past three days, it was all thanks to the housekeeper to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take pictures in a relaxed manner. It feels really good to not have to drive by ourselves. If you have a chance, let’s see where you want to go with the housekeeper next time. Play

▌ Other Precautions

It is better to ask the housekeeper in advance about the tableware and the clothes you need to bring.
If you have special food or special needs, you can also ask
They also have customized itineraries that can be discussed with the butler

▌ Overall evaluation and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤
Although the price may seem high at first glance, it is actually quite cost-effective when you think about eliminating the need for driving and accommodation, and for some people who seldom go on mountain roads, the experience of the housekeeper is quite rich. , no longer have to worry about driving to a small road, not being able to drive well or driving... At this price, Aa thinks it is very worthwhile

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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