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Last update date: 2022-07-17

Here, Aa has shortcut keys for each type of discount and if the region is different. You can click on the upper directory to quickly find the category you need. If you accidentally scroll too far down, there is also a button in the lower right corner to quickly return to the top directory. function, everyone can make good use of


Reservation and price comparison network, if you need to find a hotel, you can save money

Save on your hotel stay - hotelscombined.com.tw

Cicada Says: Phoenix Pavilion Preface 5% off code: ppewd5

Cicada said: Heshe Mountain Forest 5% discount code: A2109005

Cicada said: quiet in the mountains 5% discount code: mm7331

Cicada said: fog around 5% discount code: wr4105

Air tickets


Klook 101 summit is now 180% off (to 20220831): 180TP101


music sound

Artlist (extra 2 months)


shooting equipment

DJI series (aerial camera, flying machine, stabilizer)


Each product will have special gifts and discounts according to different models, you can see the link of the demand point

Insta360 Sphere
(for use with drones)
1 official 780W
(FPV ultra-light action camera)

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