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Jinxilai Restaurant|Gout meal|Steamer banquet|Super high CP value

Jinxilai Restaurant|Gout meal|Steamer banquet|Super high CP value

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Jin Xi came to the restaurant because Ace taught drones this time, and came to Kinmen for about a month. During this time, in addition to shooting some scenic spots, I also found a lot of recommended food on the Internet, of course, not less Jinxilai Restaurant is one of the foods recommended by locals. In the past, it was mainly engaged in the business of tour buses and tourists. Now it is ready to transform into a refined route and provide it to guests at a more economical price than Jinmen Restaurant. The steamer banquet is also called gout meal because of the large amount of seafood. If you come to Kinmen, you might as well try it out.

▌ Jin Xilai restaurant everyone is asking about these

– Kinmen is so hot... is it cold? –

The air-conditioning is so powerful that Ace was blown to wear a jacket that day (laughs)

– How many people can eat at a table? –

A table of steamer banquet 8~9 boys can eat quite full

– Is there anything else to eat nearby? –

Near Jinxilai Restaurant, there are famous scenic spots such as Jiangongyu Island, Jincheng Old Street, Zhushan Settlement, Tashan Power Plant and so on. It is good to take a rest when it is hot in the middle

Next, don't let the drool drip, we're going to introduce the meal

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

▌ Jinxilai restaurant related information

Address and Map

No. 41, Section 3, Xihai Road, Jincheng Town, Kinmen County 893

business hours

Daily 11:00–14:00, 17:00–20:30

▌ Jinxilai Restaurant Appearance

Just before entering the door, I saw this lovely red stone with Jin Xilai written on it. I don’t know why, but Ace personally found this stone very pleasing, so I took a picture of it. The sign on the door and the Taiwanese restaurant outside are very interesting. Like, as soon as I see it, I feel that this is a table meal, and the gout meal also surprised me.

▌ Interior decoration

After entering, there are two doors. The small door on the left is only open when there are few guests. There are also some works of art to see here. For example, there is a guzheng here, and there are well-known figures from the Three Kingdoms, Mr. Kong Ming , makes people unconsciously think that they are very popular recently, sir, please come out

▌ Steamer Banquet

Then comes the highlight of today, our gout meal is going to be played

- menu-

1 ginger crab platter
2 Sea Prawn Salad
3 fresh rolls with sauce
4 shallot oil sea fresh
5 Scallops with Five Flavor Sauce
6 Steamed Pork Ribs with Taro
7 Garlic Peacock Shells
8 Crispy Fried Soymilk Chicken
9 Taro Snapper Rice with Rice
10 Pork Ribs Soup with Hundred Mushrooms
11 Season Fruit Plate
12 drinks + water

- Meals-

Inevitably, let’s take a group photo first. In addition to the variety of dishes, this is also the first time I have seen gout meals with decorations. Next, let Aa introduce them to you one by one.

The first thing to introduce to you is the ginger crab dish. This dish mainly uses local crabs. This is really a great boon for Aa who loves crabs.

The second dish is the sea prawn salad. I have to say that the seafood is delicious as long as it is new. This shrimp meat Q bomb also has a kind of sweetness, and Jin Xilai gives it more.

The third dish is the juicy fresh rolls. The owner said that they should be eaten hot when they are just made. After cooling down, the rolls will be more Q, but Ace itself likes to eat a little harder, so there is no problem. Garlic Rong sauce tastes very good, it is slightly sweet taste

Next is the scallion oil sea fresh, or the old saying, fresh seafood is delicious, without too much seasoning, the point is that the fish here has no earthy taste, it's great

The scallops with five-flavor sauce are also added with cucumbers to avoid being too salty when eating the five-flavor sauce. The taste is similar to what you usually eat, but the portion is really large

Steamed pork ribs with taro is one of Ace’s favorite dishes. In addition to the salty and sweet taste of pork ribs, it is also too dry when fried. The chief is coming to inspect. The night before, everyone was there to brush this little taro. The taste is not the same as the one on the island of Taiwan. It is denser.

Next is the peacock shell with garlic paste. This kind of seasoned shellfish is delicious, not as heavy as the five-flavor sauce. Ace's favorite is the slats spread below, which are full of the umami and sauce of the shellfish. After the soup, the taste is really aftertaste

Fried soymilk chicken is also one of the popular dishes. The soymilk chicken in Jinxilai Restaurant is fragrant enough, not too sweet. No oily smell, still crispy

Taro-flavored sea bream rice is the only staple food of gout meal. Because I was too full that day, I didn't eat too much. The sea bream has no earthy taste. The part of the rice is sakura shrimp oil rice.

The soup is 100 Mushroom Pork Ribs Soup. When you eat table dishes, you must have a pot of soup. The yellow stuff on it is full of chicken oil. I heard from the boss that all the chickens here go to a familiar chicken vendor to buy free-range chickens, although the cost Relatively high, but the meat quality is really different when eating

Last but not least is the fruit after the meal. The amount given by the boss is really welcome. The watermelon in Kinmen is very delicious.


The following Aa will help you to list the questions that restaurants want to know.

– Will there be a lot of queues? Do you need to book early? –

Because there are many ingredients to be prepared for the steamer banquet, and sometimes there are tourist groups, it is recommended to make an appointment in advance


Super cold air-conditioning, exclusive parking lot, high CP value

▌ Overall review


At the price of 5,000 yuan, the steamer banquet at Jinxilai Restaurant, that is, the gout meal, is really cost-effective. In the past, when Aa had gout meal in Taiwan, it cost nearly 10,000 yuan for one less meal. Part of it should be that Kinmen is rich in seafood. On the other hand, the boss is also a concept of small profits but quick turnover. If you have the opportunity to come to Kinmen, you will try it again. If you don’t know where to go, you can also ask the boss. If the reservation is not in place Or friends who can't get in on the phone can also leave a message below~

If you have been here, welcome to Aa's Facebook or it could be IG Let’s discuss together. If there are some small stories or great attractions, you can also provide them to Aa for reference~~ If you are interested in forwarding, please remember to mark the original text from: Aa travel map

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