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Kyoto must-visit | Kinkakuji (Luyuan Temple) tickets, traffic, attractions, general guide to surrounding food | World Heritage | Arashiyama day trip

Last update date: 2022-06-14

The Golden Pavilion Temple was built in 1397 and was originally named Luyuan Temple. It was originally the villa of General Ashikaga Yoshimitsu (the prototype of General Li in the animation "Smart Ikyu"), and later changed to the Zen Temple "Bodhisho". It is said that the garden centered on the golden pavilion is the "Pure Land of Bliss", and the mirror lake pond in front of the temple complements each other, especially on a sunny day, the scenery is excellent, and this has become a symbol of Kyoto.

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▌ Kinkakuji related information

- transportation-

How to get to Kinkakuji Temple? The Kyoto subway is still underdeveloped.The most economical way to take the bus

  • Kyoto City Bus: 12, 59, 101, 102, 111, 204, 205 toGet off at "Kinkakuji Road", and went directly to the gate of Kinkakuji Temple.
  • Kyoto Station to Kinkakuji Temple: Take bus 101, 111, 205 and get off at "Kinkakuji Road".
  • Arashiyama Kinkakuji Day Tour: Take 101, 102, 111, 204, 205 from "Kinkakuji Road" station to "Kitano Hakubacho", then transfer to "Landen" to Arashiyama.

The above are three, which are the most commonly used transportation methods to go to Kinkakuji Temple.Traffic tickets corresponding to Kinkakuji TempleListed together below!

The most valuable tickets:
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Kyoto subway is not very sound, if you want to walk a little less, you can considerTake a bus
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– Addresses and Maps –

Kinkakuji Town 1, Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

– Tickets –

Kinkaku-ji Temple entrance fee 400 yen for adults,Elementary and junior high school students 300 yen, is a very affordable price.

– Opening hours –

Kinkakuji Temple opening hoursfrom09:00-17:00

In the 1950s, almost all the buildings of the Kinkakuji Temple were destroyed. The Golden Pavilion Hall, which was preserved until modern times, was also destroyed in a fire in 1950. Today’s Golden Pavilion Temple was rebuilt in 1955, and the gold leaf outside the temple was re-paved in 1987. In 1994, the Kinkaku-ji Temple was designated as a World Cultural Heritage.

▌ Kinkakuji Temple Must Go Attractions

– Sightseeing arrangement –

first lookMap of Kinkakuji TempleBar,Some of the most important must-see attractionsit's all down

  • Relic Hall: Gold-leaf building, the origin of the name of Kinkaku-ji Temple,Common scenes of monk Yixiu.
  • Lu Zhouzhi pine:One of the three major pine trees in Kyoto, more than 600 years old, planted by General Ashikaga Yoshimitsu,Trim to ship shape, there is a kind of meaning towards the Western Pure Land.
  • rock under water: Rumor has it that General Ashikaga Yoshimitsu used the water to wash his hands.
  • Xijia Pavilion:Edo period tea room, a good place to enjoy the sunset view of Kinkakuji Temple.
  • Fudodo: To enshrine King Fudo Ming,It is said to be very effective.
  • Tomb of the White Snake: Throw money into the hole, and the wish will be successful.
  • Zhu Yinsuo: The place to ask for Goshuin.

- Golden Pavilion Temple-

The pavilion of Kinkakuji Temple is divided into 3 floors, and the construction methods are different when you look closely. The first floor is the Fashuiyuan, which is made of a sleeping hall (the aristocratic style of the Heian period); style), dedicated to Guanyin; the third floor is presented in the style of Chinese Zen Buddhist temples, which is a square Buddha hall, dedicated to three Amitabha Buddhas. AlthoughThe three floors have different architectural styles but look very harmoniousThe architecture of the Kinkakuji Temple is integrated with the garden structure. The gorgeous golden pavilion is reflected in the Jinghu Pond, which is a representative landscape of Kyoto and has become a picture in many films and magazines.

The gold in spring is a different feeling, the leaves are almost gone, there is a bleak feeling

This is the legendary gold in the snow. If the wind is relatively small, it can also be shot with the reflection on the water, which is quite beautiful.


The top is decorated with a golden phoenix symbolizing auspiciousness

– Tomb of the White Snake –

It is said that as long as you can put money into the bowl, you can make a wish. If there are successful people, please share your experience in the message.


There is a small waterfall on the north side of Kinkakuji called "Longmen Waterfall". There is a stone in the waterfall called "Carp Stone"
The Longmen Waterfall hit the carp stone, which confirms a Chinese idiom "Carp leaps over the dragon gate...". That is to say, if you swim up to the waterfall, you will turn into a dragon, and if you can't swim up, you will still be a fish.

▌ Recommended itinerary for Kinkakuji Temple

If you come to Kinkakuji by yourself, you have to go to Kiyomizu Temple or Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, which are far away, so the itinerary for a day trip will be less compact.

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