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Last update date: 2022-09-23

Kyoto Yasaka Shrine is located at the end of Shijo-dori Street on the east side of Kyoto City. It is the head office of Gion Shrine in Japan. It is dedicated to the god of eliminating disasters, exorcising evil spirits, and prosperous business. for"Gion Corporation"It is widely known for hosting the Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Kyoto, in 869. There is also another saying that the opportunity for development began in 877 with an epidemic. The imperial court sent emissaries to pray here, and the long-raging epidemic was quelled. As a result, the originally unknown Yasaka Shrine came into the public eye and became a dojo for the beliefs of all living beings. After the separation of the gods and Buddha in 1868, it was renamed "Yasaka Shrine". The vermilion west gate tower, the largest existing stone torii gate in Japan, and the main hall of the Gion-style architecture, which is an important national cultural relic of Japan, are the main viewing points. The east side is adjacent to the weeping cherry blossoms. famousYuanshan Park, a large number of tourists visit every year.

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▌ Information about Kyoto Yasaka Shrine

- transportation-

  • existJR "Kyoto" Stationtransfer cityBus No. 206orNo. 100,exist"Yasaka Shrine"Get off at the station and walk for about 1 minute.
  • Depend onHankyu Electric Railway Kyoto LineofKyoto Main Line "Kawaramachi"It is about an 8-minute walk from the station.
  • Depend onKeihan Electric RailwayofKeihan Main Line"Gion Shijo"It is about a 5-minute walk from the station.
  • fromKiyomizu TempleIt's about a 20 minute walk.

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– Addresses and Maps –

No. 625, north of Yasaka-jinja-cho, Higashiyama District, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

– Tickets –


– Opening hours –

Open all year round

▌ Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Gate

– West Tower Gate –

Generally speaking, the gate of Yasaka Shrine refers to the "West Tower Gate" (important cultural heritage of Japan). The gate of the second floor of this "Kiritsu-style" is one of the "Seven Mysteries of Yasaka Shrine". It is said that the west gate is not covered with cobwebs, and even if it rains, it will not leave traces of rain. Since it faces the main road Shijo-dori, it is often a place where friends gather to enjoy the cherry blossoms. Whenever the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, many tourists will gather here.

▸ Day and night feel different

▸ Senshin Pond (Cleaning Pond)

Entering the Yasaka Shrine from the West Tower Gate, first go to the "Tesuisha" on the right and clean your hands and then go forward to climb the stairs inside the shrine.

By the way, here is the process of water purification in Japan:

  1. Hold spoon handle in right hand, wash left hand
  2. Change the handle of the spoon in the left hand and wash the right hand
  3. Then change the right hand to hold the handle of the spoon, and use the left hand to catch the water, and the water in the left hand contains the mouth to rinse the mouth.
  4. Wash the left hand again, hold the handle of the spoon with both hands, hold the spoon upright, the remaining water in the spoon flows down the handle to wash the handle, and finally put the buckle of the water spoon in the same place

▌ Kyoto Yasaka Shrine main hall

Yasaka ShrineThe main hall of the temple is very special. It is a "Gion-made" building, that is, the same roof is covered with cypress fur, but it is actually two different buildings, the shrine and the worship hall, but it is designated as an important cultural heritage in Japan. Yasaka Shrine's main deity isSu Xun Wu Zun, the left isKushida Himemei (Su Xun Wu Zun's wife), on the right isEight pillars god(Su Xun Wuzun has eight children)

There are two main halls of Yasaka Shrine "Seven Wonders of Yasaka Shrine]:

  1. Below is a "Dragon's Cave", which is a deep well where dragons live.
  2. From the main hall entrance pillar, clap your hands in the west direction, vibrate the dragon head above, you will hear the echo "Dragon Roar", it is said that the dragon painted on the ceiling is screaming, but unfortunately the area below the entrance is inaccessible

July is the busiest month for Yasaka Shrine, because the "Gion Festival" is held in Yasaka Shrine. There will be various god-style festivals on the dance hall.Noh stage"And on the square in front, there will be performances by many various groups.

– Gion Festival –

▌ Kyoto Yasaka Shrine Dance Hall

The dance hall is a stage for sacrifices and marriages in front of the gods. It is located in the center of the shrine. There are several rows of white lanterns honored by local merchants in Gion.

▌ Kyoto Yasaka Shrines Large and Small Shrines

– Epidemic Shrine –

We all know that the origin of the Gion Festival and the turning point of Yasaka Shrine are both related to epidemics. There is a shrine called Epidemic Shrine. The deity is the future of Su Min. According to legend, the lucky man who helped Niutou Tianwang and was awarded a thatched circle that can protect his descendants from diseases. The future descendants of the people" is the origin of this. On July 31, the Xia Yue Festival at the Epidemic Shrine is the last sacred event of the Gion Festival. A huge thatch ring will be erected in front of the torii to cure diseases and ward off evil. I believe that in this period when the epidemic has not stopped, there should be many people who silently go to the epidemic shrine to pray for blessings.
The main worship god "Su Min future", pray for the upper body to be free from disease. about"Sumin future"There is a quite warm story in Japanese anecdotes, you can read it if you are interested.
When the traveler stayed at Sumin's house for one night and received the hospitality before leaving, he told Sumin-jun that as long as he got the hut with the words "Sumin's future descendants" written on it, good luck would come, and future generations would be able to prevent it. disasters and diseases. It is said that this lodging passenger is the Niu Tau Tian Wang, that is, Su Xun Wu Zun. Therefore, Yasaka Shrine is widely rumored to be able to eliminate disasters and relieve misfortunes and bless business prosperity.

– Beauty Royal Society –

"Miyomaesha" is very popular with geishas and employees of cosmetics companies. Here, there are three goddesses of Munakata that were created when "Suzaku-zun" and "Amaterasu" swore an oath: "Ichikishima Hiya God", "Takiri Hikaru"and"Takitsu Hideyoshi God", not only the god of maritime traffic safety, but also the god of artistic beauty, they represent beauty, tranquility and whiteness.

In front of the office, there is the divine water "beauty water" gushing out, absorbing two or three drops to nourish the skin, it can make the body and mind beautiful. Not only ordinary beauty-loving women, but also geisha and maiko often come to worship

– Daguozhushe –

"befriend” is always a hot topic on the prayer rankings, and there is also a main shrine in Yasaka Shrine.befriendThe end of the company—Great Power Society, the god of blessings. andThe Landlord Shrine of Kiyomizu-dera Templesame as worshipGod of FateGreat God, the main god of great power is an important god in Izumo mythology. Especially his story with "Inaba White Rabbit" (The Great Country Lord God saved Inaba White Rabbit, and Inaba White Rabbit assisted the Great Country Lord God to obtain Inaba's beauty, Yakami Yuki), as well as the story of the Great Country Lord God and his main room "Sushiri Pisikami". "There is a thrilling lingering myth (the main god of the great country has 7 wives), which are all important reasons for his "god of fate".

– Northward Leech Club –

end societyNorthward Leech SocietyIt is said to be the origin of the Imamiya Shrine in Osaka.Ebisu God), the main business is prosperous. Every January is the period when the Hirukosha Festival is held

– God Horse House –

The "Sacred Horse House" that honors the horses mounted by the gods; because Japanese gods use horses as mounts, Japanese shrines with history will have a "Sacred Horse House" honoring the horses.
Next to it is the north gate of Yasaka Shrine. The north gate does not have a gate, but only a stone torii is erected. This stone torii was built in 1914 and has a history of 100 years. After passing through the torii, you can reach the "Maruyama Park".

– Evil Prince Shrine –

The main deity of "Evil Prince Shrine" is "The Desolate Soul of Su Xun Wu Zun". In Japanese Shintoism, gods have four kinds of souls, called "one spirit and four souls", namely: Japanese souls, wild souls, happy souls, and strange souls
Usually it is "harmonious soul" (pro); in the event of a war, the violent soul (yong) will be displayed; the lucky soul represents a good harvest (love); the strange soul represents analysis, observation, and understanding (wisdom).
Lucky souls and strange souls are relatively rare. The "evil" in the name of the shrine comes from "barren soul", which means "strong" and "yongjian".

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