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Mountain Space|Shoufeng, Hualien|Landscape of the Sea|Mirror of the Sky Invincible Seascape Swing

Hualienmountain spaceThe beautiful spot hidden in the forest, and the beautiful sea view, silently become a well-known super rammed Hualien IG check-in spot, there are special tent cabins, crystal ball swings, and the invincible sea view of the Pacific Ocean as a background for you. How to shoot Both are super beautiful. The nearby attractions, Sea Cliff Valley and Mountain Space, are of the same type, but they are much more expensive.Mountain Space Ticketsalso very cheap, Admission to the park regardless of weekdays and holidays $80/person, can also be discountedmountain space menumeal, kkdayorklookThere are also 10% off rolls to buy, and next to the mountain space isHualien Farglory Ocean Park, very suitable for planning a day trip to Hualien

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

▌ Mountain space related information

Address and Map

Address: No. 57, Shoufeng Township, Hualien County, 974

business hours

Daily 09:30–17:00

– Official link –

Fan Special:https://www.facebook.com/mountain059/


▌ Aerial shot of mountain space

This is an aerial shot from the top of Mountain Space. You can see the entire Binhai Road and the sea, but unfortunately this time the sky is not the legendary eastern blue, but it has a different style. The second picture is Mountain Space. The top decoration, there are many small tent houses for everyone to take pictures

▌ The gate of the mountain space

mountain space door
The door of the mountain space is very cute and looks like a small tent

As soon as I came to the mountain space Aa, I have been discussing a topic. The gate of the mountain space is to express the feeling of a mountain. Is it the feeling of making a small tent? Everyone thinks it is a mountain message 1. Like Small tent's message 2

▌ The scenery at the top of the mountain space

Because the mountain space extends from the foot of a mountain all the way to the top of the mountain, a place for taking pictures was carefully designed during the climb to the top, so that visiting travelers will not feel bored because they have been climbing the mountain. It's common here

On the way to the mountain space, you can see this kind of characteristic landscaping everywhere. Everyone can take pictures here. Like the squirrel in the first photo, there are really squirrels running to eat the food in the box from time to time. , if you're not in a hurry, you can wait here to see the squirrel

The part of the bicycle can be taken by sitting on it, as if riding into the virgin forest, there is an indescribable feeling

The third picture is a Japanese-style landscaping like a prayer pavilion. There are many people here who write their wishes and paste them on it, and then ring the bell to remind the gods to pay attention to our wishes.

The remaining small scenic spots in the mountain space are waiting for everyone to develop

▌ Mountain Space Climbing to the Top

It takes about 10 minutes to climb to the top of the mountain. There are all kinds of landscaping here for everyone to take pictures, but the most famous one here is the Sky Mirror, where you can spend 50 yuan to take a picture The photos of the sky mirror, sometimes there are too many people, you can consider taking pictures next to them first or drinking the drinks bought at the foot of the mountain

▌ Sky Mirror

In the place where the mirror of the sky is shot, there will be such a hanging chair, you can sit on it and ask the staff to take the mirror of the sky. It is 50 yuan per time, but when Aa came that day, there were too many people. I want to say hurry up and shoot. One shot allowed the people behind to take pictures, so I had to make a "pseudo" sky mirror when I came back

▌ Any door

This is like an arbitrary door. It took us from the mountain to the beach in an instant. From the door, we could see the sea and the sky. It was a pity that the clouds were thicker when we came to the mountain this time, but it still made me feel good. relax

▌ Various landscaping

When you go to the east, you need to see the sea. Although there are more trees in the mountain space, you can still see a large sea. The point is that it is high enough, so it feels very good to see.

– Little Rift –

There is a small road at the top of the mountain, and there will be a small platform when you come to it. There are two chairs here to take pictures. Aa calls it a small secret place. If you are a couple, don't miss this place.

– Heavy Machine Life –

This is also a flashing photo spot. It will take you on a trip. Be sure to come here to take pictures. This kind of Harley-like motorcycle is very suitable for people with Ace's body type.

– Tent flashing –

In addition to the small tents with seats, there are also tents with only turf. If you come, you can take pictures together with two people, which is also very artistic.

▌ Overall review


The scenery of the mountain space is really good. If you have time, you can try to shoot the sky mirror. Although it is only used for landscaping, the actual shooting will take a lot of time. It is recommended to stay here for at least 1~2 hours. It will be better, if you go on a day trip, you can also go with it2022 Farglory Ocean Park | International Travel Voucher Limited Offer Double Package | Hualien | Parent-Child Attractions

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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