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Close-up of shell decoration in the Horseshoe Clam Theme Pavilion

Horseshoe Clam Theme Pavilion|Yunlinkou Lake Food|Bamboo Rafting|Canoe Skating|Swing

Last update date: 2022-07-27

Horseshoe Clam Theme Pavilionlie inYunlinkou Lake Township, is a friendly "authentic local industry". Horseshoe clams are mainly cultivated under the mangroves in seawater, so all cultivation must be zero pollution.Horseshoe Clam Theme PavilionIt was Zeng Jiechong, the owner of the museum, who discovered the endangered shellfish "Mangrove clams" in the southern waters of Yunjia in 1999. Because of its huge and special appearance, he named it the horseshoe clams and won the 2007 Top Ten Classic Shennong Awards. In addition, there are net beauty swings, colorful wooden boats, canoes, angel wings, and blue bunkers that can be photographed. If you want to eat, you can also enjoy meals.

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▌ Information about Horseshoe Clam Theme Pavilion

Address and Map

653 No. 5-3 Yangyu Road, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County

business hours

Wednesday to Sunday 08:00–17:00

▌ Doorway and shell decoration

As soon as the car is parked, you can see a big signboard, which clearly introduces the functions of the horseshoe clams and related introductions, but the sun is too big today, so we took a photo and went inside, but the door is not there. The decoration on the door is very special, it is made from the shell of clams

Taking close-up shots can even feel that each one is so cute and made of so many quantities. The trails along the road are also paved with the shells of horseshoe clams. Walking on it has a feeling of walking on a healthy trail, but it is also Not so sharp, quite interesting experience

▌ Oversized horseshoe clams

Then the tour guide took out ordinary clams and horseshoe clams from the water for us to see. The bigger and darker ones on the right side of the picture are the horseshoe clams. In addition to the different colors, we can find that the textures are also different. Going inside is the restaurant. There is also an experience pool. There are decorations made of shells everywhere, which are very environmentally friendly and give these items that should be discarded a new use.

▌ Cute bunker

There is a bunker in front of the restaurant. It was originally used for guarding, but it was abandoned after the war. Now it has been converted into a small observatory. It can also be used for tourists to take pictures. The bunker at the bottom still retains its original appearance. Appearance, there is a small door next to it, and the basement is where the soldiers used to live. The last white window is the machine gun muzzle.

▌ Shell growth history

The boss specially made a specimen-like display of various shells in the order of growth. From childhood until the shells grew up, they were completely recorded. Only then did I know that it took so long for a shell to grow up.

▌ Experience Pool

There is a horseshoe clam experience pool here, which is also one of the main reasons for everyone to come here. You can play water swings and canoes here, and there is no time limit, you can spend the whole day here, It is really a good place to walk children. You can take away all the aquatic plants picked here, but if you touch the horseshoe clams, you must put them back in the pool.

The root next to this is the sea eggplant, which is also the main growth environment of the horseshoe clams. The water part is half seawater, that is, the salt between seawater and fresh water.

▌ Commissary and restaurant

There are a lot of shells or shampoo and shower gel made of horseshoe clams here. They all provide samples for everyone to use. After using it, the feeling is not so dry, and the taste is quite fragrant. There is an introduction to the horseshoe clam, his scientific name is actually the sea mangrove clam

▌ Chinese food

These are just waiting to be eaten. Unfortunately, this time has not yet reached the best season. It will be the most plump time to eat in August.

This Tuyun fish soup is very different from the ones eaten outside. It is relatively sweet, and the oily taste of the fish is not too heavy.

The hot small rolls need to be delicious and fresh. The small rolls here are very Q bomb

The shrimp in fried rice with shrimp is not soft, there are too many, the taste is quite moderate, and the portion is too much, push one

This is a fried egg with seafood sprouts. It tastes crunchy and very special.

This fried mullet is a relatively rare dish. The mullet is fried with a lot of juice. Be careful not to get burned. It is recommended to order.

The part of the white shrimp is just so-so, there are no outstanding features, the fresh ingredients are delicious

This Urara-grilled eel isn't as deadly sweet as the outside, but it's not particularly tasty

This time, I ordered Chizui soup. The fresh ingredients are delicious but not special. XD

▌ Overall review


In addition to delicious food here, there is also an experience pool for adults and children to kill time. The price of the meal is also moderate. It is a recommended relay station. If you arrange a day trip, the Horseshoe Clam Theme Pavilion can be arranged for about 2 ~3 hours

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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