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Jackie Chan Wetland|Yunlinkou Lake|Super Beautiful Sunset|Installation Art

Jackie Chan Wetland is located in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County. It was originally a vast farmland covering an area of more than 100 hectares. Due to the low terrain and excessive groundwater pumping for many years, the stratum has been seriously subsided and flooded continuously. Typhoon Wayne and Typhoon Hebo were ravaged and eventually salinized into wetlands, which nurtured many birds and aquatic plants, and became an important ecological environment in Hukou Township, Yunlin County.

Wetlands are unique ecosystems, often permanently or seasonally covered by water, and many oxygen-free processes are advantageous in wetlands[1]. Wetlands are also terrestrialecosystemand aquaticecosystemtransition zone between manyaquatic plantsGrowth insoilsoaked in a specific wetland environment. These aquatic plants that can adapt to the unique soil and water environment are often the characteristic vegetation that distinguishes wetlands from other terrains and water bodies.[2]. Wetlands are widely distributed all over the world and have many wildlife resources, which are importantecosystem[3]. many rarewaterfowlofbreedandmigrationWetlands are inseparable, so wetlands are called "paradise for birds". Wetlands have a powerful ecological purification effect, so they have the reputation of "kidneys of the earth".

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▌ Jackie Chan Wetland Related Information

Address and Map

Can guide: No. 12, Jackie Chan 117-12, Kouhu Township, Yunlin County, 65344

business hours

open 24 hours

▌ The characteristic landscape beside the wetland

There is a mural next to the 61 expressway, which represents the concept of a food chain. It was created in 2012 by two artists, Markuz Wernli of Sweden and AMadoka Yoshitomi of Japan, using nearly 10,000 recycled clam shells. painting.

At the same time, Jackie Chan Wetland is also a demonstration project in Kouhu Township, Yunlin County.

▌ Other decoration art

There are a lot of installation art on the Jackie Chan Wetland. Unfortunately, due to the long period of time and lack of maintenance, it has been out of shape to a large extent, but it can still be seen that the boat made of oyster shells, and some The landscaping art of many birds, this is a specialty herestilt plover

There is also a special introduction next to itstilt ploverSome of the introductions, this is only available in wetland landscapes

▌ A few good corners

This time the tour guide brought us here at noon, so there is no way to see the sunset, but if you have the opportunity, it is very good to come here to shoot the sunset. The sunset of Jackie Chan Wetland is also famous in Yunlin, but if it is with Friends who come during the day like Aa, don’t be too sad. In fact, it is very beautiful to look for the right composition to take pictures. There is a chair next to the wooden bridge. What kind of animal do you think it looks like? This is also one of the must-see spots in Jackie Chan Wetland. Yo

▌ Special scenery

This is a very special photo. If it was taken flat on the ground, there would be no way to see it. If you use an aerial camera to take it, you will find that the word "land" is written here.

▌ A good gallery

The corridor is also one of the places where everyone must take pictures when they come to Jackie Chan Wetland. The red lanterns here are decorations that are only available a few weeks before his birthday. All of them are really super beautiful when they are lit at night. If you like this kind of China The feeling of ancient style, you must not miss this photo spot

▌ Other beauty

There is also an installation art here. The main purpose of these things is to tell the residents not to pump groundwater, which will cause the formation to subside. The photos here are also very beautiful. This time, the wind is relatively strong and the water surface is relatively calm. The feeling of reflection is also very beautiful

The last photo is of the sea dragon mustard we eat today, also known as sea vegetable sprouts

▌ Overall review


Jackie Chan Wetland is better to come when the sun is not so strong. Although there are shaded places, it is still relatively hot on the whole. You can stay for about 30 minutes. Some spots are quite good to take pictures. In the sunset time, in addition to taking beautiful pictures on the Internet, you can also take pictures of the beautiful sunset, and you can just go after the shooting.Sanjoron Beach|Attractions in Yunlin|Lighthouse, Sunset, Water Play|Driftwood Swing

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