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2022 Miaoli Attractions Yuanli Water Beach Matcha Stone Coast | Internet Celebrity Check-in New Attractions

Last update date: 2022-06-25

▌ The secret realm of Internet celebrities that instantly became popular

The "Waterfall Beach" in Yuanli Town, Miaoli County was originally a Miaoli scenic spot known to local people. Last year, a large number of green algae appeared on the stones in the intertidal zone, attracting many Internet celebrities and photographers to pilgrimage. The round green stone trough, Just like the matcha dumplings, they are also nicknamed "Matcha Stone"

According to previous experience, it started as early as February, and later this year, it began to appear in mid-March, and it will end in June. It is a seasonally-limited beauty. Because of the warming weather, coupled with the weakening of the northeast monsoon, the intertidal zone The stone will be covered with a layer of green algae. The Laomei green stone trough on the north coast is a place that many photographers will visit, but what many people do not know is that there is such a place in Miaoli, with a coastline of about 200-200 meters long. During the "low tide", large and small matcha stones will appear

However, everyone should pay attention to the safety and protection of the stone trough environment, do not step on the green algae directly, and remember to check the latest "Wanli Matcha Index" before arranging the itinerary.Day Reading Classic Town Tour, so as not to fail to take the most beautiful scenery, here Yuanli Town Office provides Wanli Matcha Index, and framed the time very intimately

Wanli Matcha Index
2022 Miaoli Attractions Yuanli Water Beach Matcha Stone Coast | Internet Celebrity Check-in New Attraction 23

▌ Where is the matcha stone?

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

Address: 358 Yuanli Town, Miaoli County (directly search for Chushui Beach or click the map below
Phone: none
Hours of Operation: Anytime you want
Is there a parking lot: ❌ Parking is available nearby
Whether to provide toilets: Yuanli Town Office has set up a footbath, a water play area and three toilets in the small park at Chushui Road (located 20 meters to the left facing the Yuanli Binhai Art and Culture Center). In the test, it should be open to the public in the near future!

▌ Yuangang Rainbow Bridge next to Chushui Beach

On the way to Chushui Beach, Aa saw a very beautiful rainbow bridge, and stopped to take a photo. It is recommended that you come here by motorcycle, because there is just one lane where you can ride the motorcycle to take pictures. There are It doesn't look like it's taking a picture :D

Just when he was about to leave after taking the photo, Aa saw someone picking oysters under the bridge next to him. He felt very special and took this photo. Please cherish the food here. Every food is hard to come by.

Then we will go to Chushui Beach. On the way, we will pass by Yuanli Binhai Art and Culture Center. There will be some exhibitions to visit here. The important thing is that there is no toilet at Chushui Beach. If you want to use the toilet, it is recommended to use the toilet here. go again

▌ The beautiful scenery of the beach

When I first arrived at Chushui Beach, the sun was relatively shy and hid behind the clouds, so the weather was not so good, but there were still many tourists and photographers who came to the pilgrimage, because the matcha index is not a good time to watch every day. The suitable time should be arranged as soon as possible. The entire sea line of the beach is very long, and there is a famous sand dune landscape a little to the south, but the weather was not very good when I came here, so I didn’t go over to take pictures.

After going down to the beach from the seawall, you will find a large piece of matcha stone, but the color in front is usually darker. The further back you go, you will find a large piece of bright green matcha stone. There are fewer tourists here. Come here, many photographers will come here to take pictures.

The place in front is just opposite the estuary. It is also very good to take pictures here when no one is there, because there is no way to photograph the matcha stone facing the estuary in other positions, so it has a kind of extension. Feeling, if you want to shoot, remember to come early

In some places where the matcha stone is relatively high, you can take this kind of close-up photo or have a feeling of looking into the distance, but this kind of stone is not found in every place. If you come to the scene, you may have to look for such a stone. Heap, everyone has to go to the back to find the greener stones

In the middle of the whole beach, there will be many small pools like Crescent Moon Bay. This time, the wind happened to be relatively strong, so I can only take pictures of this kind of Crescent Bay. If the wind is relatively small, the water surface will be calm. At the same time, you can take photos of the mirror of the sky. The key point is that the ripples on the water surface should not be too obvious, otherwise there is no way to take the mirror of the sky.

There will also be many seabirds looking for food nearby, but they are all easily frightened. If you want to take pictures, you must take them from a distance, otherwise you may not be able to take pictures of beautiful figures.

From time to time, you can also see people walking on the beach or looking for suitable photo spots. With the matcha stone pile in front as a foil, you can take a completely different feeling.

▌ Sunset time

The clouds were thicker that day, so we had to shoot the sunset when the sun was still high. If the weather is good, it is very beautiful to shoot the sunset here. When the light of the sunset is sprinkled on the sea, it is Another different feeling, here is the matcha stone in the latter part of the comparison, you can find that it is relatively complete and the overall shape is completely different

And there is another part of the green stone trough in the back section that extends straight out. The whole beach is the only place where it is long. It is like a paradise road made of matcha stones. This is also a place where fewer people come to. , if there is a chance, it is recommended to come to this section for a walk, there will be unexpected surprises

Finally, I will send two whole pieces of matcha stone and the sunset as the ending. If you come here, you are welcome to put your photos in the comments below.

▌ The overall evaluation and recommendation index of Chushui Beach

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤

The scenery here is beautiful and you can see the complete sunset on the sea level. Unfortunately, there is no toilet. If it is summer, it is also a good choice to play in the water. There are also many attractions nearby to step on.

special attention items

Remember to read the Wanli Matcha Index first, so you won't be able to see the matcha stone.
If you want to go to the toilet, remember to go to the toilet first when the art center is open.

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