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Last update date: 2022-08-07

The 2022 Kaohsiung Cijin Black Sand Toy Festival will be held on 7/9 – 9/4 at the Cijin Beach~Cijin Beer Carnival"It was an unprecedented event to be held together at the same time. This time the new theme"animal carnival party”, invited well-known masters from all over the world to make 12 sets of sand sculptures with their own characteristics to echo the upcoming reopening of Shoushan Zoo in October

If you come to Kaohsiung, the 2022 International Travel Coupon can go thereTianzi Pavilion HotelLive, the CP value is quite high, and there is also a pop music center and a small seal next to you to take pictures
Parking nearby
Food nearby

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▌ Information about the Black Sand Toy Festival

Address and Map

business hours

open 24 hours

– Public Transport Information –


  • From Kaohsiung Qianzhen Station, take Kaohsiung City Bus Red 9 (Qianzhen-Cijin), every 15-30 minutes
  • Take bus 50 (Wufu Main Line), 219, 248 and Orange 1 to Gushan Ferry Station, then take the ferry to Cijin


  • Gushan Cijin route: 06:00 ~ 24:00, every 5-15 minutes (round trip)
  • Qianzhen Zhongzhou route: 05:45 ~ 22:10, every 20-60 minutes
  • Zhanerku Cijin route: 11:00 ~ 19:45, every half hour

▌ 2022 Cijin Beer Carnival

The most anticipated every year"Kaohsiung Cijin Beer Festival"It will debut on July 16, 2022. It will be held at Cijin Beach for 5 consecutive Saturdays. There will be parties with different themes every week, beer, water play, electronic music, and lively parties. It is definitely an event that cannot be missed this year!

▌ Around the exhibition area

Walking to the entrance of Cijin Beach is the entrance of our Heisha Toys Festival. Before entering the main venue, there is an entrance made of light rods, which is very special.

There is also a tropical-style rest area next to the venue. It feels like you are in Bali in a second. It is super chill, and the annual sand sofa is not absent. It is very comfortable to sit on it in the evening.

▌ Exhibition area overview

This is an empty photo of one of the exhibition areas of the Black Sand Toy Festival. The overall planning is not bad. If you walk on the trail, you will not have sand running on your feet all the time. In this hot summer, the sand is hot enough to fry an egg. span

▌ The first half of the exhibition area

I forgot the name of this sand sculpture, but I remember a rabbit sand sculpture drinking a drink leisurely, and there is a cute cat next to it. Anyone who knows can leave a message below and tell Aa

This Black Sand Toy Festival, a lot of people rush to take pictures is the elephant slide. Although the appearance is made of sand, the middle is like a normal slide. Don't worry about it breaking down. Yes, if you want to take pictures on it, pay attention to safety

The theme this time is animals. The sand sculpture of this party king shows a sense of harmony. Every time I see this large sand sculpture Aa, I feel so amazing. How can the sand be made into so many shapes, and it is very sturdy

This work is called Monkey Riding Encounter. It feels like riding a bicycle together to enjoy the sun. There are also kites and windmills in the back, which is very suitable for the scene.

This is a million alpaca. This stalk reminds Aa of the previous lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber. The part of the alpaca is quite cute. It seems that there are long bangs in the front that cover the eyes

▌ The second half of the exhibition area

"Dragon Pagoda and Tiger Pagoda" are sand sculptures to be seen together. You must be familiar with these two towers. They are famous landmarks in Kaohsiung.lotus pond"Dragon and Tiger Tower" was conceived and made

The latest attraction in Kaohsiung recently is the "Kaohsiung Pop Music Center", especially the honeycomb hexagonal architectural design. The "Taiwan Lantern Festival" was just held at the beginning of the year. Recently, there are small animals such as little seals in the lazy river. In August, the "Taiwan Lantern Festival" will be held again. Taiwan Cultural Expo", "Taiwan Design Exhibition".

orangutan printIt is to say that there is a love story between a pair of orangutans "A Hong" and "Mimi" in Shoushan Zoo, and they achieved a positive result in front of the "Rainbow Church" in Cijin.

peekabooIt is the "Qihou Fort", a 147-year-old historical site in Cijin, where little mice hide and play games

sloth light highcrawling slowly as a slothFlag behind the lighthouseIt's a pity that Aa will go back at night. I heard that the lighthouse will light up at night.

▌ 360 virtual tour


The following Aa will help you to list the questions you want to know about the attractions.

– Is there a water dispenser –


– Is there a toilet –



There are free seats, you can play in the water

▌ Overall review


The overall plan is good and there are many cute sand sculptures and ideas, but remember to bring sunscreen supplies when you come to the Cijin Black Sand Toy Festival, otherwise you will be wiped and frozen after returning from Cijin like Aa. If you have time, you can also see the little seals, and you can stay there.Tianzi Pavilion HotelCP value is quite high

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