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Entrance of Tianzige Hotel

Tianzige Hotel|Accommodation in Kaohsiung|2022 China Travel Coupon|360 Guide|Little Seals|Beside Pop Music Center|Dagang Bridge

Last update date: 2022-08-07

Kaohsiung Yancheng "October 2021"Tianzi Pavilion Hotel', also withParent-child play area, from the most popularbaby sealandGrand Harbour BridgeIn just a few minutes, and closeStack II library KW2,riverside love,pop music centerand other well-known attractions, the 2022 China Travel CouponTianzi Pavilion HotelAlso, there are many famous Yancheng snacks nearby, such as Duck Meat Delicious, Kaohsiung Po Po Bing Flagship Store, etc. Quickly grab it with a knife,Click here to see prices, it is cheaper than using the 2022 National Travel Coupon, and there is also a 360 virtual tour in the text.

When you come to Kaohsiung, what delicious and fun things to do around your accommodation must be what everyone wants to know the most. Recently, the most popular in Kaohsiung are the idle little seals, ㄇㄚˊ A few rabbits, cat claw claw, bean card channel, PP mini little penguins, these few A popular celebrity with LINE stickers, but pay attention to the exhibition time, there will be different celebrities coming, and there will be more in the near futureBlack Sand Toy Festivalcan go for a walk
Next, follow Aa's footsteps and visit together Tianzi Pavilion Hotel Bar

▌ Tianzige Hotel related information

Address and Map

Address: No. 128, Qixian 3rd Road, Yancheng District, Kaohsiung City, 803

– Official link –

Official website Fans IG

▌ Parking

The parking lot of Tianzi Pavilion is an underground parking lot. There are limited parking spaces, but if you park in a special parking lot, there is a subsidy. There are usually roadside parking spaces outside the gate. There is no charge from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next day. You can also consider it.

▌ The exterior and lobby of Tianzige Hotel

- Exterior-

The buildings in the vicinity are relatively low. The 15th floor of the Tianzige Hotel is quite recognizable, and the appearance looks very design.

– Doorway and Lobby –

As soon as you come in, you will see a very cute and well-designed front hall. The color matching is also very bold, which is very good.

There is a lot of space to rest while waiting for check in. There are also travel information for reference. There are still activities. If you comment, you will get an environmental cup.

– Self-service bar in waiting area –

Drinks and snacks are provided here while waiting. If you sometimes want to take a break on the 1F or wait for someone, you won't have to look out the window.

▌ 360 virtual tour of Tianzige Hotel

▌ 3F parent-child play room

There is a toilet here, and a small tent that children love to play.

There is a ring area to play here. If you like to play slides or ball pools, there are also available here, or small wooden horses are also ready.

▌ Room environment

This time Aa came to play with friends, because we prefer a larger space, it is convenient to chat or play games, and the scenery on the high floor is better, so this time we live in the executive quadruple room, which can beClick here to book a room

The scenery here is really great. Although there is no way to see the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center or the little seals directly from this side, the high floors have a good view.

The executive quadruple room is really cool to live in. The floor introduction shows that the rooms are 5~15F. We stayed at 13F this time. The view is very good. not too soft

In addition to the bed area, the other side is the audio-visual area. There are sofas and chairs. The size of the TV is relatively small. Fortunately, Aa rarely watches TV when he comes out. Separate, the space is quite spacious

▌ Room equipment

The rooms of Tianzige Hotel are basically non-smoking. There are 2 cans of Shupao and 2 cans of Vitali in the refrigerator, which are provided for free. The part of the hanger is slightly insufficient.

In addition to the kettle, there is also a coffee machine. What is more special is that in addition to normal and espresso coffee, there are also tea brewing modes to choose from. The pillows are quite soft and sleep well.

Here is the dual effect of shampooing and bathing, but it will not be too dry to use.

The part of the toiletry group is quite attentive. One bag is for two people. The toothbrush is made of environmentally friendly materials. Love the earth is a plus.

▌ Room 360 Virtual Tour

▌ Breakfast

At the beginning, the bar was mainly a beverage area and a toast area. The bread sauce included strawberry jam, orange jam, peanut butter and cream. The garlic should have too much flavor, so there is no such thing.

Next to the bread, there is also sesame fritters. This is quite special. It is rare to see restaurants that offer both. On the other side, there are hot fried and hot food.

The hot food is sukiyaki and American scrambled eggs. The others are green vegetables. Sukiyaki is a relatively rare dish.

▌ Side food area

The area next to it has spaghetti and chicken nuggets and fries and other children’s favorites. The taste of spaghetti is relatively sweet, and the chicken nuggets and fries are also rarely crispy, which is good.

At the back end, there are milk thick buns and porridge, as well as miso soup and pork rice. The pork rice here is a bit sweeter. Unfortunately, there is no soft-boiled poached egg to add, otherwise it will feel bad. It's Chinese breakfast in Taitung again. XD

Recently, Aa is implementing 168, so I eat less, but I can feel it is very rich from the dishes we have installed. The taste is quite moderate to the southern taste. The lettuce salad part has orange sauce, which is relatively rare.


The following Aa will help you to list the questions you want to know about accommodation.

– Cleanliness –

Rebooted in 2021Tianzi Pavilion Hotelvery clean


Parent-child play area, parent-child room (same floor as the play area), quiet, lots of delicious food around, national travel coupon

If you have been here, you are also welcome below or Aa'sFacebookor it could beIGLeave your feelings and thoughts. If you have some short stories or great attractions, I hope you can provide them to Aa as a reference.

▌ Overall review

Overall, the size of the room is very comfortable, but unfortunately there is no better view here, but it is relatively quiet. If you want to go to the lively Kaohsiung Pop Music Center, Kaohsiung Light Rail, Dagang Bridge, Little Seal, White Lovers Container, Love River, Glory Wharf, etc. are very close. It is a quiet accommodation in Kaohsiung. The price is not too high. If the 2022 International Travel Coupon runs outOrder directly here

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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