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Three must-have gift boxes for Chinese New Year in 2022|Aomori, Japan|Honey Apple Gift Box

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Last update date: 2022-06-19

The new year has started again. How to give gifts to other people's homes or companies in 2022 is appropriate. This time, Aa just received a Chinese New Year gift box, which a friend planned to buy for a client. Aa is fortunate to be his little white mouse XD After all, I can only say that if the imported Aomori honey apple gift box is recommended, what I have eaten this time can be considered to be of the upper-middle level, and I will not lose face when I take it out as a gift!!! Whether it is the appearance of the gift box or the apples in the content, it is absolutely excellent This work, Aa will give an introduction to my personal feelings below. You can try it if you have the chance, because even Aa thinks the price is quite cheap and affordable.

Honey apples are actually a product of survival!!

honey appleIt is a physiological phenomenon of plants against low temperature, not apple varieties. The honey apple varieties in Lishan area are mainly fromJapanimported "benefit”, “glory”, etc., because the nectaries are obvious, inTaiwanCommonly known as honey apple. More varieties have been introduced in recent years, soalpinemain fruit originLishan,Fushou Mountain,DayulingYou can eat more kinds of honey apples in high altitude areas, but the quality of "Mei" is the best after the honey is formed, and the pulp will not loosen due to the honey.

Why do honey apples make honey?

The temperature difference between day and night in the Lishan area is large, and the growth of apple pulp is stimulated by alternating hot and cold, so it produces a physiological phenomenon against low temperature.nectariesIt may decrease or disappear as the temperature increases or the storage time is long. When the honey is formed for a long time, it will become light green and translucent. In addition, the appearance is ugly, which often makes people mistakenly think that the apple is broken. Makes you want to take one bite after another. [2] After the honey apple is cross-sectioned, it can be observed that there are crystal-clear star-shaped color blocks around the core, which are generally called "nectaries", which is the natural instinct of apples to keep out the cold. In high-altitude areas with a great temperature difference between day and night (for example: Lishan, Fushoushan), the sharp drop in temperature is a severe test for fruit trees. In order to keep out the cold, apples themselves turn starch into these transparent color blocks. Avoid frostbite and protect yourself. [3]
The above information comes from:truth encyclopedia

Manufacturer information

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The honey apple gift box that my friend used as a gift this time isSelected by GuoxiThe Japanese Aomori honey apple gift box / 6 pieces, the price part can be found by yourselfhereInquiry, because there are different number of packages, friends said that they will choose their family's New Year gift boxes to give gifts because the founder himself has a medical background, so he is extra careful and cautious in choosing food or supplies. A good experience for customers
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I heard from a friend that they are going to open a physical store recently. The name is:Muxia, here is his location

Great gift box


The first time I got the gift box that was carefully selected by Guoxi, I felt very high-end. It was very similar to the packaging of a certain flat cake or a high-end dessert. The bright red color is also very good to use as a New Year's gift box.

Japan Aomori Honey Apple Gift Box
Japan Aomori Honey Apple Gift Box

It is also very useful to use it to worship God. For example, Aa will worship Eunuch Land every month. Taking this to worship Eunuch Tu must be very happy. The red-hot gift box and the apple that is bigger than a fist have both face and profit. son

Aomori Honey Apple Worship God
honey apple worship

If there is a need for New Year gifts, I also recommend this honey apple gift box.

Japan Aomori honey apple gift
honey apple gift

inner packaging

After opening the gift box, what catches the eye is a small card with a poem written on it. Although it has no special meaning, it plays the role of finishing touch. It is like a small card on the bed when we go to a high-end hotel, which makes people feel Very warm, Aa likes the design of Guoxi's strict selection

Japan Aomori honey apple card
small card

Each apple in the gift box is very large, and is individually packed with anti-collision to ensure that every honey apple can be safely delivered to your hands

Apples in Aomori Honey Apple Gift Box, Japan
apple in gift box

Honey apple real shot

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

Holding hands like this, does it look like you are taking an artistic photo? Aa likes this photo very much, the big apple looks so good when taken like this

Japanese Aomori honey apple in hand
holding hands

It's a little hard to hold this one hand

Japan Aomori honey apple single hand holding
hold in hand

Eating apples and drinking afternoon tea is really a great enjoyment

Japanese Aomori honey apple single posing
single shot

The juice flowed out the moment it was cut, and the pattern of the honey apple can clearly be seen in the middle. Compared with the honey apple in Taiwan, the pattern of the Aomori honey apple is obviously larger and more numerous, and there is a star in the middle. shape

The moment of Japanese Aomori honey apple slicing
The moment of slicing

The slices are placed on the plate like a piece of snowflakes are placed on the plate, which is quite beautiful

Just one can fill a whole plate

Japanese Aomori honey apple whole and sliced
Whole and sliced

Guoxi Selection Yan Qingsen Honey Apple Gift Box Evaluation

If someone asks which Japanese fruit gift box to recommend for the Chinese New Year, one of them will recommend Guoxi's carefully selected home-delivered Aomori honey apples. At this price, it is really a good deal, about 20% off the price outside, and the bright red is also very good. It is suitable for New Year's gifts. Generally, the gift boxes that are given outside are more traditional. The gift boxes carefully selected by Guoxi are more textured and feel more atmospheric and valuable. Aa also plans to buy some to give gifts sometimes. , it is recommended to buy a box to try

The taste of Aomori honey apples is relatively crunchy, with no sour taste at all. Aa likes it very much. The core in the middle is quite small, so there are very few parts removed as a whole. To a certain extent, the range that can be eaten is relatively large. Yes, it's great

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