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Kyoto Tower

Kyoto must visit | Kyoto Tower night view, shopping, food complete guide | Kyoto landmarks | Overlooking Kiyomizu Temple, the whole Kyoto scenery

Last update date: 2022-06-14

When you walk out of Kyoto Station, everyone should notice the red halo.Kyoto TowerBar? The slender and slender appearance of Kyoto Tower is inspired by lighthouses. The 100-meter-high Kyoto Tower is the tallest building in Kyoto. Kyoto Tower is a complex tower. In the food street, you can also take the high-speed elevator to the high floor and enjoy the night view of Kyoto, so it is also one of the most popular attractions for tourists. If you don’t have a schedule at night, come to Kyoto Tower to eat food, watch the night view, and buy souvenirs!

Kyoto Tower is owned byKeihan Electric Railway GroupThe Kyoto Tower Co., Ltd. (Kyoto タワー Co., Ltd.) maintains and operates, including the "Kyoto Tower Building" (Kyoto タワービル) as the base of the tower, with a total height of 131 meters. The shape of the Kyoto Tower was created by the architectYamada Morifencing, the structural part is made byKyoto UniversityThe Faculty of Engineering is in charge of the Architecture Classroom. It was opened on December 28, 1964 (Showa 39), and the construction period is about 1 year and 10 months. Although Kyoto City itself is not facing the sea, Kyoto Tower uniquely adopts the shape of a lighthouse as its appearance theme. In the era when Kyoto Tower was built, most of the tower-like buildings were made ofsteelTruss structure(E.gParisofEiffel Tower), but Kyoto Tower has a unique closed design. It is welded with a cylinder made of special steel plates with a thickness of 12 to 22 mm. There is no force-bearing structure in the tower body, which is the earliest in Japan.External wall load-bearing structure(English: Monocoque) (externally constructed) one of the buildings. Considering that Japan is located in an earthquake zone and is also an area where typhoons are prevalent, Kyoto Tower was designed with a safety factor that is twice as high as that of ordinary buildings, and it can survive typhoons and wind speeds of up to 50 meters per second. The Great Hanshin Earthquake.

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▌ Kyoto Tower related information

- transportation-

【Main mode of transportation】
JR "Kyoto Station" Central Exit (Karasuma Exit), go straight and walk for about 2 minutes
●Shinkansen travel time: Tokyo-Kyoto 140 minutes, Osaka-Kyoto 15 minutes, Nagoya-Kyoto 35 minutes

how fromShinkansen exitGo to "Kyoto Tower"
1. From"Shinkansen Chuo Exit" ticket gateYou will see when you leave the stationKintetsu train platform,facing the platformright hand sidedirectiongo ahead
2. Take the escalator up and go straight after getting off the escalator
3. Go straight and you will see"Isetan".keep rightWalkget off the escalator
4. After getting off the escalator, go tooblique right frontLook, you will see the Kyoto Tower like a lighthouse! directly withKyoto TowerGo forward for the target

how to takeOn-line tramTo "Kyoto Tower"
Take the localOn-line tramPlease from"West Exit Change"out, toright hand sidego ahead.

※also mayGo directly to Kyoto Tower from the underground passage of Kyoto Station(Underground connection passage is open from 23:00 to 11:00)
※There is no parking lot in Kyoto Tower (please take public transportation or park your car in the surrounding parking lot)

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– Addresses and Maps –

721-1, Higashishikojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture

– Tickets –

Admission: 800 yen for adults, 650 yen for high school students, 550 yen for junior high school and elementary school students, 150 yen for children over 3 years old (over 3 years old)
※All tax included

Buy discounted tickets

– Opening hours –

published on the official websitebusiness hours

▌ View of Kyoto Tower during the day

In 2007, Kyoto passed the Kyoto-wide Building Height Restriction Act. In order to protect the landscape of the entire historical capital, and to prevent the view of Kiyomizu Temple from looking down and the Daimon Festival from being affected by modern high-rise buildings and neon lights, regulations are required to limit the height of buildings in the urban area of Kyoto. Buildings cannot exceed ten floors, and any roof signs, neon lights, and revolving signs are prohibited. It is stipulated that the Kyoto Tower with an elevation of 100 meters will easily become the tallest building in Kyoto. The observatory is a circle around it. The trough-shaped design, compared with many Japanese viewing platforms, the Kyoto Tower observatory is relatively small, and you can finish the tour in a small circle, but the ticket price is also cheap, if time permits, you can come up and take a look.

▌ Night view of Kyoto Tower

In the evening, Kyoto will have an orange-red atmosphere. The closer it gets to the evening, the lights will slowly turn on, making the urban area of Kyoto a beautiful night city. From the Kyoto Tower, you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery. The lights will also switch to a low-key nighttime romance.

▌ Kyoto Tower special light show

The lighting of Kyoto Tower is not static. In addition to the common white lights and red roofs, Kyoto Tower will light up special colors on some anniversaries and certain events. If you are interested, you can refer to the introduction on the official website (link)

  • Red (5/19) - World Hypertension Day
  • Orange (9/21) - World Alzheimer's Day
  • Pink (10/22) - World Breast Cancer Day
  • Purple (11/12) - Domestic Violence Prevention Day
  • Blue (11/14) - World Diabetes Day
  • Red/Green (12/25) - Christmas

It seems difficult to collect these special colors without living in Kyoto for a year and a half.

▌ Kyoto Tower Mascot (Tower Doll)

The Kyoto Tower mascot "Tower Doll (たわわちゃん)" was designed in 2004 to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the opening of Kyoto Tower, and then for the 50th anniversary, a "Tower Doll Shrine" was added to the 100-meter-high observatory 5F. It is currently the highest above-ground shrine in the urban area of Kyoto.
Next to it is the fortune lottery "Tawa Poetry (100 yen)" (100 yen) for the limited product tower doll, and the "Tower Doll Ema" (300 yen) in the shape of a tower doll.
Remember to throw in a 5-yen coin after you have written the tower doll and painted horse, which symbolizes the smoothness and safety of the prayer fortune. The painted horses and poems tied to Tawa Shrine will be sent to Shimogamo Shrine by the staff to complete the prayer ceremony, and a portion of the money in the box will be donated to the "Jin no Mori (Shimogamo Shrine/World Heritage)" Environmental conservation work.

▌ Kyoto Tower Hotel

The style of the guest rooms is modern with an eclectic mix of Japanese and Western styles, and you can experience the comfort that is different from daily life. There are room types from 1 to 7 people, no matter whether you are a business traveler or a family traveler. There is also a "tower doll themed room" on the 8F, where you can find many cute tower doll-related daily necessities. In addition, if you plan to stay at the Kyoto Tower Hotel, there will be discounts on the observation deck and its related facilities~

※The normal breakfast is Buffet at Tower Terrace (Due to COVID-19-related policies, the way of serving meals or the use of hotel facilities may be changed, please readHotel description)

Booking Deals

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