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Last update date: 2022-06-30

How possible is it that an old house can be changed? If it wasn’t for the boss’s introduction, no one would have thought that one house is an old house. One house is located in downtown Hualien, only five minutes away from Dongdamen Night Market. There are also popular restaurants such as Yiwei Restaurant and Anonymous Breakfast nearby. The owner is very attentive to create a feeling of home, and also adopts a relatively young industrial style.

▌ Homestay Information

The entrance of one house looks like a business travel. The signboard is obviously easy to find. The entrance is mainly dark industrial style. One car can be parked at the entrance. If there is not enough parking, there is a small parking lot next to it, but the seats are a bit small. It's small, it's barely enough to park two cars, and it's pretty good to provide a parking lot at this price in Hualien city.

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Address: No. 30, Hualien County, Hualien City, Rongzheng Street
Is there a parking lot: ⭕
Check-in time: after 15:00, check-out time: before 11:00
Official website

▌ The large living room is accompanied by a pure heart

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As soon as you enter the one house, you will see the big world map clock in the living room, which is really eye-catching. The boss also has a PS5 for everyone to use. Unfortunately, the TV is relatively small, but the overall activity space is quite enough. Last time, there was a big one house logo, which was surprisingly good-looking, and there were also anime and some retro small objects that the boss has been collecting all the time, such as One Piece, Dragon Ball, etc., children should come here happy
One House also has prepared cards and an LED logo for everyone to punch in.

The stairs of one house are also quite charming, you can try it out

OneHouse Staircase Beauty Shot
OneHouse Staircase Beauty Shot

▌ Unique claw machine, electric mahjong table and backyard

In one house, we can feel the spark of the collision between the old and the new. The kitchen uses advanced machines, but we can still feel the atmosphere of that era from the facilities of the house itself. There is also an old-fashioned telephone here. , in an instant, it seems to be back to the 60s and 70s. There is an electric mahjong table and a claw machine next to it. As soon as Ace saw the claw machine, he stood there and played for an hour. If he didn't care about the prize, he just wanted to The feeling of clipping a doll, be sure to come early and have a good time
There is a small open space at the back door. The boss here has made some green plants, and there are also tables and chairs for everyone to chat. However, the biggest use should be the smoking area. Because it is an open space, there is not much smoke on the body.

▌ Exquisite double room

The double room of onehouse is quite square, and the color matching and lighting are also very comfortable. Generally speaking, the most fearful thing about living in an old house is that the lighting is not set up properly. , the bathroom is also designed with dry and wet separation

▌ Large space quadruple room

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Aa thinks the quadruple room and the double room in one house are two completely different concepts. Some people like a smaller space, but if it is too large, it will feel empty, lonely and a bit cold, then choose a double room, if you like a big room like Aa In terms of space, you can also consider a quadruple room. There are sofas and a large floor in the huge space where you can sit and chat and play games. The hangers and murals are designed, which has a feeling of Wenqing style, but next In the bathroom, the visual impact is great, the bathroom is completely retro style, whether it is tiles, faucets, hangers, etc., they are all in retro style.

▌ Other Precautions

One house does not provide breakfast, please refer to the surrounding food below

▌ Overall evaluation and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤
One house is very close to the food in the city. It only takes 5 minutes to walk like an unnamed breakfast. If you want to visit the Dongdamen Night Market at night, it only takes 5 minutes to drive, and there is also a parking space here. Worry, if the main activity area will be in downtown Hualien, one house will be a very good choice

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