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o'rest Sleeping Life|Recommended Stress Relieving Memory Pillow

Last update date: 2022-06-20

Aa bought a memory pillow from a memory pillow store before. It was very comfortable when I tried to sleep, but when I came back home, it was probably because the bed was too soft, so this memory pillow could not make Aa relax well. At night, the neck will be squeezed together, as if we are bowing our heads, so at night, I feel that I can't breathe much air. This time I came to orest because I heard from a friend that the memory pillow here is 100D memory foam evenly. The pressure release is also produced and manufactured in Taiwan, and the price is not too expensive, so this article was born XD

where is orest

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Address: No. 107-5, Xiangxin Road, Nantun District, Taichung City, 408 orest Taichung Store is the first store in Taiwan
Tel: 0423890456
Business hours: Tuesday~Sunday 12:00–21:00
Is there a parking lot: ⭕
Whether to provide toilets: ❌
Community Links:Official website orest facebook

Simple and neat facade

The main colors of orest are mainly white and purple, which makes people feel very comfortable. There is a place where about 2-3 cars can be parked at the entrance, and there is a place to rest next to the entrance. If you come with your family If you go to orest, you can also wait here

As soon as you enter the store, you can see a lot of sleep-related products, and at the back of the counter, it says that orest is a company that sleeps well. It feels like it can help everyone improve their sleep. For example, Aa itself is a company that pays great attention to sleep. Quality people have tried a lot of methods to improve sleep, and I hope to find a way to sleep more comfortably

Bed school experience area

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The main purpose of orest is to let everyone experience the bed school and the pillow part here. When you come here, it is very simple to lie down until you feel comfortable and find the memory pillow or bed school that really suits you. Don’t be polite or I'm sorry, because it's really important to find the one that suits you

Like Avy, I slept on every pillow this time, and each one has a different feeling when I sleep, and it is closely related to my usual sleeping posture. Next, let's take a look at the characteristics of orest's memory pillow.
Like Aa's experience this time, the American-style electric bed set is the most impressive, because it can adjust the height according to our needs. For example, Aa often looks at his mobile phone or reads a book before going to bed. At this time, the upper part of the body can be raised a little higher. , so that the body has a better support, otherwise if we lie on the pillow for a long time to read a book or slide a mobile phone, the support force is not enough.

orest sleeping pillow
orest sleeping pillow

Memory Pillow and Sleeping Goods

The packaging of orest adopts a very simple design, such a design will not cause more garbage and waste due to excessive ornate

Everyone needs different pillows because of the different sleeping postures or the thickness of the shoulders. For example, Ace has thick shoulders, so when choosing a pillow, you will pay more attention to the degree of support. If you don’t know how to There is also a basic selection method for your reference. In addition, the good thing about Orest is that you can use the pillow to try to lie down. The clerk always said that you can try it until you like it. , especially in the pillow specialty store, the clerks are all pushing hard on the side, but here you can try it all the time!! Find the one that belongs to you
The pillow here was tested and the support was really enough, it would not sink when lying down like the one I bought before, causing the trachea to be compressed all the time.

At the scene, every pillow is displayed and you can try to lie down. Each one really feels different when you lie down. It can be roughly divided into cloud pillows for side sleeping, side sleeping pillows, and occasional butterfly pillows for side sleeping. Or wave pillows, as well as moon pillows and adjustable child pillows for low or supine sleeping. At the beginning, it is suggested that you can follow the recommendation table of Ou Ruixi, and then adjust according to your own habits, and the clerk will also in the process. Instruct the neck to stick to the memory pillow, so as not to cause excessive pressure on the spine or difficulty breathing. Aa also tried back and forth several times, because sometimes the feeling is very similar, and there is no way to confirm which one The most comfortable, but the clerk is not unhappy at all, they have been assisting the trial lying down, a big bonus

In the end, Aa chose a butterfly pillow suitable for both men and women to go home, hoping that Ace's long-term breathing problem can be improved

orest buy one home
orest buy one home


Later, when Ace changed to a new memory pillow, there would no longer be the problem of the neck getting stuck. The breathing was smooth, and even the frequency of snoring was reduced. It was a pity that the previous pillow was used under the legs. Finally, I can find a memory pillow that is suitable for Ace and also suitable for the current bed school. Now I will sleep better every day. I strongly suggest that you can save some money and solve the problem of sleep that you will face every day :)

orest overall evaluation and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤❤

At this price, it is really not expensive. The service of the clerk is very considerate but it will not make you feel too stressed. At present, the Taichung store is a store in the whole Taiwan store. I hope there will be more stores in more counties and cities in the future. Bring parents to try and buy new memory pillows and bed school

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