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Last update date: 2022-06-19

This time, Aa was invited to the Taiwan Wood Story Museum. The Wood Story Museum is a newly opened scenic spot in Baihe District, Tainan on November 8th. "Wood, utensils, and furniture" as the design elements, the Wood Story Museum uses domestic materials to design furniture and home decorations, and the Wood Story Museum uses the experience of the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) to allow adults and children to have a deeper understanding. In addition, the Timber Story Museum also has the production and sales history of Taiwan's first timber industry. Through traceability, we can buy and use with peace of mind. The Timber Story Museum also hopes to reduce illegal logging. Taiwan Timber Story Museum also There are Japanese-style buildings and many wood-related items for photography. In the future, there will be a new place to go to Guanzailing in addition to soaking in soup and eating urn chicken.

Location Information of Taiwan Timber Story Museum

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At present, the landmark of Taiwan Wood Story Museum has not yet been established. You can search first: Lingding Tourist Information Station. The relevant information is provided below. The Taiwan Wood Story Museum is directly opposite.

Taiwan Timber Story Store Store Address: No. 28-3, Baihe District, Tainan City, 73242 (opposite to Lingding Tourist Information Station)
Taiwan Timber Story Store shop phone number:
Business hours: Tuesday to Sunday 09:30-16:00, closed on Mondays
Is there a parking lot: ❌ (You can park within the white line on the roadside, or there is a free parking lot when you go down the mountain)
Whether to provide toilets: ❌
Official website official facebook

Aerial shot of antique house

Looking at the Taiwan Timber Story Museum from different angles has a different feeling. You can guess where these photos were taken.
The sign at the door is also very cute. It is made of wood to look like Taiwan. The lower left corner is made of wood with lacquer. It symbolizes the growth rings and vinyl records, and plays the history of wood.

Japanese architecture outdoor area

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The first time I saw the Taiwan Timber Story Museum, Aa felt that there must be many places that would be beautiful to take pictures, all of which are around the building. You can also try to find these places and the angle of taking pictures.

Internal introduction

Next is our highlight. The Forestry Management Office of the Forestry Bureau and Youdaoli Design Co., Ltd. have spent a lot of effort on how to match Taiwan's domestic wood and its unique production and sales experience, so that more people can recognize the characteristics of domestic wood.

Entrance service area

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As soon as I entered the entrance of the Timber Story Museum, I saw an area with a lot of cloth strips. At first, Aa was very curious about how to decorate something like a cultural exhibition. It turned out that this was an AR experience project. I didn’t expect that it could be combined in this way. I recorded a paragraph and sent it to ig to limit the movement. This is really a very attentive and novel way of experience. I can feel the intention of the organizer.

Then we are about to enter the room, because the Taiwan Timber Story Museum is a 75-year-old building, we have to protect it well, we need to take off our shoes to visit, the museum has also prepared shoe bags for everyone to pack, so that It won't get your hands dirty, and the shoe bag is very textured

Taiwan Wood Story Museum Shoe Bag
Taiwan Wood Story Museum Shoe Bag

Next comes the exhibition concept. In addition to the description of the area map, the most important one is the wooden map of Taiwan. The most special feature of Taiwan is that it is made of three different kinds of wood. Chiayi City is Wuxin Stone, Tainan is Peach Blossom Heart
In the lower left corner, we can also clearly know which themes are displayed in each area. Let's take a look at them one by one.

If you have the opportunity, you must take a photo of the corridor when no one is there. It is very beautiful. There are not many opportunities to find such an ancient Japanese-style walkway. Those who like photography must grasp this lens.

Corridor of Taiwan Timber Story Museum
Corridor of Taiwan Timber Story Museum

Domestic material knowledge area

The first domestic timber knowledge area mainly introduces the types of wood. It is divided into coniferous five-wood and hard-leaved five-wood. The pictures here are all hand-painted, which is really heartfelt, and next to the pictures is the actual wood , you can also feel it with your hands, and there will be volunteers who will explain and introduce you during the process.

Domestic material verification mark knowledge area

This area will introduce you to the current production and sales resume marks related to wood products and their meanings, etc. Each QRCode is unique, and there will be no repetition. It is a wood ID card.
This is promoted because Taiwan's own wood quality is very good. In addition, foreign wood is imported, because there are many procedures, so it will cause too much carbon footprint and resource consumption. Therefore, using domestic wood, on the one hand, has good quality, on the other hand In terms of energy saving, carbon reduction and environmental protection~~ One person loves the earth a little

Traceability mark of Taiwan Timber Story Museum
Traceability mark of Taiwan Timber Story Museum

Domestic material five senses experience area

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There are many interesting objects here, so that everyone can understand wood through the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste)
We can feel the changeable light and shadow through the light and shadow and the arrangement of wooden boards here.
Then we saw a product like a wind chime, but the sound displayed by this wind chime is different from ordinary wind chimes, which is relatively calm
You can also see the construction methods and characteristics of Japanese-style architecture next to it, so that every guest who comes here can have a deeper understanding of the uniqueness of Japanese-style architecture. Aa likes this kind of entertaining feeling. Unconsciously learn new knowledge in the process of playing

Here we can also see a gramophone made of wood, but it is actually for everyone to smell the fragrance. When we turn our nose close to it, there will always be an endless stream of wood fragrance emitting. It is very special. This gramophone, Ace doesn't feel like holding the camera all the time, because it's really unique and exquisite
There is also a drum stick next to it. You can come and try what notes will be produced with different wood chips.

mysterious little passage

In the aisle leading to the hand tools, a process is designed to let everyone know what procedures the wood will go through in the entire production process, so that the pores of the wood are getting thinner and thinner, just like making a face, making the surface smoother little by little. And always keep youthful :D

Traditional wooden hand tools knowledge area

Here we can see traditional woodworking tools, including: ruler, planer, saw, drill, and chisel. When we saw the planer, we unconsciously associated with the common peanut roll ice cream in life. In addition, the master of Sanyi woodcarving was making some The rulers, saws, drills, and chisels used in the works are also very useful. There are also various tableware and molds next to the picture.

Domestic material to create furniture situation area

Here we see the double seat. The most special part of this seat is that the storage board in the middle can be moved. There is a screen next to it. This screen is actually painted with lacquer, not ink painting. It is really super admire
There is also a chess board next to it. It is very interesting that one side is a chess board, but as long as it is reversed, it immediately becomes a chess board. Avy can't help but want to be the king of chess.
In the aisle to the DIY area, I saw an area where finished products have been actually made. All products here have complete resumes. You can try to scan the QRCode next to them, and they will show you all his net worth :D This is really reassuring. We can often see news about mountain mice or pilfering of mountain forests in newspapers and magazines, but if everyone can start buying domestic materials with production and sales records, I believe such behavior will become more and more The less, Aa would like to invite everyone to support domestic materials and contribute to Taiwan's natural resources

DIY experience area

There are a total of 3 kinds of DIY in Taiwan Timber Story Museum. You can choose 1 experience. These are free of charge, but only 20 places are provided every day, so come to the queue early. Each one will be carefully introduced and taught by volunteers. Aa can do it even if his hands are not very dexterous. It's really a sense of accomplishment. In the end, there will be a super beautiful cloth bag. Aa feels that the simple design above and the logo of Taiwan Wood Story Museum, I really want to buy it back to pack things, bring it here It's also great for taking pictures

exit area

This area also makes Aa very amazing. There is a place to recycle shoe bags at the exit, and the entrance is very good. You can see what Aa took, but remember not to block everyone from going out >////<

Overall evaluation and recommendation index of Taiwan Timber Story Museum


The Taiwan Timber Story Museum is a free attraction suitable for parents and children. The overall planning of Youdaoli Design Co., Ltd. is also very good. In addition to free visits in the Taiwan Timber Story Museum, it can also allow us to further understand the difference between wood. Together It supports the finished products made of domestic materials, and also provides free DIY for the public to experience. In the future, when you are in Guanziling, you can come to the Taiwan Timber Story Museum to take a walk and digest it before you go to the soup. If you like to take pictures like Aa, the whole story hall is very good to take pictures, you must come to Taiwan Timber Story Hall. Aa thinks it is really great for the government to build such a place, but it is a pity that the venue is subject to There are not many people who can enter the venue each time. I am also very grateful to everyone who participated and volunteers. I believe that Taiwan can be better with you.

Special Notes for Taiwan Timber Story Museum

Because the maintenance of the old building is not easy, the number of people entering each session is limited. Except for groups that can make an appointment, the general public will queue up on the spot.
There are only 20 daily quotas for the DIY experience part
The Taiwan Timber Story Museum does not provide toilets for the protection of the building. You can use the toilet at the Lingding Tourist Information Station opposite.
You need to take off your shoes during the visit, if you want to come, don't wear shoes that are too difficult to take off
You can park on the white line on the side of the road, or there is a free parking lot when you walk down the mountain.

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