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Taipei 101 Observation Deck Dating

5 Best Dating Places in Taipei|Taipei Locals Recommend| 2022 Recommended

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Last update date: 2022-09-07

Whether it’s Western Valentine’s Day, Tanabata, wedding anniversaries, or dating anniversaries, a bunch of festivals will become a fuse for couples’ quarrels. The most troublesome thing every time at this time is to think about where to celebrate or date. This time, I will help you Sorting out the 10 most suitable places for dates in Taipei, are your boyfriends still worrying about where to take the other half? Just look at this!

▌ Xinyi District 101 Observation Deck

Taipei 101 Observation Deck is a good place for a date. In addition to being able to see the night view of the entire Taipei City from the highest building in Taipei, the romantic atmosphere and the excitement brought by the high altitude will make the other half rely on you even more. If you have the courage You can also try the Skyline skyline again to make each other's hearts closer

– 101 Observation Deck Features –

  • Taipei 101 was the tallest skyscraper in the world from 2004 to 2010, with a total height of 508 meters.
  • In 2004, it was certified by the World Tall Building Association as the world's three first "World's Tallest Skyscraper", "World's Highest Use Floor" and "World's Tallest Roof".
  • Certified "World's Fastest Elevator" by Guinness World Records.
  • The world's largest wind damper.
  • 360° view of the Greater Taipei area.
  • The world's fastest elevator - high-speed starry sky.
  • CNN named Taipei 101 one of the 25 greatest skyscrapers in the world.
  • CNN named the world's fastest elevator as one of 49 life-changing rides.
  • CNN selected Taipei 101 as one of the world's 25 greatest engineering achievements of mankind.
  • CNN selected the Taipei 101 New Year's Eve fireworks as one of the 10 best New Year's Eve celebrations in the world.
Taipei 101 Observation Deck Skyline Skyline - Klook Exclusive Offer
Taipei 101 Observation Deck - Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Miramar Land Ferris Wheel in Zhongshan District|30% off for a limited time

When you come to Taipei, the most lively metropolis in Taiwan, whether with a lover or a partner, you can't miss the great opportunity to admire the whole city from the Miramar Ferris Wheel! As the Ferris wheel slowly rises, you can enjoy Taipei's cityscape from different angles. Being alone in a small space is an opportunity for you to get to know the person on the other side and another opportunity to get to know Taipei. Miramar Ferris Wheel has a total of 48 carriages, two of which are "transparent carriages", which allow the other half to snuggle up tightly and enjoy the beauty of Taipei at an altitude of 95 meters. Many couples go on a date in Taipei. popular choice. There is also a chance to experience night performances and enjoy the neon light show, which is definitely a perfect place for a romantic date!

Miramar Ferris Wheel started to carry passengers in 2004. After 18 years, it can carry up to 6 people in one carriage, and when it is fully loaded, it can carry 288 people at the same time.

  • It can be exchanged for use regardless of weekends and holidays, fast and convenient
  • Board the giant Ferris wheel to experience the journey of happiness in person and feel the romantic scenes in idol dramas
  • A dazzling neon light show is staged at night, and the ever-changing light blooms in the night sky
Taipei Miramar Ferris Wheel|30% off for a limited time - Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Shaoshuai Zen Garden in Beitou District|Double Soup House|Award-winning food

The Young Marshal Zen Garden was built in 1920. It was formerly known as the Xingao Hotel and was used as a comfort station for the Kamikaze team before the Japanese occupation of Taiwan. The Young Marshal Zhang Xueliang, who was under house arrest by Chiang Kai-shek in the 1960s, also lived here. It used to be the place where the famous young marshal Zhang Xueliang and his wife Zhao Yidi lived.

In 2022, it has won the Black Pearl Restaurant Guide for five consecutive years. Only 287 restaurants are listed among the 7 million restaurants in the world. In the professional and fair selection, the candidate restaurants are selected from the three perspectives of culinary standard, experience, inheritance and innovation. Systematic tasting and evaluation, this time, 19 restaurants in Taipei were shortlisted, only four were on the list

– Features of the Young Marshal Zen Garden –

  • Google evaluation 4.5, Beitou five-star bathing plan includes double foot soup, independent soup house, private meal
  • La Liste, a French food review, has selected 1,000 restaurants around the world to be included in the list for two consecutive years.
  • A century-old Japanese-style building, Zhang Xueliang's former residence, and feel the retro Taiwanese flavor during the Japanese occupation
Shaoshuai Zen Garden in Beitou District|Double Soup House|Award-winning food-Klook exclusive offer

▌ Maokong Cable Car & Zoo|Package Ticket|One Day Tour

Maokong Cable Car is the first cable car system in Taipei City. It adopts the automatic circulation system produced by the French POMA company. The shortest departure interval is 12 seconds, and the whole journey time is about 20 minutes. Each carriage can accommodate 8 people, and the maximum one-way passenger capacity is about 2,000 people per hour. There are 144 carriages and 3 spare carriages. The total length is 4.03 kilometers, the driving route is a 7-shaped, and there are 2 non-stop corner stations.

Taipei Zoo is one of the top ten urban zoos in the world. It can be reached by MRT Muzha Line to the last stop. There are more than 400 kinds of animals in the park, which is the largest zoo in Southeast Asia.
In addition to the indoor exhibition hall, the outdoor exhibition area is divided according to the geographical environment, and has the functions of species display and ecological environment education. Among them, "Children's Zoo", "Taiwan Native Animal Zone" and "African Animal Zone" are the most popular zoo online voting. display area. The "Taiwan Native Animal Zone" exhibits Taiwan's endemic species such as sika deer, Taiwan black bear, Taiwan macaque and blue-bellied pheasant

– Maokong Gondola/Zoo Features –

  • The most beautiful mountain line in Taipei, enjoying the Maokong Mountain City
  • Take the "Cat Cable Eye" crystal carriage with transparent tempered glass as the floor, and enjoy the feeling of flying through the sky
  • The best choice for exploring Taipei, with all the attractions in downtown Taipei and surrounding suburbs!
Maokong Gondola & Zoo|Package|One Day Tour - Klook Exclusive Offer

▌ Double-decker dining car x Le Méridien Taipei|Fantasy Summer・Cantonese|Michelin Cantonese Afternoon Tea|Package

Do you want to enjoy a meal with your significant other while enjoying the view, but don't want to stare at the same view? The Taipei Double-Decker Food Truck perfectly solves this problem, allowing you to take your other half and enjoy the Michelin-starred meal while enjoying the scenery of Taipei City. How can you miss such a privileged enjoyment

The double-decker dining car in Taipei is the only innovative travel experience in Taiwan where you can personally experience the on-board restaurant. Passengers will enjoy the best food while discovering the most beautiful scenery in Taipei, and see the diverse urban charm of Taipei from a new angle. The panoramic transparent roof will not block any scenery. Along the way, you can see the famous scenic spots in Taipei City, including: Tao Zhu Yin Garden, Taipei 101, Nanshan Plaza Building, Breeze Xinyi, Apple Flagship Store, Xinyi A13, Xinyi Roadshow, Xinyi Business District , ATT4Fun, Ren'ai Road, Ren'ai Dunnan Circular, East District Business District, Lianhe University, United Times Department Store Taipei Store, Taipei W Hotel and other landmark buildings, while enjoying the bustling night of Taipei, while enjoying exquisite food

Double Decker Dining Cart x Le Méridien Taipeifeature-

  • The first double-decker dining bus in Taiwan! Eat delicious food and enjoy the view
  • Avoid going abroad to experience a five-star exquisite feast
  • The panoramic transparent roof will not block any scenery, and you can see the famous scenic spots in Taipei along the way: Tao Zhu Hidden Garden, Taipei 101, Apple Flagship Store, East District Business District
  • Season 3's exclusive in-vehicle meal: in collaboration with the well-known Le Méridien Taipei and Hongyu Man Chi-heart Chicken Cake!
Double-Decker Dining Cart x Le Méridien Taipei|Fantasy Summer・Cantonese|Michelin Cantonese Afternoon Tea|Package - Klook Exclusive Offer

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▌ Feelings

Each of these has its own characteristics and prices, but if Aa's experience is concerned, it would be more suitable if it is a couple who has just datedTaipei 101 Observation Deckor it could beMiramar Land, if you have just been dating for a while, you can considerMaokong Gondolaanddouble decker dining car, if you have been dating for a long time, you can goYoung Marshal Zen GardenWhat is your favorite place to eat and soak in soup? Leave a message and share it with Aa

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