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Oblique shot of Beigang towards the entrance of Tiangong

Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Temple|Centennial National Historic Site|An explanation of the historic site like a history class

Beigang Chaotian TempleIt is located in the center of the urban area of Beigang, facing south. Its front, back, left and right are connected by streets, showing a radial shape. It is a large temple in the center of the ring. The front of the temple is called Gongkou, and most tourists have the impression of Beigang! It is a national monumentBeigang Chaotian Temple”, here is the good name of the Mazu religious center in Taiwan,Chaotian PalaceThe halls were built by carpenters of different ages and presented different architectural styles. The whole building covers an area of nearly 1,000 square meters.

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▌ Beigang Chaotian Temple related information

Address and Map

Address: No. 178, Zhongshan Road, Beigang Town, Yunlin County, 651

business hours

Daily 04:00–00:00

– Official link –

Official website:http://www.matsu.org.tw/

▌ Air Shot and 360

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

▌ The monuments next to Chaotian Palace

Near the back half of Chaotian Palace, there is a dormitory that used to provide staff. It has a long history. The walls surrounding Chaotian Palace are also very historical. Every stone pillar is donated by good believers. On the pillars are the names of good faith

▌ Chaotian Palace gate and decoration

Looking at the front of Chaotian Temple from the outside of Miaocheng, its appearance is like three temples juxtaposed. The central "Sanchuan Hall" is higher and is the main entrance of the central axis. The left wing is Longmen, and the right wing is Humen, collectively known as "Longhumen" or "Five Gates". Generally, when pilgrims enter the temple to worship, they usually enter through Longmen and exit through Humen. In line with the ancient Chinese tradition of "going out and entering the phase". But the door in the middle belongs to the gods. In addition, after entering the door, it is usually the Tiangong furnace.Chaotian PalaceWhat's more special is that after entering the door is the Mazu furnace.

▌ The lion at the gate

There are two pairs of stone lions standing on the side of the stone wall. The large stone lion is newly carved in recent years and has a burly shape. The smaller pair is of high artistic value. It is signed on the pedestal of the male lion on the left. It is the second year of Xianfeng in the Qing Dynasty. With high-quality blue bucket stones, if you look closely, you can find that the word "Meiji" is different from other words. This is because At the beginning of the anti-Japanese war, Meiji could not be used, but it was added later.

▌ Special decoration for the worship hall

The Crab Douza in Sanchuan Hall belongs to the realistic style. You can see the word Sanyuan in the place where the crab stings, and the crab on the opposite side writes Jidi. The so-called Sanyuan refers to: Jieyuan, Huiyuan, Zhuangyuan

Because Mazu is a female god, it is inconvenient for door gods to use men, and because Mazu was named "Queen of Heaven" by the emperor, it is rare for door gods to use "five-claw" golden dragons, which were only used by emperors in ancient times.

▌ Filial Piece Nails

This is in front of Guanyin Hall's stone pillarsfilial son nails, is the nail in the legend of the dutiful son's wish

▌ Various monuments decoration

This plaque is due to the fact that Governor Sakuma passed through Beigang during his southern tour in March of Taisho 2, and especially visited the Mazu Temple to worship incense.Enjoy in Kecheng"The four characters are used to make the plaque. There is also a story that the wife of the Governor Sakuma has been sick all the time. Later, no matter how you see a doctor, it will not be well. However, there was a time when a woman in white came to bring medicine to her wife when she was dreaming at night. Later, the governor asked his wife to ask her name when she dreamed about it next time. Later, when the wife dreamed again, the woman in white did not leave her name after being questioned, but only the address of Chaotian Palace. Send someone to the Heavenly Palace to bestow "Enjoy in Kecheng"flat forehead

The 4D continuous wall symbolizes holiness and good luck. In the first year of the Republic of China, Master was invited to repair it, but it could not be repaired.

The apse of Chaotian Palace is the Hall of Holy Parents. Ancient Chinese temples for worshipping saints usually set up the Temple of Parents in the apse to worship the ancestors of the main deity. In the Song Dynasty, he was named "Marquis of Jiqing", and he was posthumously named "Prince of Jiqing" in the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty. Her mother Wang was named "Mrs. Xianqing" in the Song Dynasty and "Mrs. Jide" in the Qing Dynasty. The elder brother was named "Lingying Xianguan", and the elder sister was named "Lingying Madam"

This dragon column is carved from high-quality Quanzhou white stone. It adopts the method of a single dragon on a cylinder. After careful appreciation, I saw that the dragon's body was tightly wrapped around a straight cylinder, the head was below and the tail was above. After the body circled around, the dragon's head turned upside down. The dragon's roar seemed to be flesh and blood, and it was aggressive.

▌ Overall review


The entire Chaotian Palace can be planned for a complete one-day trip. According to the tour guide, it will take about 4 to 6 hours to explain carefully. Only a few special ones can be selected here to introduce to you.

There is also Beigang Old Street nearby to solve the problem of eating and drinking. It is also an itinerary that many people must arrange when they come to Beigang. If you have plenty of time and have a two-day itinerary, you can also consider matching the itinerary of Douliu:2022 Yunlin Douliu One-Day Tour Free Spots Recommended Routes, National Travel Vouchers, Food Vouchers

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