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Beigang Old Street Beigang Bridge

Beigang Old Street|Attractions in Yunlin|Foods|Historic Sites|Must-eat food beside Chaotian Temple in Beigang

When it comes to the scenic spots of Yunlin Beigang, you will definitely think of itBeigang Old Street, there are many delicacies here, and there are many local people from snacks to large specialties, such asFried Pan Kueh,pasta paste,fake fish maw,frog soup,Halogen, and because Yunlin is an important place for raising ducks, many duck dishes have been developed as a result. The more famous ones areLaoshou Duck Rice,Fu An Duck Rice,Lee Kee Duck SoupWait, there is also a must-buy Rixingtang flat cake as a souvenir. In addition, you can also go straight to Beigang Chaotian Temple. Beigang is also one of the most important places of faith in Taiwan Mazu.

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▌ Where is Beigang Old Street

Address and Map

651 Zhongshan Road, Beigang Town, Yunlin County

business hours

open 24 hours

– Parking nearby –

Parking on Beigang Old Street is here, and you can just walk past Beigang Chaotian Temple.

No. 36, Lane 21, Zhongshan South Road, Beigang Town, Yunlin County, 651

▌ Featured stores on Beigang Old Street

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

The first person to park the car from Beigang Bridge will see the Guochun sesame oil shop. The sesame oil here is very famous. Many Yunlin people who go to other places to work hard will come back to buy the sesame oil here. Zhenxing Cinema is an old cinema. There is a cute Mazu doll at the entrance. Now it has become a cake shop.

Before eating the food, you can also go toBeigang Chaotian TempleGo for a walk and pray for Mazu's blessing

▌ Beigang Old Street Food

– Fu An Duck Rice –

25 yuan copper plate priceDuck Rice, drizzled with fragrant and appetizing sauce, and then orderDuck meat cutting plate,duck soup,water soup, Fuan belongs to the triangular window storefront, so in addition to the indoor seats, the outdoor table and chairs are placed on the asphalt road by the roadside. In addition to the menu, there are also many photos of TV interviews. ” for an interview, and it is also known as “the duck rice that you must come to pilgrimage to when you come to Beigang”.

– Laoshou Duck Rice –

Laoshou Duck RiceandFu An Duck RiceIt is the two most popular homecoming meals in Yunlin Beigang Tianhou Palace. It is often crowded during holidays, and you can't eat without queuing up!

– Beigang Yuanzi Soup –

Speaking ofBeigang Chaotian TempleformerYuanzi SoupMany people should know that if you insist on pure hand-made and fresh-cooked soup, a bowl of ice-cold Yuanzai soup in the hot summer is more refreshing.Beigang Yuanzi SoupIt first started to sell from a corner of a bowl. It has been in business for more than 70 years. It has now been handed over to the third generation of management.

▌ Interesting things in the alley

There is also an alley next to Beigang Old Street, which can be entered from Zhuyuan Internal Medicine.horse boy,Ji Ya Xuan,dark street,Selling Spring Tea Room,urn wallOther features can be photographed

When you see this Zhuyuan Internal Medicine Department, you can turn in. On the way, we will see ahorse boy, wearing a blue coat and hathorse boyThe clothes they wear actually have deep meanings, implying Mazu's four spirits of "contentment, growth, gratitude, and cherishing fortune". Every item attached to the newspaper horse boy has a meaning, and the newspaper horse boy will appear dressed up in this picture and also give a detailed introduction. If you want to see the text version, you can go tohereLook

dark streetIt is the side lane of Gongkou Street (Zhongshan Road), and it is also the main road between Fanxian Market and Mi Street at the end of Gonghe Street. The liveliness is no less than Miyaguchi Street

– Ji Ya Xuan –

Jiyaxuan was founded in the Xianfeng period of Qing Dynasty. It is the only Beiguan community in Yunlin with traditional Qu Pavilion buildings. Qu Pavilion is a county-designated historic site, and many items in the museum are also general antiquities designated by Yunlin County. The Bureau registered the collection of Yaxuan documents and cultural relics, which became the honor of the third National Memory Register.

Qing DynastyDaoguangYears later,Beigang Chaotian Templethat isTaiwan main islandThe center of Mazu's beliefs, every time Mazu's birthday is fragrant, believers go to Beigang for pilgrimage.BengangVarious art societies gather. In the heyday of folk music, the Nanguan in Beigang included Jibin Club, Wucheng Pavilion, Jixian Pavilion, and Nanhua Pavilion, while Beiguan and other folk ensembles included Jiyaxuan, Helexuan, Renhexuan, Jinle Club, Jinsheng Society, Zhenwei Troupe, Jin Shengshun, and Western Music include Beigang Orchestra, Lisheng Orchestra, Xinsheng Orchestra, Sharp Marks Orchestra, etc.[1]

– Urn Wall –

There is such a special place next to the dark street. The urn wall made of 120 wine urns is the largest urn wall monument left. Early wealthy people used empty wine urns as building materials. There are two theories about urn walls.Lukang, because of the frequent exchanges with the mainland due to commercial development, whenever the ship returns, it will useChinese fir, masonry andShaoxing wineThe urn comes to ballast for stability. The second is that if there is a newborn in an ancient family, Shaoxing wine will be buried in the ground. If it is a son, when he grows up in high school and the first, he will banquet guests in Shaoxing and call it "Zhuang Yuanhong"; if it is a daughter, it is called "Daughter Red", which is one of the dowry items.

– Selling Spring Tea Room –

Next to the urn wall, there is also a selling spring tea room, which was originally intended to be used as a beverage shop, but it was not opened due to various factors, so the finished signboard can be placed and hung.

▌ Overall review


Beigang Old Street really has a lot of gourmet snacks and historic sites, such as Beigang Bridge, Mazu, admiring Beigang Chaotian Temple, and eating several popular local delicacies and snacks. Zai Tang, if you want to arrange a day trip to Beigang, Beigang Old Street can be accompanied by Chaotian Palace.

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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