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Last update date: 2022-06-20

In Hualien B&B, there is a B&B with a super flamboyant palace style. It doesn't look much different from other B&Bs in appearance, but when I entered Dynasty B&B, Aa was shocked. For a while I thought I was When you come abroad and come here to see if you want to be a king, queen, or prince or princess in the Baroque period, you can fulfill your aristocratic dream at Dynasty B&B, but don’t think that you will return to primitive people when you come here. Everyone's favorite sing-along, electric mahjong table, PS5 or Netflix or Youtube Dynasty B&B that everyone likes when they come to Baodong B&B are all ready for you.

Homestay information

When you come to the gate of Dynasty B&B, you will first see a very obvious mural. This is the common gate of Feng B&B and Dynasty B&B. As soon as I come here, Aa is attracted by the prince and princess on the wall. I feel Just came to a very different B&B, because the appearance is not very obvious, if you come, you can recognize the mural or the house number of Dynasty B&B.

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Dynasty B&B Address: No. 113, Nanhai 3rd Street, Ji'an Township, Hualien County 973
Dynasty B&B Tel:0972157471
Is there a parking lot: ⭕
Check-in time: after 15:00, check-out time: before 11:00
Official website

Dynasty B&B public area

Next door is Feng B&B

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After entering the gate of Dynasty B&B, you will first see Weifeng B&B. It mainly provides accommodation for guests who do not have private rooms. It is also suitable for taking pictures when there is no one here. This time, there was no one when Aa came, so Avy has Go up and take some pictures

Dynasty B&B

There are quite a lot of flowers, plants and small dolls at the entrance of Dynasty B&B. If you want to smoke or wear shoes, there are benches at the entrance for you to sit on. There is also a small table and sink on the turf, so that children can play here. Play dirty, wash your hands and play again XD

Living room and audio-visual room

After entering the living room, what catches the eye is the luxurious baroque palace style. Whether it is the counter, chairs, wall hangings, paintings, clocks, etc., they all exude a strong exotic atmosphere. Aa is super excited to see it, especially It's a pair of chairs that sit like kings and queens
Right next to it is the audio-visual room. There are sing-along facilities here. If you want to watch TV, there are also quite complete facilities. Now living in a private homestay, I want to sing for him until it burns.
There is a refrigerator and a water dispenser behind the reception counter. The boss also thoughtfully prepared cold-brewed tea in advance, but unfortunately I didn't take a picture after drinking it too fast >”<

Kitchen, Mahjong Room and Recreation Room

Aa thinks that the kitchen must be specially mentioned. Dynasty B&B knows that when many people live in private B&Bs, because there are many kitchen cabinets, they often can’t find where to put things, so they are very considerate to put everything in each cabinet. From the label, it can be seen that the boss is really working hard, and there is a mahjong room and an entertainment room next to it. For those who want to play mahjong, Dynasty B&B has prepared an electric mahjong table. If you are tired, you should rest or not. For those who play mahjong, there is a TV next to you to watch, or play the PS5 prepared by the boss
Going out the back door is a large barbecue oven. If you barbecue here, you can not only enjoy the outdoor experience, but also don’t worry about the rain.

back yard

There is a grass and landscaping behind the Dynasty B&B, which Aa calls the back garden, because there are not only tables and chairs for everyone to sit and chat and drink tea, but also a very special small house, which Aa thinks is quite cute. There are some landscaping in it that can be used to take pictures. The point is that there is a colorful chandelier on it. Children will love this place very much.

The room environment of Dynasty B&B

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Double room type

Dynasty B&B has a total of 4 double room types. From the pictures below, we can find that each room has different characteristics. The most important thing is that Dynasty B&B can accept 8 people in a private room!! This is really a lot of small groups The gospel of travel~ Some room types are decorated with warm red, and there are luxurious lion head seats, and there are also more gentle and elegant purple room types. You can see which style you like, but I have to say that every The rooms are very good to take pictures~ This time, Aa specially discussed with the boss to "lent" the rooms to us to take pictures. If you have the opportunity, you must come and experience this Baroque palace style for yourself.

Quadruple Room

There are two room types for four people to choose from. The space of the whole room is very large, and the bed is also "super" "big". Even a person as big as Ace can sleep about 3 people~~ One of them has There is a sofa and a chaise longue in the other one, but the TV is relatively small, but when I came to the B&B, I just wanted to enjoy the time with everyone. Instead, Aa felt that this would encourage everyone to get together. good thing

Other considerations

Dynasty B&B does not provide breakfast, please refer to the surrounding food below

Overall rating and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤
Dynasty B&B can fulfill everyone's dream of being a princess and prince, and at this price, there are not many people who can find such a large room with complete equipment (electric mahjong table, music player, barbecue stove), and Dynasty is one of the few. , There are also many places to go and delicious food nearby. It is only a short ten-minute walk from downtown Hualien. It is highly recommended that you can come to the private building with more than 8 people.

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redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

Purplebed = accommodation

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