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Rafa Piano Cafe | Taitung Donghe | 2022 Brand New Nanyang Style Glamping, Pets Allowed

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Last update date: 2022-06-30

Rafa Piano Cafe is currently the only luxury camping by the sea. In the past, most of the luxury camping I wanted to go to was in the mountains, such as in Taichung.quiet in the mountains, PingtungLa waterfall bay starry sky homestay, KaohsiungFar Mountain MochizukiWait, I have rarely heard that glamping will be on the beach. If you come to Taitung, you will often hear about B&Bs or hotels. This time, Aa came to Taitung Donghe and found a coffee house next to the glamping area. Here you can fall asleep listening to the sound of the sea, or drink coffee while looking at the sea
The reason why I came here is because I have been to Dulan Cape Coffee before, and Rafa Piano Cafe is right next to him, and I feel like a vacation when I come here.
Another very important thing is that you can bring pets here!!! In recent years, there have been more and more pet hotels. In the past, when Aa had pets, many places could not bring dogs. Now many places are open, really happy

When making a reservation, it said that the readers of AaforFUN will receive a free drink when they stay in 2022!!Book here,Promo code write aaforfun

▌ Where is Rafa Piano Cafe

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

When navigating, you can directly guide the Lafayin Cafe. There are many beautiful scenery on the road. Don’t miss it. Follow the navigation and see the Dulan Cape Coffee on the left. There is a Nanyang style in front of it.
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The first picture is because the humidity is quite heavy this time, so the side of the mountain is full of clouds and mist. Although there is no way to get close to it, it is very beautiful to take pictures on the Rafa side.
The second door is next to Dulan Cape Coffee. When you enter from the provincial road, you can see the Rafa Coffee Piano House. After entering, you will see a lot of palm trees. Don't get me wrong, this is the parking lot. Come on, if you look closely, you can find that the distance between each tree is about the same. This was done at the time of planning. It was full of Nanyang winds. Although the distance is quite wide, it is still necessary to drive. careful

Address: No. 14-7, Neighborhood 47, Jiubu Road, Donghe Township, Taitung County
Reservation hotline: 0975188856
Is there a parking lot: ⭕
Check-in time: after 15:00, check-out time: before 11:00
Official website fan page IG When making a reservation, it said that the readers of AaforFUN will receive a free drink when they stay in 2022!!Book here,Promo code write aaforfun

▌ Rafa Piano Cafe Accommodation Area

– Overlooking the whole area –

This is taken directly from the top of the camp. You can see that the left side of the photo is the sea, the middle is the VIP camping area and the coffee house, and the white ones on the right are the Nanyang style camping area. Do you see the palm in the middle? The tree looks like a sea urchin

– The whole row of Nanyang wind area –

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

As soon as you arrive at the camping area, you will see a row of tents. There are five tents in total, and there is a small tent in the middle where the boss usually lives, so that if there is a temporary emergency that needs to be dealt with, it can be dealt with as soon as possible. This Aa I think it is a good mode, it will not disturb the guests who come to check in, but if there is a situation, it can be solved immediately
When I chatted with the boss, I realized that the tents here are all made of Oxford cloth, and the plan is to replace them every two years. In the past, many tents in luxury camping areas we lived in would have mold or black spots. The boss explained that it is because of the use of cotton cloth, it is easier to absorb moisture, and Oxford cloth is less likely to have this situation

tent toilet
tent toilet

Every tent in Rafa has its own bathroom, so you don't have to fight for the toilet with others or queue up to take a bath, and the privacy is much better. It's a pity that the space is a little smaller, but it's quite good to wash alone. ok

Rafa Coffee Piano House Guard
Rafa Coffee Piano House Guard

You can also see that there are skynets in many places in Rafa. At that time, we thought it was used to block leaves. Later, we asked the boss to know that it was to prevent coconuts from falling and hitting people. Just when we came, there was a coconut. got caught

– VIP sea view first row deluxe account –

Going to the seaside is our VIP sea view tent. The boss also made an arch passage very thoughtfully. Many people will take pictures here. Also because this shape is so special, and there are only two VIP tents, if It is very difficult to get a seat without booking in advance. On the day Aa went, many people were curious about what the VIP tent looked like and what kind of experience it was to live in, but Aa didn’t like to be disturbed by outsiders, so he didn’t let others. Visit, let fans see first-hand information today

VIP tent door at night
VIP tent door at night

The day and night look completely different. Aa prefers the night feel. I don’t know which style of tent you prefer.

VIP tent aerial shot

This is the feeling of taking the whole camp from the beach in front. It has the front and the left and right sides. Which angle do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below.

The invincible sea view of the VIP tent

vip account looking out
vip account looking out

Have you seen it? This is the strength of the VIP tent. As long as you open the tent door, you can see the endless sea. Please forgive the bad weather that day, so it looks gray when photographed. The usual seascape is a certain distance from the sea. Or it is a very high place, but the seascape of Rafa is really less than 100 meters away. This is really too majestic. There are some seascapes standing in front of the door below. You can also take a look.

These photos were taken on the first day and on the second day. You can see that the weather is really much worse, so the colors are completely two different feelings, but the point is the seascape we can see, and no one is not. Because no one wants to go to this place, but now the only way to get down is through Rafa, and a little further north is Half Moon Bay, but everyone should pay attention to safety when they go to the beach, if you prefer If there is more landscaping art, you can also consider taking pictures on the Galoland coast (More interesting attractions and itineraries in Taitung to fill the gaps in the journey)

Tent interior

The first is the part of the accommodation instructions. It should be noted that smoking should go to the smoking area, do not throw cigarette butts everywhere, the boss will be very hard to clear, the dinner time is 18:30, the breakfast time is 09:30, if there is If you have special needs, it is better to talk to the boss first, in case you eat cold food and make it easier for the store to do things. If you happen to be there when you come to live, remember not to disturb everyone.

Inside the tent
Inside the tent

This is the interior decoration of the tent. For two people, the space is quite large. There is also a large carpet to sit here and chat. There is also space for a large double bed, so you need to chat or play in it. The brand is pretty good, and the power supply is also sufficient, with a total of 4 sockets

Tent interior details

Whether it is a VIP tent or a tent in the Nanyang wind area, the interior is similar. There will be a small sofa for two people and a small table. If you want to use the computer or play games at night, it is very useful. Everyone will have the towel part. There are one large and one small towel, and the towel used by the boss is very good and thick. When we used it that day, there was still the smell of new towels, which was awesome
The room is also equipped with a small table lamp, an electric fan and a heater. This is quite considerate. Most luxury campings only have one headlight, which is quite troublesome to turn off. Aa still likes this kind of cleverness with a small table lamp. think
Both indoor and outdoor trailers are prepared for everyone, but the outdoor trailer is not disposable. If you care about it, it is recommended to bring your own.
The spare parts are also quite complete. Don't worry about whether there will be any parts that you haven't brought. This is the biggest difference between luxury camping and general camping by yourself. It saves trouble and effort. It's as easy as going to a hotel, but you can enjoy camping. fun of

– Taitung Dulan Beach –

In the past, there was a road next to Dulan Cape Coffee to walk to the beach, but now it has been taken back by the landlord, so if you want to go to the beach to take pictures, you have to go down to the Lafa Cafe and Piano House, which is usually not available. Come here, if you have a chance, you must come down and take pictures

Looking in the direction of Banyuewan has a different flavor. You can also walk to Banyuewan to take pictures. This should be the easiest and fastest route. It is not so convenient to go to Banyuewan from other places.

day and night

If you bring a camera or like to take pictures of the scenery at night, it is also very interesting to take pictures of Dulan Noi, because the lights there are brighter at night, and you can take pictures as if there is thunder there. Isn’t it very interesting?

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

▌ Accommodation meals and candid photos of other people’s meals

– Dessert ordered by other guests –

Dessert ordered by others at Rafa Piano Coffee
Dessert ordered by others at Rafa Piano Coffee

This meal was imported from abroad. Looking at the layout and decoration, I thought it was a dessert from a five-star hotel.

– Luxurious dinner –

The accommodation here provides dinner and breakfast. The dinner part is no-menu dishes. The chef will cook according to the seasonal vegetables and suitable meat products. For example, the dinner we had this time was: beef borscht, black Stewed Rice with Truffle Mushrooms, Caesar Salad, Garlic Butter Chicken Thigh Steak, every time you come here, you will have a different experience and surprise

Stewed Rice with Black Truffle and Mushrooms

There is enough cheese on the stewed rice, and it is matched with a lot of mushrooms in the middle, like a mushroom forest in the middle of the plate, and spice plants are sprinkled next to the plate, which is not only a taste satisfaction, but also a visual enjoyment. The law also takes into account

Beef Borsch and Caesar Salad

At the beginning, it was super thick beef borsch soup. The taste of tomatoes is that the ingredients are very rich. The beef is also made from fresh beef pieces, which does not save cost at all. We must give the best and the best. Everyone
The salad before the meal is Caesar dressing with lettuce, fruit and bread. This bread is different from the dry bread we usually eat. It is especially hard but it is so super! Super fragrant! Ace loves it very much, the part of Caesar dressing I think the taste of Aa is very good, it will not be so sour like some places, it is rare to have a salad that Ace can empty the whole plate

Garlic Butter Chicken Thigh Steak and Drink

The main course is garlic butter chicken thigh steak. This is the chicken thigh steak prepared by the chef in advance, plus some platters and decorations to enhance the beauty. For drinks, each person says AaforFUN when booking a room. The readers will give it as a gift, and it is one per person. You can drink it anytime you want. Aa is to choose to exchange it when you eat. The materials used here are very good, and it will not feel burdensome to drink.

Lazy breakfast and beautiful Pacific Ocean

Although I was about to leave in the morning, I didn't take many photos because of the bad weather the day before. When I was about to leave, it suddenly became brighter, so I added some photos for everyone to see, and I hope to come next time. It will be good weather in Taitung. The breakfast time in Rafa is relatively late at around 0930, because I hope that every guest who comes to Rafa can relax and experience the feeling of vacation, unlike many places where breakfast starts at six or seven o'clock , often get up in the morning for breakfast and then go back to sleep

Fake breakfast abroad

When I wake up in the morning, I want to eat a lazy breakfast. With the invincible sea view, it seems that I have come to a foreign country in a second. So I didn't take the Chinese breakfast. The western part mainly includes salads and a platter, and the drink part was also ordered from the exchange rolls left over from yesterday. The boss said it was called chlorogenic sour coffee. I seldom heard of this kind of thing before. I heard that this kind of drink is also in bulletproof coffee.

Salad and Breakfast Platter

The salad for breakfast is seasoned with oil and vinegar. It is really rare that two salads can be cleaned up by Ace, because most of the oil and vinegar you eat will have a pungent taste or irritate your taste buds. French oil and vinegar will have a little sweet and sour feeling, very gentle and not uncomfortable after eating, other ingredients are fresh, fresh can be better than a lot
The main part of the platter will be a cheese pesto bread, cheese scrambled eggs and German sausages. I think the special thing here is that Avy doesn't like to eat cheese. Even if he eats pasta, he will ask the clerk not to put cheese. The kind of powder, but this time I ate all the cheese scrambled eggs and cheese pesto bread

Chlorogenic Acid Coffee

The boss said that this kind of chlorogenic acid coffee has many functions, and you can check it yourself. The difference is that most of the chlorogenic acid coffee only emphasizes that it is made of light roasted coffee, but there are special mentions that the green coffee here. Orthoic coffee is made from the outer skin of the coffee fruit and the pectin layer between the beans, so the caffeine content is very low

▌ Rafa Piano Cafe

Next to the camping area, the boss also opened a cafe, which mainly sells drinks and makes meals. If you are staying, you can also enjoy breakfast and dinner here. If you are staying guests, you can also come here. have a coffee and a snack
When making a reservation, it said that the readers of AaforFUN will receive a free drink when they stay in 2022!!Book here,Promo code write aaforfun

– Outdoor seating area –

The boss has prepared a lot of seats with large umbrellas here. If the rain is not too heavy, it will not get wet. There are about 60 guests here. Usually, the guests who come here will choose to sit outdoors, but everyone Remember to bring mosquito repellant, there are still mosquitoes in this kind of place that is closer to nature, but Aa thinks that compared to other camping areas, there are very few mosquitoes here, probably because the boss has been sorting it out

– Ultra-leisure holiday style –

Here, the boss has prepared a lot of good landscaping. For example, the Indian tent is the same as the recently popular tent coffee, but there is no need to sit on the ground here. There are chairs for everyone to sit on, and there is a music stand outdoors. , If the weather is good, the boss will sing here when he is in a good mood. It is mainly jazz. If he also plays music at ordinary times, it will make people fall asleep without realizing it.
If you come early and the weather is ok, you can grab the super popular hammock, because there are only 2 in the entire park. I have seen many people lying here looking at the sea and the sky. This is also the case that few have hammocks in so many camping areas. , have you ever lied in this hammock?

The owner of Rafa Piano Cafe sings soulful solo show
The owner of Rafa Piano Cafe sings soulful solo show

The weather is not good this time. There is also a live band device in the indoor place. The boss sings very forgetfully. I heard that there are often guests who fall asleep listening to it here. In a busy life, I occasionally let myself It would be nice to have a chance to relax

- menu-

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

Toilet and Nanyang style photos

The public toilets in the cafe are also Nanyang style, using a lot of bamboo, grass, small trees, etc. as partitions, in many small places can experience the intention, full of Nanyang style is for everyone
When it was almost evening, the light was better, so Avy took a photo and turned on the lights at about 5 o'clock. There are strong and weak lights in the whole area. You can also ask your boss to help you adjust it.

– Cafe at night –

At night, Rafa piano coffee is the most beautiful time. During the day, it is mainly to see the sea view. At night, the protagonist is replaced by the cafe itself. This view can only be enjoyed by the guests who are staying, because the cafe is not until 6 o'clock. it's closed

– Views on the way home –

Halfway through the drive, I saw that the weather had turned from wet to dry, so the clouds in the sky were very beautiful. With the strong wind in the past two days, the waves were very high, so I took these photos for everyone to see. You like to take photos on the road. Or was it taken from the sea :)

Other considerations

There is a big temperature difference between morning and night, and the wind is strong in winter, so remember to bring clothes
Because it is very close to the sea, there will always be the sound of waves. If you are afraid of noise, remember to bring earplugs.
If you have dietary needs, such as vegetarianism, no beef, etc., you can inform in advance, and the chef will make adjustments

Overall rating and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤
If you like camping, it is recommended to try it. If you have been to luxury camping, you should stay for one night and experience a different feeling. There are really not many luxury camping by the sea, because the sea breeze will make the maintenance of equipment difficult. Now the equipment is still very new, don't take advantage of the time to come~ The taste of the meal and the chatty Aa of the boss also think it will be a big plus point. If you like to take pictures in the air, there are also many attractions here. Everyone shoots, I will share with you next time
When making a reservation, it said that the readers of AaforFUN will receive a free drink when they stay in 2022!!Book here,Promo code write aaforfun

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