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The front of the quiet room in the mountains

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Taichung Sunset Lucky Draw

Last update date: 2022-08-23

Cicada said: Jingjing in the Mountain is a newly opened lazy camp in 2021. It is located on Jiutang Mountain in Taiping, Taichung. It is different from the camping we generally know. Luxury camping is like staying in a hotel. When you come to Jingjing in the mountain, you only need to take us for a change. There is also a berth and two meals here, and roasted cotton candy is arranged at night. This is the most popular unequipped camping (glamping) now. Aa has lived in quite a few luxury camping areas, and I can only say that each has its own characteristics. , the quiet service and caring degree in the mountains should be regarded as the top few, and it is also the popular king of the Cicada Talk series, located inaltitudeOn the mountainside of 700 meters,transportationIt's not bad, it's a good way to go.

Many people participate in glamping for the first time, just relax and don't need to worry about the meal part
We can't take pictures here anymore, we have to respect the store
Sunrise and sunset can be seen here
At night, the temperature in the mountains is low, so it is better to bring a jacket to the toilet

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▌ Cicada said: quiet information in the mountains

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

Official website reservation:https://aaforfun.net/u8e1
Reservation hotline: 04-37026770  
Fan Page:https://aaforfun.net/p1eb
Cicada said the official website:https://aaforfun.net/i9lr
"Cicada Says" Official [email protected]:https://aaforfun.net/7c75

There will also be indicators on the road to reach the destination after navigating quietly in the mountains. After reaching the first gate, you will see a sign. If the door has not been opened, you must call the service staff to open the door. After entering, you will see the right hand. There is a large parking lot next to it. After the car can be parked, please pick up the shuttle bus. If you walk, it is quite steep and it takes about 5 minutes to walk.

You can find that the entire camp area of Jingjing in the mountain is very large, and it is divided into three areas according to the height. The two rows in the upper left corner are the Jinyushu area, then the middle of the photo is the Ledu Mountain area, and the left and the lower left row are the Guihua Lane area. , the second photo is an empty shot in Guihuanong District.

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▌ Quiet outdoor and public areas in the mountains

District environment and portrait photos

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

When you arrive at the reception, the first thing you will see is the Jinyushu area. This side is a relatively spacious hinterland, and it is also a quiet photo of many people in the mountains. If you take a photo, it will feel more atmospheric, and then you will see the Ledu Mountains. , The advantage here is that you can see the whole mountain view outside the tent. With the chairs in front of the door, the whole vacation feeling comes out, but because there is a roof, the echo will be louder, but there are earplugs in the tent. , don't worry too much, there are many places in the park that are suitable for taking pictures, such as many steps with the mountain scenery behind, or there are many small flowers planted by the roadside, you can use your imagination to take many beautiful photos

Although many camping areas have water, electricity and bathroom toilets, they are not well maintained. The bathroom toilets here can only be said to be very clean and large. Use it on top, and there is a basket outside the bathroom, you can throw the used towels directly in it

– Restaurant and Afternoon Tea –

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

In the afternoon, our first meal was ushered in. It was a snack time for afternoon tea. There were all kinds of drinks and desserts to enjoy. What’s more special is this glass of starlight wine, which will sparkle and sparkle. A special drink, because the side of Mianshan is to the west, so in the afternoon, the sun will just fall down. It is very poetic and beautiful to take pictures. It is a great enjoyment to eat snacks under such a beautiful scenery.

The plan includes one meal and two meals. Afternoon tea is super exciting with pineapple green tea. The refreshing and refreshing green tea has a faint pineapple flavor. It is very amazing to drink for the first time. Those who want to drink also have special cocktails to enjoy, so be sure to come early.

The counters and restaurants in the park are in the same building, so if you need drinking water, you can get it directly at the counter. Dining options include comfortable indoor tables and chairs or outdoor sofa areas, complete with children's chairs and cutlery. The most anticipated is the luxurious and creative buffet provided by professional chefs

▌ Stay in Osmanthus Lane

After the afternoon tea, it is time to enter the time, go to the counter to get the room card, and then go to the tent where we stayed today

Jingjing in the mountains exclusive room card

The quiet room card in the mountains is very special. Each tent will have its own small wooden card, which is very delicately designed. After scanning the QRcode on the back, there will be a set of passwords, which can be used to open the password lock on the tent.

Because the check-in time will be around 4-5 o'clock, at this time, it is very beautiful to take pictures in Osmanthus Lane, the sun will not be too strong, and it is just in the front right position

When you open the tent, you can see two large double beds. There is still a lot of space in front of you to sit and chat and play games. The spare parts are very complete, even earplugs are prepared, and the heating and cooling parts are also prepared. It is very convenient to say that it is also very easy to take pictures at the entrance of the tent. Aa also took several pictures for everyone to see. I also hope that you can leave a message or share with us if you have a new framing method or pose.

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▌ Night view and dinner

day and night golden rain tree

The whole golden rain tree area at night is full of lights, so Aa specially took a picture of the golden rain tree area in the morning and at night for everyone to compare, which one do you like?

There are 7 tents in the golden rain tree tent area, each of which is quite large. If you are lucky at night, you can see the stars in the tent area on the lawn, which is quite romantic!!

– Intimate equipment –

There are hot and cold water machines and thermos next to the restaurant, which can be used by everyone in the tent, and a bottle sterilizer is also prepared. Since there are no stores near Jingjing in the mountains, there is an honest shop area here. If you are hungry at night or have It's not a problem if you want a bowl of instant noodles when you go up the mountain

- dinner-

The part of the quiet dinner in the mountains can be said to be quite rich, including fruits and salads, as well as various green vegetables, fish, meat, rice, soup and snacks, etc. Each taste is different, everyone You can find what you like to eat. There are more than 20 kinds of food. Aa has a little of each one to try, and you don’t have to worry about the amount. There are service staff who kindly come to ask if there is still something you want to eat but haven't eaten or if there is not enough to eat, to meet everyone's needs

– night activities –

Don’t be afraid of being bored after dinner, there are activities in Jingjing in the mountains to prepare the Starry Sky Cinema and roast marshmallows. This time, it happened to be the broadcast of Little Soldiers, but everyone seems to prefer roasting marshmallows. In the cold mountain, everyone is surrounded by the campfire , chatting while roasting marshmallows, it seems that the usual fatigue and hard work have all disappeared at this time

▌ Morning view and breakfast

When you wake up in the morning, you can prepare for breakfast. The sun in the morning is completely different. Unfortunately, the clouds are thicker this time, so I didn’t take pictures of the beautiful sunrise. The breakfast part provides a combination of Chinese and Western styles, no matter what you like. You can find what you want to eat. There is also a part that provides your own hand-made rice balls. You can decide what you want to eat, and everyone who stays will have a cat bread, which can be picked up at the counter, which is really super. Cute, remember to take a photo before eating


The following Aa will help you to list the questions you want to know about accommodation.

– Cleanliness –

The rooms and public areas are clean, although in the mountains there are not many insects

– Is it possible to use the National Travel Card –

Can use the national travel card


Two meals a day, buffet breakfast and dinner, free afternoon tea, sunrise and sunset can be seen

▌ Other Precautions

There is a big difference in temperature between morning and evening on the mountain. Remember to bring an extra coat to prevent it from getting cold. In addition, because the quietness in the mountains is a very popular luxury camping area, it is recommended to book a seat 2-3 months in advance. It's hard to get a campsite here
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▌ Overall evaluation and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤❤
Quietness in the mountains is very suitable for people who want to relax and let go. If you like nature, you must try it. You don’t have to prepare a lot of things like camping in the past, and you don’t have to worry about eating. If you come during the sea of clouds season If you have a chance to see the sea of clouds, if you have not lived in a luxury camping area, the quietness in the mountains will be a good place to experience it for the first time.

AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks

dark bluemoon = supper

Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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