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Cicada Says: Surrounded by Fog | 2022 Hsinchu Brand New Luxury Camp

最後更新日期: 2022-06-29

The Mist Surrounds is another launch of the Cicada Says series of luxury campsites! ! Lived on Taiping Wine Barrel Mountain in TaichungCicada said: quiet in the mountains, NantouCicada said: Heshe Mountain Forest,Cicada Says: Phoenix Pavilion Preface, then you must not miss the luxury camping of "Cicada Says: Fog Surrounded", which will be newly opened in 2022. There will be different scenery according to different seasons. The sailing tents in Dapingshu are even more magnificent. As long as people come, they can stay in the equipment-free luxury camping. , It can use a different perspective than AaforFUN to lead you to experience the wonderland of fog around the immersion. You can visit Zhang Xueliang's former residence, Sanmao's former residence, Qingquan Suspension Bridge, etc. in about ten minutes by car. The price of fog around is also 1000 meters above sea level. Meters will be described in more detail below

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▌ Cicada said: fog around information

  • Address: No. 3, Bailan 298, Taoshan Village, Wufeng Township, Hsinchu County, 311
  • Tel: 03-6210120
  • Business hours: 0900~2100 (counter service hours)
  • Is there a parking lot: ⭕
  • Whether to provide toilet: ⭕
"Cicada Says" Official [email protected]:https://maac.io/1Hk9i , fan page
Because there will be more guests in the first few days of booking now, if you want to make a reservation, remember to alwaysPay attention to booking informationIt's easier to get a room~
book now:Cicada said: fog around the booking website AaforFUN 5% discount code: wr4105
"Cicada Story" fog around 1000 meters above sea level

– Park activity time

  • Entry time: 14:00, departure time: 12:00
  • Check-in time: 16:00, Check-out time: 11:00
  • Snack time: 14:30-16:30
  • Time for hands-on work on the ground: 15:30 (classes start on time, about 1 hour, no waiting for overtime, and fixed-point teaching is adopted)
  • Dinner time: 18:00-19:30 Tribal-style creative meal (last entry 18:20, 18:00 to say dishes on time XD)
  • Evening Campfire: 19:30-21:30 (Cancel in case of rain)
  • Breakfast time: 08:00-09:30 Chinese and Western buffet

- Attractions nearby

Bailan Valley Road/ Bailan Cold Spring/ Fort Ruins/ Qingquan Tribe/ Former Residence of Zhang Xueliang/ Sanmao Dream House/ Niuzui Mountain Hiking Trail/ Stone Ecological Trail/ Shei Pa National Park/ Guanwu National Forest Recreation Area

▌ Public area

– Entrance and reception center

There is a very conspicuous sign on the door of the fog. If the box door is not open, you need to call the service staff to open the door. If you look closely, you can find that the logo of the fog is a mountain surrounded by fog.

Be aware that the fog is not open for aerial photography!!

Tips: The photo will become bigger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives

There are honest shops and love umbrellas at the entrance of the reception center. Because the fog is around 1,000 meters above sea level, the weather is more changeable. The number of love umbrellas provided here is not only sufficient, but also very large, so you don't have to worry about the weather at all.
As soon as you enter the reception center, you can see that there are toys on the left hand side for everyone to play and use, and there is also a very thoughtful display of alcohol on the side for everyone to disinfect. When going out during the epidemic, you always want to see disinfection tools everywhere, a big bonus.
There are two very cute wood carvings next to the counter, these are two deer, and there are still alcohol on the counter, and anti-mosquito liquid can be obtained by yourself. What is more special is that the anti-mosquito liquid here is divided into Suitable for adults, children, etc., very considerate

– Instructions for the counter and accommodation

In the middle of the counter, you can see the price list and accommodation specifications of all room types in the fog. There is a postcard with a map on the right hand side. You can also write what you want to write on it and put it into the post mailbox next to it. The staff will help you send the postcards.

– Mist around accommodation prices

The prices of Harvest Land, Deer in the Valley and Haodong Hut are divided into weekdays, holidays and Spring Festival prices. What is more special is that the prices here include dinner and breakfast... There are also afternoon tea and DIY handmade. part of the work

Cicada said: fog around the booking website AaforFUN 5% discount code: wr4105

– Overall view of the park and activity areas

Tips: The photo will become bigger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives

You can see in the upper right of this photo there is a gray open space and the iron sheet above, this is the reception center, an L-shaped white rectangle in the lower right is the harvest field, there is a straight gray road in the middle, and the green roof on the left It's a good winter hut. The white roof on the top left is the deer area in the valley.

▌ Special scenery, secret places and activities

Because AaforFUN is used to arriving early, it is still early for the afternoon tea time at 2:30. Take advantage of this gap, go to see some secret places surrounded by fog that are less crowded, and you can find the first place we come. The fog is very thick, giving people a very mysterious feeling, and on many stairs or intersections, you can find small street signs like sightseeing areas, which are very clear and cute, and there are well-recognized images to see.
If you come, you will see this scenery in front of the old road to Haodong Hut, there is a feeling of primitive nature, but this trail is not recommended at present, so if you want to take pictures, it is far above it. It's good to shoot, safety first

– Hydrangea –

This time it is the end of May, which is the season when the hydrangea is ready to bloom. Although it is not the most blooming time, the beautiful hydrangea can be seen everywhere in the entire camp. If it comes a while longer, it will be more beautiful. This season should I want to come here to see the fireflies, but unfortunately it happened to meet the rainy season, so the fireflies are not regarded as XD

morning fog –

I was lucky when I woke up in the morning. I checked the weather the day before and knew that I should have a chance to have good weather when I woke up early in the morning. Otherwise, it would rain all day on the first day, and there were really many beautiful scenery that could not be photographed. A bunch of fog was photographed>”<So there should be an hour or so in the morning, AaforFUN must present the most beautiful scenery to everyone

Be aware that the fog is not open for aerial photography!!

Harvest Night String Lights

– DIY handmade experience

This hand-made experience is to use the Atayal-like weaving method to make bookmarks. At the beginning, the teacher made various backgrounds and finished products of different colors for everyone to appreciate. At the same time, everyone can choose their favorite look and color. , and then after each group arrives at their seats, the teacher will bring out a large demonstration board for everyone to see, so that everyone can understand how to DIY

When I first got the materials, I felt very complicated, but after being explained by the teacher, there will be exclusive one-on-one teaching when you don’t understand, so that everyone can successfully complete the DIY. This is our production process and the first stage The finished semi-finished product

After about half an hour of hard work, we finally finished the bookmark. Finally, let's take a group photo to end the battle. This will have different feelings due to the different degree of force and density of the line in the process. , if you come here, you are welcome to share your own works below

- night view

Reception center at night

At night, many places will light up the lights, and there are many small light bulbs connected to the waiting center. It looks very beautiful, and it has the feeling of being in a foreign cabin.

tent area at night

At night, you can also sit in front of the tent and chat. The night here is very comfortable. Like we are in the harvest field this time, the temperature at night will not be too cold, unlike some mountain areas where it is very cold at night. I came with a thick coat, but it didn't come in handy at all. There are light bulbs made of light bulbs above the harvest ground. It looks like a carnival at night. It's very beautiful.

Night Baked Marshmallows

After dinner in the evening, the reception center will prepare forks and marshmallows. If the weather is good, a fire will be made in the harvest field or the campfire area of the deer in the valley. Everyone can sit here and chat with the marshmallows. A great enjoyment, if experienced friends will know that in such a good place, AaforFUN strongly recommends that you must come and try

▌ Accommodation space

– Harvest Land –

Camp and appearance

Tips: The photo will become bigger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives

As soon as he came to the harvest place, Aa was so happy, and it was the same as before. quiet in the mountains The tent is also five meters long, and it must be very comfortable to live in. There is also a small table and four chairs in the front. Luxury camping is to have this feeling!!! Well, if you look closely, you will find that there are two red ones on the left side of the tent. Those are the umbrellas for each tent. I am afraid that you will not bring umbrellas when it rains when you arrive at the tent.
There is also a cute little sign at the entrance of the camp with a little boar on it
The last one is the part of the toilet. It is divided into 4 shower rooms, 2 toilets and a urinal. Considering the number of tents here, there are enough tents. There are also hairdryers in the pantry next to it. Dental floss, cotton swabs, and water dispensers, and mister also provides bottle sterilization and baby baths

Equipment in the tent

The rest area at the entrance is very well done. When it rains, the wind and rain rarely come in. When I came this time, everyone almost sat at the entrance chatting, enjoying the moment of tranquility brought here, and the chair Aa felt very comfortable to sit on. Yes, because the inside of the tent is relatively warm, and the door is completely different. If you come here, you must feel the inside and outside of the tent.
When the tent is opened, you can see that the backup here is two double beds. In addition, there is a seating area for 4 people. There is also a carpet in front where everyone can chat and play board games. There are permanent residents in the room. Dehumidifiers are very important for camps or cabins in the mountains. Whether it is a harvest field, a deer in a valley or even a good winter cabin, there will be no damp feeling and smell because of the fog. The dehumidifier is always on

Tent soft equipment

The tent in Harvest Land is really big. There is actually a double sofa and 2 chairs in it. Sometimes I come to Hsinchu luxury camping to enjoy the feeling of camping in Hsinchu, but if you want to go without equipment, you can go there. The place, Cicada said that the fog around is really doing a good job. On the one hand, it allows everyone to experience equipment-free camping, but it does not have to be as hard and difficult as traditional camping.

– Valley Fawn

Tips: The photo will become bigger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives

The Valley Fawn is a special area. If you stay here, there is an independent restaurant. You don’t need to go to the reception center above to dine, but it is a little farther from the parking lot. The advantage is that it is a relatively independent space. , there is an independent chat and relaxation area, which is the last photo. This is what the harvest field and the good winter hut do not have. If it is a group of people to play together, AaforFUN thinks that the valley deer is very suitable for gatherings, sometimes it is We need such a place, shelter from the rain and a place to sit, so that everyone can get together well. This is a bit bigger than the rest area in front of the tent, where more than a dozen people can chat and spank together.

– Good Winter Cottage

Tips: The photo will become bigger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives

Haodong hut is more like a traditional log cabin, but it should be noted that this is not a private area, but a four-person log cabin. Aa thinks the corridor is very suitable for two people to watch the mountain here. Chatting, if it is a couple coming, Haodong Hut is quite suitable to be together. As mentioned above, Haodong Hut does not have the damp feeling and smell of ordinary cabins after coming in, which is a big plus, and the overall feeling is also very simple. clean

Cicada said: fog around the booking website AaforFUN 5% discount code: wr4105

▌ Meals

- afternoon tea-

Group photo of the meal

Because summer is coming, the afternoon tea is mainly cold drinks, but there are still hot coffee and hot water for everyone to take, and fresh milk instead of creamer for everyone to match, let's start from 4 kinds. Check out the dessert part

Almond Tile Cookies

The first appearance is the almond tile biscuits. The taste is very crisp and the sweetness is not very strong. It is mainly a dessert with a taste. It is very suitable for people who like sweets but are afraid of getting fat.

Honeycomb diced

Honeycomb honey is very lucky. This is cut into small pieces and eaten with the petals. After biting out the honey inside, the slag part depends on the level that each person can accept. For example, Aa chooses to eat it. People, but this is also very lucky, because if there is more pure honey, it will taste sweeter, but if there is more royal jelly in it, it will have a sour taste, this is not because It's broken, but the royal jelly tastes slightly sour.

Masked Madeleine

This is a very special dessert. Generally, the Madeleines on the market are just a lump of flour, but in the mist-covered Madeleines, the white layer on top is a layer of icing sugar, which will have a crisper taste when eating it. In addition, there is also the soft taste of Madeleine, but the Madeleine AaforFUN here thinks it is relatively hard

Pound Cake with Lemon Frosting

Pound cake has always been one of Avy's favorite meals. It also has a special lemon frosting on it, so it tastes different from the pound eggs on the market. It has a crispy and soft texture, and because of the lemon frosting, it is eaten for dessert. It will not only be sweet, but the sour taste of lemon can relieve a little greasy

- dinner-

dining environment

The dining area in the reception center is more tribal-style decoration, whether it is from the dining table and chairs or the material of the wall or the ceiling lamp, we can see a lot of wood, bamboo and rattan furnishings
In the back of the dining area, there are also various categories. Please help to do a good job of sorting so that the staff can organize them better. What is more special and needs to be paid attention to is that there is a basket for putting snail shells and eating. Remember not to throw away the snail shells as garbage or kitchen waste

Talking time before meal

One of the features of Wurao is that many of the things here are derived from the traditions of the Atayal people and related cultures, so before dinner, there will be a part of talking about dishes. At this time, the staff will explain why these materials are used, And some of the traditions and elements of the aboriginal people will be explained to everyone. It is recommended that everyone must come here before 1800 in the evening, and prepare to hear about the dishes.

Group photo of the meal

The one I ate for dinner is called Fengsheng. I estimate that there are more than 20 kinds of things on the bar, and it is a European-style buffet. I can take as much as I want. If it is almost the end of the meal time, I will ask intimately. Whether you are not full or want to eat but have not eaten, you can add more. This is what luxury camping is for, because there are too many dishes, so let's introduce a few more special meals.

Roasted snails with scallions

Before I came to Wurao, I heard that there are grilled snails here. It tastes a bit like eating snail meat. With the taste of scallions, it is like eating the taste of grilled snail meat in a nine-story tower. Many people are for this. The dishes are specially made, and the point is to make you "all you can eat", because every replenishment disappears instantly. For example, this time AaforFUN came with the family, so we ordered 5 more roasted snails to eat at the end.

Salad area

There are not too many dishes in the salad area, but the taste of the sauce is very good. Unlike the thousand island sauce or vinegar sauce outside, the pickled cucumber and curry honey here taste very good, not too sweet or too sweet. Acid, very smooth
There are also appetizer pickles and confit fish on the side. You must come and try it. It is rarely eaten outside, and the taste and texture are first-class.

Grilled Bitterfish

bakeBitterfishIt is also one of the specialties here, because the bitter flower fish has high requirements on water quality, and can only survive in streams with water temperature between 17 and 25 degrees, less pollution and large water flow, so there are very few on the market. You will see this dish, but be careful when you eat it

French Bean Stew

Tree bean is a common ingredient in aboriginal tribal cuisine. According to unreliable news from the last time I ate at an aboriginal restaurant, tree bean is an ingredient that men want to eat more @[email protected] , and the fried skewered mushrooms next to it are made by myself It’s not just about frying the shiitake mushrooms, but when I eat it, I realize that there is stuffing in it.

Grilled Bamboo Corn with Sakura Shrimp

The bamboo shoots here are roasted together with the skins, so that the juice inside the bamboo shoots does not run off, and it is unusually sweet. It is even more flavorful when paired with the sakura shrimp. It was taken away

- breakfast

Breakfast group photo

In addition to traditional Chinese meals, there are also Western-style bread, scrambled eggs, ham and other ingredients in the breakfast part. You will never be troubled because you want to eat Chinese food or Western food today. Only children make choices. , we're all about a little bit

Various meals

Salads and fruits are also one of the choices for many people's breakfast. The toast part is more especially the cheese and baguettes used here. The sauce part is jam, chocolate and peanut butter, all of which are very rich in taste. But those craving pesto bread may be a little disappointed

▸ Our big platter

Because the bar area is too big, you may feel that there are few dishes, but in fact, we have so many kinds of dishes, there will always be a few that you like to eat (laughs)

Be aware that the fog is not open for aerial photography!!

▌ Cicada Says: The overall evaluation and recommendation index of fog around

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤❤

The weather conditions will affect the whole scenery here, the whole scenery!! But what Aa wants to say is that whether it is sunny, foggy or even raining, the fog will have a different beauty, but it is a pity that it will be rainy. No campfire XD
This place is relatively primitive and outdoors, so it is inevitable that there will be insects. Remember not to hurt them, just let them go.
Taking Hsinchu camping as an example, unless you want to experience a more difficult feeling, this kind of equipment-free camping or luxury camping area is now the choice of many people.
The attentiveness of the service staff made us feel very comfortable, and I would like to recommend one

▌ Special Notes

  • Check-in only includes: bath towels. The park responds to environmental protection and supports green tourism. Disposable consumables such as toothbrushes, razors, shower caps, slippers, etc. are not provided. Please bring your own.
  • Guests staying in Harvest Land and Hao Dong Hut all dine at the Harvest Restaurant next to the counter.
  • Guests staying in the valley deer dine at the deer restaurant.
  • Because there will be more guests in the first few days of booking, so if you want to book a room, remember to pay attention to the booking information at any time to be able to grab a room.
  • Be aware that the fog is not open for aerial photography!!

Cicada said: fog around the booking website AaforFUN 5% discount code: wr4105

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AaforFUN travel map

browncoffee mug = dessert, drink shop, small snack

redKnives and forks = dinner, snacks


Purplebed = accommodation

greenstars = attractions

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