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Datong Soy Sauce Black Gold Brewing House|Yunlin Douliu|Transportation|Parent-Child Free Attractions

Last update date: 2022-06-20

When you come to Yunlin Douliu, there is a century-old enterprise. Five minutes away from the interchange is Xiluo Datong Soy Sauce Black Gold Brewing House. There is not only an outdoor area for everyone to enjoy the sun, but also a lot of knowledge about soy sauce. , Datong Soy Sauce is also very attentive to provide free explanation services. Following the history of Datong Soy Sauce is like walking through that time with Taiwan, and then let Aa take everyone from history to the present.

where is the black gold brewery

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Address: No. 39, Dougong 2nd Road, Douliu City, Yunlin County, 640
Business Hours: Daily 08:00–17:00
Is there a parking lot: ⭕
Whether to provide toilet: ⭕

Outdoor gardens and brewing tanks

As soon as we come to Datong Soy Sauce, we can see many brewing tanks. These are techniques passed down from generation to generation. Up to now, Datong Soy Sauce is the fifth generation. In addition to the garden, there are pavilions and sitting and resting places. In this place, children can play in the adjacent garden or animal area, but be careful not to touch the part of the brewing tank, otherwise the soy sauce inside will be for nothing. After visiting the outdoor area, we can go to the Black Gold Brewing Hall. Hello

Historical memory and the story of soy sauce

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As soon as we enter the Black Gold Brewery, we can see a long corridor, which mainly tells the stories that Datong Soy Sauce has experienced since its establishment to the present. In this corridor, we can also see many antiquities left in the early days. Looking at these stories and cultural relics, you can better understand the original intention of Datong Soy Sauce and the mental journey of these years. You can also make an appointment here in advance, and there will be a special person to explain to you, such as the origin of the unified invoice, or if you have it. The gift boxes of the German Design Award IF can be learned during this trip, and there is an exclusive interview video of Discovery to watch before going to the next area, so that everyone can better understand the production process of Datong Soy Sauce

what is soy sauce

When we came to the production introduction area of Datong soy sauce, we can see the types of soy sauce and the introduction of the production process here. This time, we also learned about the difference between yin oil and pot bottom oil, and only then did we know that the soy sauce made from black beans is called yin. Oil, pot bottom oil is in the process of soy sauce brewing, the most bottom soy sauce is called pot bottom oil, and the practice of ointment, Datong soy sauce insists on making with glutinous rice
In the production process of Datong soy sauce, it is emphasized that only five materials are used, namely top-quality glutinous rice, healthy sea salt, selected black beans, sweet and pure water, and high-quality sugar.

Antiquities room older than many

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As soon as I entered the ancient cultural relics room of Datong Soy Sauce, it was like walking into a time tunnel. Here, Aa saw a lot of things that were only seen in TV or movies in the past, such as seeing ancient bicycles before. Empty wine bottles tied with hemp rope, and coins, banknotes and banknotes used in ancient times, as if in the movie scene, there is also a singing wardrobe, but its function is not It's good, you can guess why you want to have a voice? Welcome to leave your thoughts below and on our fb or ig

Lively and non-profit exhibition area and food area

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At the last exhibition and sales area, the first thing that catches the eye is a public welfare product. Lang Ai Dijia is a co-product of Datong Soy Sauce and Home for Stray Animals. The most special thing about this product is whether it only sells a part of the sales. Donate, but all sales of this product, all donated to the home of stray animals
In Datong Soy Sauce, in addition to national travel coupons, agricultural travel coupons and food coupons can also be used here. There are also activities in the revitalization coupons so that you can add more products to take away.
You can also see a pair of big chopsticks and a saucer of soy sauce in a corner. Many people come here to take pictures. Aa also saw a super cute bag. After asking, I found out that it was a lucky bag. There are two colors to choose from, black and white. , the mascot of Datong Soy Sauce is printed on it, and after going out, there is a cooked food department, but the current epidemic situation is not open for the time being.Datong soy sauce powderI see the latest opening situation

Datong soy sauce overall evaluation and recommendation index

Recommended index: ❤❤❤❤

Taking a free parent-child attraction as an example, Datong Soy Sauce has an outdoor area for children to walk around, and an animal area to watch, and there is a free professional explanation service for stories and various soy sauce related knowledge. Aa thinks it is very suitable as a A scenic spot for intellectual travel, it takes about 1~2 hours to walk and jump here. If you don’t come to Yunlin Douliu, don’t forget to come and walk.

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