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Yan Siqi's story hall appearance

Yan Siqi Story Museum|Shuilin Scenic Spot in Yunlin|The No. 1 Village in Kaitai

After years of research, he outlined the hardships of the "Kaitai King" Yan Siqi crossing the sea to cultivate, and introduced the particularity of Shuilin Township as "the first village in Kaitai". The museum has virtual reality experience, animation of historical materials, and the local seven-sided ancient well has deep historical significance. Probably around the end of the Ming Dynasty, pirates in the Taiwan Strait (or China's coast) were very rampant. We called them Japanese pirates. In fact, not all Japanese pirates were Japanese, but it just happened that there were Japanese among them.
Yan Siqi (1586-September 1625), courtesy name Zhenquan, or Shuquan, was a native of Haicheng, Zhangzhou. In the 17th century, a well-known armed maritime merchant in East Asia was baptized as a Catholic in Manila for the convenience of doing business. His religious name was Pedro, so he was known as Pedro Chino at that time. They used Taiwan as their base and were the early Han Chinese who landed in Taiwan. Possibly the deputy of Li Dan, the Japanese pirate merchant Jiabidan.

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▌ Information about Yan Siqi Story Museum

Address and Map

Address: No. 652, Shuilin Township, Yunlin County

business hours

Monday~Friday 08:00–12:00

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Fan Special:https://www.facebook.com/ysc1589/

▌ Yan Siqi Story Hall Appearance and External Facilities

Tips: The photo will become larger when you click it!! Panoramic photos can be swiped up, down, left and right to see different perspectives, see the surprise at the end

At present, most of the information on Yan comes from novels.clearJiang Risheng"Taiwan Foreign Notes". The book describes that Yan Siqi was proficient in martial arts and fled to Japan after being humiliated by the eunuchs in his early years by killing his servants. After a few years in Japan, his family gradually became wealthy, and he used justice to save money.snail(leader). At the timeChineseDoing business in Japan, up toNagasaki, and among the Chinese businessmen in Nagasaki, FujianQuanzhouJinjiangthe owner of the boatYang TianshengBest with Yan Siqi. Seeing Japan at that timeEdo ShogunateWen Tian was playing with martial arts, and his twilight was heavy, so Yan Siqi and Yang Tiansheng,Zheng Zhilong,Li De,Hong Sheng,Chen ZhongjiWait for twenty-six peoplesworn, prepare to rebel. As a result, the matter was exposed and he fled at sea. Chen Zhongji suggested fleeing to Taiwan. (taken from wiki)

▌ Horseshoe-shaped settlement

The biggest person who led the crowd to Taiwan that yearYan Siqi, set up camps in the Beigang River Valley, and the main village is located in the water forest.yancuoliao.
At that time, the power of the aborigines and the Dutch should not be underestimated. In order to improve the defense and ensure the safety of the tribe, the main halls of the households were developed back to back. The defensive power prevents the enemy from seeing through the structure of the tribe at a glance. The street of the tribe also has a U-shaped curve like the house, so when you step into Yancuoliao, you are already standing in a horseshoe-shaped settlement. This type of settlement is easy to defend and difficult to attack

▌ Seven corner wells

Yan SiqiThe Qijiao wells built before the reclamation period included two wells in Chegang Village and Shuibei Village. It was built by the local Han ancestors during the Yan Siqi period of the Ming Dynasty.Seven corner red hair well, preserved in Chegang Village, Shuilin Township, and later found the second Qijiaohongmao well in Shuibei Village. The second Qijiaohongmao well was originally the main source of water for 12 generations of Wang's family, and now belongs to Ke's surname. Owned by others, it is quite a historic discovery. Zhongzhuang Qijiao Well, full of ancient charm, 381 Spring and Autumn "springs and springs in the morning and evening, endless life, is the only remaining Qijiao well in Taiwan, it is very precious, the relics of ancestors, the inspiring feelings of ancient times should be maintained and carried forward.

Why the seven-pointed shape? According to research, it is derived from the Book of Changes that "seven" is an auspicious number, and it can ward off evil spirits. The seven-sided well has corners. In case of falling into the well, there are also points where it will climb up and exert force. The bricks on the well wall contain each other and increase support. force

▌ cute little things

Yan Siqi's base in Taiwan is in the area of Beigang Township and Shuilin Township, Yunlin. There are two Qijiao Wells in Shuibei Village and Chegang Village called "Yangmaogang". The special construction method and the unique building material red brick are built.Tainan City GovernmentRecently (in 109) the Chikan Tower Park was renovated, and an ancient well was accidentally unearthed. The construction method is similar to that of the Qijiao Well in Shuilin Township.Chikan Towera beltDutch periodofProminja City, Qing DynastyTaiwan CountyMany important cultural resources such as the bureau and surrounding affiliated agencies have made the appearance of the ruins valued. Also won the water forest villagers andYunlin County GovernmentIt is believed that it will help Yan Siqi to verify the historical facts of Taiwan's establishment and make the historical status of the "Taiwan's No. 1 Village" of Shuilin Township more clear.[7]

This red kettle hopes to invite tourists to come to Yancuoliao with the concept of "serving tea" and let the local residents "serve tea" and learn about the culture of Yan Siqi and Yancuoliao while making tea.

▌ 400 years of special exhibition

Yan Siqi has been on stage for 400 years. The Cultural and Tourism Office of Yunlin County Government held a series of activities of "Yan Siqi in the 1621 Age of Navigation", allowing the public to experience the bravery and adventurous spirit of the age of navigation 400 years ago. The story painted wall is one of them. .

▌ Overall review


Yan Siqi Story Museum is only open in the morning. If you have time, you can drop by and take a look. It only takes about 30 to 50 minutes to experience the humanistic characteristics. It is also about a ten-minute drive.Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Temple|Centennial National Historic Site|An explanation of the historic site like a history classYou can have a good stroll

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