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2022 Yilan Homestay Republic Wujie Parent-Child Package Homestay

Last update date: 2022-06-17

The Republic of Yilan Homestay - Belle's home is Aa's recent New Year's Eve homestay. She hopes to have an electric mahjong table and barbecue. Considering that she found it when she is accompanied by children, when everyone is looking for a homestay, they usually want to have barbecue, There is also a mahjong table in the parent-child space, which can be found in Yilan B&B Republic. In addition, there are theme rooms for Pikachu, Hello Kitty and One Piece (One Piece). It is really three wishes fulfilled at once, and here It is a quiet place in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Most of them are very noisy if they are close to the city. At night, a bunch of cars are rushing around there, but there is no such problem here, and it is very quiet at night.

Yilan B&B Republic - Belle's Home B&B Information

Belle's house is about a 10-minute drive from the highway, and there are also nearbyArts Center, Lanyang Xikou Wetland, Dongshan River Water Park and other parent-child attractions are very suitable for family travel and accommodation. Autumn and winter are also in Yilan's deciduous pine season, which is very suitable for taking pictures. If you want to find a homestay, there are facilities inside. Children play, elders with limited mobility wish to have a room on the first floor, this can be satisfied

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Belle's door
Belle gate
outside Belle's house
Belle outside the gate
Belle's Home Balcony Seat
Belle balcony seat

Belle's Home B&B Address: No. 1, Lane 135, Daji 2nd Road, Yilan City
Belle's phone number:0987914007
Is there a parking lot: ⭕ (Parking is available at the entrance)
Check-in time: after 15:00, check-out time: before 11:00
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Public area

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Belle's home has a legal homestay certificate in Yilan, so you can rest assured

Belle's Homestay
Homestay certificate

As soon as you enter the door, there is a very distinctive living room, with many craftsmanship and decoration, and many doll decorations. The living room and dining room are open spaces. The size of the dining table and the space of the kitchen are more suitable for about 4 to 6 people. Others can use it. Just wait for dinner. Aa thinks the kitchen is a little smaller. It would be better if 2~3 people use it. The living room is spacious enough for children or parents to play here together.

Belle's house has a special room for filial piety on the first floor. If the elders in the house are inconvenient, it can be a lot easier, but there is no toilet in the room, so you have to use the toilet at the door.

Yilan B&B - Belle's House 1st Floor Filial Piety Room
Yilan B&B - Belle's House 1st Floor Filial Piety Room

Belle's house has prepared mahjong tables and barbecue grills for adults' entertainment, and can also provide food ordering, so there is no need to buy large and small bags. There is a pool to play in, but unfortunately it is only open until the end of October. The scenery on the top floor is pretty good. Belle's house is also the only one in the community with a top floor.

There is a room and a small balcony where you can sit and watch the stars... If you have the opportunity, you can explore which one it is.

Belle's Home Balcony Seat
Belle balcony seat

Belle's house has decorations in many places, Aa thought it was the finishing touch, so he took pictures

Belle's home room environment

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Each room here has its own theme. Next, Aa will introduce it to you respectively.

Pikachu room type

The theme of this room is mainly Pikachu. In addition to various wall stickers and dolls, Belle's house also has a slide. When children play, it is recommended to have an adult watching it. It will be safer, and it is also very thoughtful preparation. There is a bathtub, so that parents who usually work hard can also relax. The cabinets next to the bathroom are made of European style. Aa thinks that children in this room will definitely make them have a lot of fun, and parents can also have a good time. of relaxation

Hello Kitty Princess Room

The sight of this pink makes thousands of girls go crazy. I heard Belle's boss say that many girls come here because they want to live in this room. In addition to the pink color in the whole room, the bed set also has wall stickers. They also all use the theme of kitty cats. This room also has a sofa bed. If there are many people who come to live or have children, you can also temporarily add a bed, which is very convenient and considerate.

One Piece (One Piece) Theme Room

Let's sail to the great waterway together!! As soon as I entered the room, Ace immediately thought of this sentence, and the animation soul in my heart ran out. There are also the most common slides for parent-child B&Bs here, as well as big The One Piece photo can let children take pictures together, and the color tone is like the feeling of the sea, white clouds and blue sky. Both adults and children like this room. After all, One Piece has been an IP for such a long time.

Zen Theme Room

The last room we saw is a very artistic Zen room. Here we can sit on the face-to-face tatami and make tea. If we eat a few more sushi, it will be a very emotional picture. In this room Aa has a very relaxed and relaxed feeling, and suddenly seems to have a literati feeling, and the level has risen several grades

Belle's House Other Notes

Belle's house doesn't provide breakfast~~ There are quite a few breakfast restaurants nearby, all of which are delicious.
In addition, this is a residential area. If it exceeds 10 o'clock, don't have a loud carnival outdoors~~
Two cars can be parked at the door, but be careful not to go out too much, otherwise the residents will not be able to go out, they will run to knock on the door or ask the landlord to inform you

Belle's home overall review and recommendation index

If you are traveling with children and elders, it is highly recommended to come to Belle's house, because in addition to children's favorite anime and slides, elders can also rest directly on the first floor, and go back to the room to rest after playing mahjong. climb up
Belle's house is not too far from Luodong and food and play. The only thing that Aa thinks is inconvenient is that the parking space at the entrance is relatively small. Other parts are considered a good choice for this price.

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